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Work experience

Information Officer

System Management
Information Officer(SIMPEG) Skills: Windows 7, PHP, EXTJS, MySQL Serve, Navicat Premium, Sublime Text Description: Features

Payroll Officer

Hospital Accounting
Employee. Patient Billing, ü Accounts Receivable Patient ü ü Payroll Officer, ü ü etc. Applications Point of Sale(POS) Web based Skills: Windows 7, Smart PHP + jQuery + FancyBox, MySQL Server Description: Features: This application has several advantages from the desktop base such as online databases, can run on various operating systems, application usage efficiency, continuous development, transaction reports in real-time and ease of decision-making by the owner's ü

Supplier Master

Master Member, ü Supplier Master Data, ü Data Payment type, ü

Raw Material Master

Raw Material Master Data


Report Sales
Cashier per day. ü Completion Report, to support business strategies. ü etc. Application of Restaurants and Cafe Skills: Windows Server 2003, Visual Studio.NET 2010,, SQL Server 2008, Crystal Report Description: Features: Application/software used for administrative purposes Restaurants, Bar, Restaurant, Café and others. Sahla Resto is easier to use and has features such as data collection in accordance with the needs of food and beverage menu, the raw material cuisine, based booking transactions table and direct booking and sales reports and other reports. ü

Software Engineer

PT. INDONESIA COMNET Software Engineer

Programmer and Coordinator

PT. Programmer and Coordinator. EAM business processes-SAP

Software Engineer

Programmer and Coordinator. business processes-SAP CV. CIPTA KARYA SOLUSINDO(KARYASINDO) Software Engineer


PDPJ Engineering GIS
PT. DAFASS INDONESIA Coordinator Completed Project Point of Sales with the Deposit Protection Cashier and Stock Skills: Windows Server 2003, Visual Basic 6, SQL Server, Crystal Report, CyberInstaler Suite Description: Features: The program was created to facilitate the record of all transactions of a business. This application can be used for the business of supermarkets, shops and wholesalers. ü Input Goods with the group system. ü Registration Pre Order/Purchase Order. ü Recording Plus Application Cashier Sales and Sales Returns. ü Selling Price decker with Wholesale Price. ü Stock hospitalization, Adjustment goods. ü Tracking Historical Goods, easy to search goods. ü Tracking Historical Date Sales and Purchase. ü Recording of Customer Member. ü Recording Payable and Accounts Receivable. ü

Master Data

Master Data ü Licensing Welfare, consisting of: Licensed Clinic, Optical(SIPEO), Land and Buildings, Retail Merchants Drugs(SIPEO), nuisance permit(HO), Licensed Health Lab, Permanent Advertising, Advertising Incidental, etc. ü Licensing of Economic, comprising Enterprises Boarding House/Housing, License, IUI, Land Industrial Registration(TDI), restaurant and diner, etc. ü Government Licensing & Development, consisting of: Local Resources, IUJK, IMB Zoning ü Report ü Monitoring, ü etc Matrix Skills Knowledge & Skills Set Years Of Experience Proficiency Operating System Microsoft Windows 98, XP, Windows Server 2000, 6± Advance Linux: Ubuntu 1± Intermediate Database Technologies Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 6± Oracle Database 9i, 10g, 11g 6± MySQL 4.0, 5.0 3± MongoDB 1± Intermediate Application Server Internet Information Services/IIS 6.0, 7.0 2± Apache HTTP Server(apache_ modules) 4± Programming Language Visual Basic, VB.Net 5± C#2± Java 1± Intermediate CodeIgniter 3± Yii 1± Intermediate Laravel 1± Beginner Web Development Technologies HTML/XHTML 6± JavaScript/jQuery/prototype 4± ASP.NET 2.0, 3.5 2± Advance AJAX/JQuery 3± PHP 3± Advance Conceptual & Technologies Object Oriented Programming(OOP) 4± Language Integrated Query(LINQ) 1± Beginner Unified Modeling Language(UML) 1± Beginner Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) 1± Beginner Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing(BI/DW) 1± Beginner Model View Controller(MVC) 2± Intermediate Smart Client Architecture 1± Beginner

University of Malang

University of Malang
Mathematics Islamic Center(MIC), Department of Mathematics, general treasurer, Science Faculty, (UM).



Wearnes Education Center

SMU Negeri


State University of Malang, Faculty of FMIPA