Melissa Coulter

Melissa Coulter


Refrences and/or letters of recommendation available upon request.  Thank you.


I'm interested in creating!


I am extremely dedicated to the field of special effects, and specialize in sculpting, mold making, practical effects and painting.

Work experience

Work experience

Special effects make-up for live demo

Pennhills art festival

Application of a one piece foam latex prosthetic.

Oct 2010 - Present

Special effects make-up artist

Douglas Education Center Commercial
Aug 2010 - Present

Special effects pre-production and make-up artist

'The Cemetery' film

Duties included: life casting, sculpting, painting, foam latex, poly foam work, painting, punching hair and set work.

Apr 2009 - Present

Pre-production crew

'A Chance In Hell' film

silicone facial appliance manufacturer

Dec 2010 - Present

Head of Special Effects

'Alan' short film

Supervising and creating all special effects for the film. (video available soon)


Apr 2009 - Present

Jordu Schell three day sculpting seminar
May 2010 - Present

Howard Berger multi-piece silicone appliance demo
Oct 2010 - Present

Jordu Schell mask making seminar
Oct 2009 - Jan 2011

Associates in specialized business

Tom Savini special effects program at Douglas education center



Acrylic eyes


I understand how its done and have made sucessful wearable teeth.

Mask making

Hair work

I understand how to punch hair and have done it successfully (pictures soon) I also know of to ventilate hair for wigs and facial hair.

Facial prosthetic application

Tapping fiber glass

I havn't done alot with it but I understand how it works and get good results.

Foam latex

I can make and bake very light effective foam latex


I have been experimenting with diffrent types of paint on canvas for a long time, but have just started with creature and appliance painting.

Mold making

I am very good at basic stone and silicone molds, I have yet to attempt a matrix mold or a mold made up of more then three parts