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Work experience

Jul 2014Present

Senior Software Engineer

RealtyMapster LLC
I will be supporting this company remotely by applying my experience in Scala, NodeJS, MongoDB, PostgresSQL, Angular, Angular Google Maps, and Angular Leaflet.
Sep 2013Jul 2014

Senior Software Developer

At newBrandAnalytics, I maintain and improve the company's platform using various technologies in a very agile, and social environment. I specifically target the front end (HTML5, CSS3, SASS, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, AngularJs, Backbone, loDash, and Marionettejs) and RESTful mid-tier environment (Scala, Ruby, Rails, Scalatra, Play). However, my skills as a full stack engineer are being utilized as well with MySql, and MongoDB.
Mar 2012Sep 2013

Senior Software Engineer

Utilized open source software to build business applications to maintain and restructure the organization’s backend infrastructure. Applications designed and created included; ETL, database front­end, video filters, and SOAP to REST ETLs. All applications were designed with DI, Abstract Factory, Command, MVC, Actors, and Pub­Sub design patterns. The application’s integrity is maintained by TDD (Test Driven Development). Software languages and APIs used were Ruby, Rails, Scala, Java, Playframework, Akka, SBT, GIT, Scalaxb, ReactiveMongo, Ning , MYSQL, MongoDB, JavaScript, HTML, ftp4j, specs2, knockout.js, JQuery, and JQuery UI.
Jan 2003Mar 2012

Scientist / Software Developer / Software Lead

Naval Surface Warfare Center
Worked in an agile environment for several rapid deployment projects for the Navy, Army, DHS and Marine Corps. My experience at Dahlgren molded me into a subject matter expert in the following areas; design patterns, threading, networking, and debugging. Project Highlights: 8/2011 – 3/2012 Test Harness Suite / Binary Analysis Tool Designed, developed and led a software effort to produce a web­ testing suite to compare analyze many disparate organization’s data analysis tools. The purpose, to compare the results of each data analysis tool’s respective answers. This web suite was developed in a Java web framework utilizing MySQL as a backend. The API used to provide a MVC framework to the repository backend consisted of JAXWS, JAXRS, Spring Framework, Query DSL, JDBC, and SQL. The front end consisted entirely of HTML 4/5 environment with JSON, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and JQuery. 8/2009 – 8/2012 Northern Border Initiative Demonstration Integrated many technologies to create a collaborative web interface for integrating many services in a SOA manner to secure the northern border. 8/2009 – 10/2009 Open UMI and Scan Eagle Integration (UAV) Integrated a UAV C# library with a native C++ library to create a UAV plugin for the Open UMI common operational picture (COP). This effort was completed by merging the technologies by using C++ CLI to bridge the gap. 4/2009 – 7/2009 4CE Modularization Took a leading role in moving the entire team’s UI WPF code base to follow MVVM architecture. The goal was to make the software framework modular across many projects to maximize code reusability.



Masters of Science

Virginia Commonwealth University

Bachelor of Science

Lynchburg College

General Education

South Carroll High School


BackboneJS , MarionetteJS
gulp / Grunt