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Work experience

Jul 2008Present


Upon  moving back to Austin, I began to work at the first Olive Garden I originally trained.  I began in July 2008 but under the new general manager Christoper Slaughter.  The restaurant is located at: 12827 North FM 620, Austin, Texas, 78750 (512-918-9460).  Since I have returned to this restaurant, I have worked as a server and bartender.  I am currently still employed here, making it three years and about two months that I have been with the company.

Jul 2007Jul 2008


I transferred to the Olive Garden in Florida when I moved.  It was located at: 807 S. University Drive, Plantation, Florida, 33324 (954-424-7201).  I began at this restaurant as a server in July 2007 under the general manager David Bramley and stayed here for a complete year leaving in July 2008 due to moving back to Austin.

Jan 2007Jun 2007


Olive Garden

I have worked at the Olive Garden for about three years and two months.  I began at the Olive Garden in Austin, Texas located at: 12827 North FM 620, Austin, Texas, 78750 (512-918-9460).  I began working at the Olive Garden in January 2007.  I worked here as a server under Lori Lewis (no longer employed) until June 2007.

Nov 2006Jan 2007


This was my second Bennigan's.  I began here after beginning college in Austin.  My duties included greeting and seating guests, bussing tables, helping to clean the bar for the bartenders, and helping to clean the restaurant after closing.  Since there were only two hosts employed, I averaged at least 40 hours per week.  I did not remain here long, though, before I went to work at the Olive Garden because I was looking for a serving opportunity.  There is no phone number to include here because the restaurant has since shut down.

Jan 2006Jul 2006


I worked at this Bennigan's for six months before I moved to Austin, Texas, to begin college.  I worked here as a senior in high school and often worked nights as late as two in the morning.  My duties included greeting and seating guests, bussing tables, helping to clean the bar for the bartenders, and helping to clean the restaurant after closing.  There is no number to provide for this restuarant since it is no longer open.

Jan 2006Jan 2005

Childcare Provider

I worked at this Gold's Gym during my junior and senior years of high school.  My child care duties included cleaning the child care room, watching the children, keeping the children out of trouble and dangerous situations, helping the children with their homework, organizing and playing games with the children, etc.  I worked a strict schedule of every Friday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning.  There is no number to offer for this job since the gym has since been replaced with another gym.


Jan 2009Present

Currently in my fourth year

University of Texas at Austin
Aug 2008Dec 2008


University of Texas at San Antonio
Jul 2008Aug 2008


Aug 2007May 2008


Aug 2006May 2007


Saint Edward's University


Spanish as a Second Language
I can speak a little Spanish as a second language.  I have taken six years of Spanish classes during my years in high school and at universities.  I am not fluent in Spanish but my use of it has improved with practice in my work place and upon taking a class in Fall 2009 at the University of Texas.  I would definitely still say that I am at a beginner to intermediate level although I have used Spanish to communicate with people who could not speak much English in several cases.
POS Terminal
I have used POS terminals at the Olive Garden for two years and three months (or since January 2006).  I use these terminals nearly everyday of the week and am very proficient on them.  I often train new servers on these terminals.


I am currently an anthropology major at the University of Texas and am aspiring to get a second major in journalism.  Reflecting these majors, I am greatly interested in different cultures, different places, travel, and writing.

In my spare time, when I am not working, at school, or doing homework, I enjoy being active.  I like to go to the gym, take walks/jogs around Town Lake, and play several different sports (which I also love to watch).  I also enjoy reading, photography, and filming.

Skills Learned in the Restaurant Business

Cooperation/Working as a team:    It is important to help your teammates at work as well as be modest enough to ask for help when you need it.

Wine education:    I have learned a lot about wine that I never knew before working at the Olive Garden.  The Olive Garden encourages continuous wine training where we learn about new wines (including body, flavor, aroma, etc.) and often sample them.

Continuous training:     Skills can continuously be sharpened and there is always an opportunity to advance these skills.

Open and honest communication:    It is extremely important to be able to communicate with your teammates as well as your managers and this communication must be honest to ensure good work relationships.

Bartending:    I gained some bartending experience from a few days of training at Olive Garden.  I helped with set up process, serving bar guests, making drinks for servers, the clean up process, and the cash out process.


Apr 2009Present

Texas Food Handler

Department of State Health Services
Nov 2008Nov 2010

Seller Training Program

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission


Christopher Slaughter

Christopher Slaughter is the general manager at the Olive Garden in Austin, Texas that I currently work at.  We have now worked together for about one year and eight months.

Michael Stillwell

Michael Stillwell was the service manager at the Olive Garden I worked at in Plantation, Florida.  Since I was a server, we had a close work relationship.

Cat Horn

I have worked at the Olive Garden in Austin, Texas two separate times and Cat Horn has been a manager there for both these times.  She has fulfilled most if not all management positions in the restaurant and is training to be a general manager.  We have worked closely together for a little over two years, non-consecutively.