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Work experience


Kishwaukee hospital

Requires a lot of work and may be really stressful. Provides hands on caring for patients 

Delivery Nurse

kishwaukee hospital


Certifacte program in nursing assistant 

Local health care facility 

You don't need to go to college to get your cna. You will need to complete an approved cna training program. 

Nursing diploma , Associates degree , Bachelors degree.

College or university 

You need a ASN  also complete a nursing program.


Patient facing

Help the patient in anything. Like answering any questions they have. Guiding them with the baby and assisting them .

Fast paced

Being able to do things at a constant rate.

Active listening

Understand and comprehend what others say and new information they share with you. Ask questions when you can and don't interrupt when someone is making their point.

Verbal communication 

Being able to communicate well with patients and explaining what you need in a clear understandable way.


Teaching other how to do things. Showing what you know to beginners.