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A seasoned software developer experienced working with different kinds of organizations; from tech startups, to leading telecommunications company, and as well as different govertnment agencies. I am highly knowledgeable on developing web applications and various software development process, have lead and organized teams of developers in different projects, has a keen eye for design and usability, and can easily relate to the technical needs and requirements of the customers.


Work experience

Jan 2018Present

Chief Technology Officer

XChain, Inc.

Company Overview

XChain, Inc. is the fintech startup that built Pahiram, a social peer-to-peer lending platform for the Philippine market. Pahiram allows individuals to secure a loan from their friends via the platform. Pahiram manages most aspects of the loan transaction such as monitoring, reminding borrowers, collection and payment, and revenue tracking for lenders. Pahiram has its own implementation of a credit score utilizing data gathered from social media on the relationship between borrower and lender.

As of July 2018, Pahiram has processed over PhP 3 million in loans.


Lead the development of XChain's new platforms that cater to the e-commerce lending market.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Meet and update investors on technical development progress
  • Attend discussions with users to gather insights and suggestions
  • Provide direction and initiatives for product development
  • Organize and lead the development team
Jun 2017Present

IT Officer II

Food and Drug Administration Philippines

Agency Overview

The Food and Drug Administration (formerly known as Bureau of Food and Drugs under DOH) was born out of Republic Act No 9711 and is mandated by law to ensure the safety, efficacy or quality of health products. One of its core responsibilities is to issue licenses and certificates of compliance to companies and their products to ensure that products sold in the Philippine market is safe for Filipinos.

Achievements and Milestones:

  • Provided direction for IT transformation
  • Contributed to the development of FDA's new ePortal - the main system that manages all license and certificate applications of FDA.
  • Analyzed day-to-day operational challenges on other departments and build systems, tools, and IT processes to improve turn around time of specified operational processes by reducing manual processing.
  • Built the FDA Analytics Dashboard, an internal tool used by management and staff in monitoring new applications, processed, licenses given.
  • Supported and maintained existing legacy databases and information systems
  • Supported day to day data management operations
  • Supported system migration activities
  • Built and deployed FDA's new website
Mar 2017Dec 2017

Senior Web Developer

XChain, Inc.

Achievements and Milestones:

Contributed to the development of the Pahiram core platform in the following aspects:

  • Facebook login and messenger bot integration
  • User interface for messenger view
  • API integrations with payment processors DragonPay, ECPay, etc.
  • Loan Management Dashboard
  • Social Credit scoring algorithm
Aug 2015June 2017


Smart Communications, Inc.

Achievements and Milestones:

1. Lead Developer for Order Management and Fulfillment (OMF) Tool - lead the development of OMF Tool, an internal system used by employees to manage Smart WiFi's end to end account process acquisition. This tool organized all of Smart's WiFi deployment process, and greatly contributed to the successful rollout of thousands of Access Points nationwide. The system's core functionalities are:

  • accepting data for customer negotiations
  • monitoring of account / site deployment status
  • storage for site documentation, establishment details
  • capable of showing key performance indicators and network summary through visual interface.

2. Developer for Smart WiFi Enterprise Platform
Part of the team that built Smart's WiFi Enterprise Platform (Smart WiFi) that allows partners to manage and learn from their WiFi network usage. Customers access get free access to the establishment's WiFi network in exchange for customer information and insights.

Technologies used: Python, Django, MySQL, AWS (EC2, S3)

.Jan 2014Aug 2015

R&D Engineer / Web Developer

WiFi Nation Philippines, Inc

Company Overview

WiFi Nation Philippines was a tech startup company founded in 2013 by University of the Philippines - Diliman students and alumni, and was headquartered in National Engineering Center, within the University's campus. The company was in the business of building software (web applications and firmware) to manage off the shelf / SOHO wireless access points (WiFi) from a single web platform. Access Points are given to establishments who offer Free WiFi to their customers, most of these establishments are in the food and beverage industry; coffee shops and restaurants. Establishment owners use WiFi Nation's platform to gather and view customers information, as well as receive summarized and meaningful insights. The company was acquired by Smart Communications, Inc by 2015 to boost Smart's WiFi initiatives and projects.


Lead the front end development of the WiFi Management Platform and spearheaded the research and development of its analytics modules. This included leading a team in building the data dashboard for our partner's web-based control panel where they can manage their wifi access points and analyze important data and feedbacks from customers.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Designed and built the WiFi Management Web Platform
  • Built API to receive usage data and statistics from with Wireless Access Points
  • Built API to send remote commands to Wireless Access Points
  • Designed and built the Analytics module where partners can interact and gain insights from their establishment's wifi users
  • Integrated with Facebook's API in getting user data
  • Gathered insights and comments from partners and use data in improving the platform's UI / UX
  • Wrote intensive technical documentation on the code written

Technologies Used: Python, Flask, Django, MySQL, KnockoutJS, Git, Ubuntu

Nov 2014Jan 2016

Web Developer (IT Officer II)

DOST - Project NOAH

Project Overview

The Project NOAH (Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards) is the flagship disaster prevention and mitigation program of the Philippines, initially under DOST. It is a program that uses various science and technology for disaster risk reduction and management as a response to a call on a better disaster prevention and mitigation system in the Philippines after a series of destructive Tropical Storms.


Worked on the development of Project NOAH's WebSAFE, a module under the Project NOAH web application, which is an impact assessment tool for the Philippines to provide better planning and response activities for natural hazards. Consolidated data from various government bodies and effectively presented those data as simple as possible using the most optimal visualization.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Gathered and organize application requirements and user stories
  • Wrote front end (HTMLCSS  / Angular.js) code in realizing application designs
  • Wrote back end code using python tornado framework to serve data
  • Optimized database queries and models
  • Built API integrations with InaSAFE platform (Open Source hazard calculation tool)

Technologies Used: Python, Tornado, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, Git, Ubuntu

Sep 2013Oct 2014

Web Developer (IT Officer I)

DOST - Project NOAH


Worked on the development of Project NOAH's Command Center for MOSES (Mobile Operational System for Emergency Services) Tablet, a web application wherein higher government officials can send disaster-related announcements to local government units as part of the responsive program for disaster prevention and mitigation of the Philippines. Collaborated with two other developers in delivering the application.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Wrote front end (HTML / CSS  / Angular.js) code in realizing application designs
  • Wrote back end code using python tornado framework to serve data
  • Optimized database queries and models

Technologies Used: Python, Tornado, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, Git, Ubuntu

Technical Skills


Web fundamentals: HTML/CSS/Javascript

Javascript frameworks: KnockoutJS, AngularJS, React

Other Libraries: jQuery, Ajax, OpenLayers3, GoogleMaps, d3, Highcharts

CSS framework: Bootstrap


Programming languages: Python (Django, Tornado, Flask), PHP (Laravel)

Designing RESTful API 

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Web server technologies: Nginx, Apache

Versioning tool: Git

Conferences Attended

Introduction to Business Analytics Seminar, Mar 2015

PyCon Philippines, 2014 & 2015

Geeks on a Beach, 2014 & 2015

InaSAFE Workshop (Jakarta, Indonesia), Sep 2014

1st International Symposium on Computing for Education and 12th National Conference in Information Technology Education (ISCE-NCITE) (Boracay, Aklan), Oct 2014

FOSS4G-PH (University of the Philippines Diliman), Nov 2014

  • FOSS4G stands for Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial. I was one of the speakers for the Project NOAH team discussing the use of WebSAFE and its importance.


References are available upon request.