Nick Miles



people skills

In my 3 years at Walgreens I never had a customer complain. I had to interact with photo customers all day and to pride that my customers always walked out with satisfaction in there photo order. Employee of the month was based on management referrals but mostly had to do with compliments from customers

computer skills

Worked with computers for 3 years at Walgreens, but i learned most of what i know in college where i have taken several classes in computers and technology. These classes covered the basics of computers and helped me master micosoft office tools such as Word, Exel, Power Point, and Access.


Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2009 - Nov 2012

Head Photo Specialist


Started out as a service clerk and worked my way up to photo and soon head photo specialist. This job required me to run the photo department. I had to order supplies, do maintenance on the machine, call customers or help desk really whatever was necessary for the photo department to get better.

Worked at Walgreens for 3 years. During my last year we started doing employee of the month and i was the first employee to win the prize and I also was the first employe to win the prize twice.

Jun 2006 - Aug 2009


Kentucky Paving

Was a summer job for three years. My job consist of construction like duties such as flattening out hot pavement, working a wheel barrel full of gravel, or installing edges