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Provide direction on the diverse problems faced by our professional, business, and non-profit clients. My extensive experience in directing clients through the growth phases of their business has given me a  broad expertise in consulting small to medium size companies on complex legal problems. 

Work experience

Apr 2010Present


Murdock Consulting`

Provide direct services to companies, such as accounting or hiring services, or provide analysis of a company's existing practices and recommendations for how to improve their success. I specialize in various areas of business management, including human resources and hiring, accounting, business strategies, marketing or logistics, production and distribution.

Mar 2008Present

Executive Assistant

Smilove Law

Serve as the liaison between clients and attorneys.

  • Conduct research administration and paralegal support

  • Maintain executive’s calendar appointments and travel arrangements

  • Draft complaints, demand letters, and client correspondence

  • Process legal documents to federal and appellate courts

  • Prepare and serve discovery requests

Jan 2007Present

Associate Producer - Consultant

Morning Orange Productions
  • Advise individuals and companies working in new media technologies, including interactive title development and production, digital and special effects design, and other new media.

  • Trained interns regarding business development, marketing and planning strategies

  • Created digital, marketing, sales, product development and trading strategies

Mar 2004Jan 2007

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Bamboo Mountain
  • Developed and maintained international accounts

  • Provided bi-monthly marketing and application studies
  • Processed accounts payable and receivable


Mar 2010Present

Paralegal Certificate: ABA Certified

University of California, Los Angeles

This training has prepared me to function as an ethical, effective, and efficient professional paralegals in law firms, businesses, government, and nonprofit organizations; to perform a wide variety of legal work under the supervision of attorneys; and to adapt easily to the changing role of the paralegal as well as the changing needs of the legal community. This training provided training in substantive and procedural law, legal analysis, professional responsibility, legal forms, legal technology, and practical skills needed to work in the public or private sector as a competent and professional paralegal. The instructors are approved by the UCLA School of Law, and include practicing judges, attorneys and paralegals.

Jun 2009Aug 2010


University of California, Los Angeles

This course explored the legal environment in which businesses operate and studies the interaction between business and the legal system.  I examined various areas of the law which are integral to the operation of business enterprises today. Topics included contracts, torts, agencies, Uniform Commercial Code, bankruptcy, and the legal principles applicable to the different forms of business entities. 

Jun 2010Aug 2010


University of California, Los Angeles

With the entertainment industry converging into a worldwide mass media, both business and operation models are radically evolving. This course for producers, directors, development personnel, and aspiring media executives responsible for planning and executing media ventures of all kinds, examines the business issues associated with the entertainment industry in the multiple formats of film, television, and TV content-access. Through lectures, discussions with industry guests, and case studies, instruction focuses on current business and production issues and introduces new business models to navigate content onto new technology platforms. Some history is highlighted to provide a context for current practice. The course also featured opportunities to meet senior entertainment industry executives. Topics included financing, contracts, intellectual property issues, licensing, product placement, marketing and publicity, ratings, the impact of piracy, understanding and leveraging new technologies, and marketing and distribution.

Sep 2002Dec 2005

Bachelor of Science

San Francisco State University

The Management Concentration prepared me to succeed in a wide array of job positions in virtually any career. I learned to see the big picture of any organization, how key pieces fit together, and how the organization fits into an industry, field, and the overall economy. I learned to recognize business problems and opportunities, to develop innovative responses to them, to take a leadership role, to set goals, and to use influential people skills in achieving them. In essence, I learned to take a managerial perspective and to perform such managerial and leadership activities as planning, team building, motivating, organizing, communicating, problem-solving, decision-making. As a result, I gained the knowledge and skills to achieve success—regardless of the industry, field or job position.