I enjoy Public Speaking, Writing, Gardens, Hiking, Swimming, Sailing on the San Francisco Bay. Photography.  A close circle of friends.  My son the most and of course the family dog.


Intimate Event Professional

Personalized Events in San Francisco, Marin & Sonoma. 

Creating Memorable Experiences:  Events that focus on and celebrate the importance of working together, having open communication, making commitments and most importantly having fun! Personalized events around your interest and agenda for special occasions. Years of experience in the Hospitality Industry have trained me well to bring fun as well as detailed planning to every event. Unique concepts are orchestrated with ease.

  • Tour & Activity Days
  • Private Parties & Holiday Parties
  • Special Occasions
  • VIP Entertainment
  • Spouse Entertainment

Work Experience

Founder of San Francisco Destination Weddings, Green Eco-Friendly All-Inclusive Wedding Packages amid the San Francisco Landmarks. Creating Signature Bridal Bouquets and Legacy Photography. Planning weddings designed around the couples desires.

Beforehand founder of Created Illusions - Burton Events and Excursions. Specializing in VIP Entertainment, Sales Incentive Events, Honeymoon Planning and Special Occasions.

Previous owner of the Landmark La Hacienda Inn Restaurant in Los Gatos, California.  Planned and organized many intimate events for special occasions for area businesses and families.

Previously operated the Pearl Beach Inn & Resort.  Resort: Restaurant, Bar, Hotel and Marina.

 * Certified Financial Planner * Financial Investment Adviser * California Realtor


Creativity.  I thrive on creative energy with a unique ability to express the complex in simple usable ways. I offer a professional attitude and work well independently.  I enjoy researching, asking questions, learning about different aspects of a subject and creatively solving issues with attention to detail and with humor. I have developed interpersonal skills that enable harmonious relationships. My work inspires me to express my talents in ways that touch people.



Career Skills

Strengths • Good at listening • Sets & Works within Realistic Budgets • Warm and affirming • Great organizational skills   My greatest contribution is my ability to identify the needs of others, determine the most meaningful ones and establish a practical way to meet them economically. Creating Skills: • Organized  • Disciplined  • Responsible • Deliberate  • Practical  • Realistic  • Service-oriented • Consistent   Interpersonal Skills:  • Observant  • Kind  • Sensitive  • Empathetic  • Warm   • Selfless  • Gentle  • Considerate  • Humorous   Social Skills: • Affirming  • Loyal  • Concrete  • Private  • Quiet   Campbell - CISS Code       CHI        Creating -  Helping - Influencing Holland Code                      ASE      Artistic - Social - Enterprising Meyers Briggs                    ISFJ      Introverted + Sensing + Feeling + Judging   Aware of and sensitive to the needs of other people. Adept at giving attention to detail.  I bring structure to any project I'm working on. And am responsible when it comes to finishing tasks, I get satisfaction from closure.