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I was RED HOUSE CAPTAIN and have led my team towards victory many times. I was selected as the DESIGNER for TGES TIMES plus I had to lead the entire team for the preparation of TGES TIMES. Later, I was elected as the SCHOOL PREFECT.
Music is something I can't live without. Therefore I undertook Guitar lessons to feed my enthusiasm.
Learning new languages has always intrigued me .I supported this interest by learning french at different levels. Languages I know - Hindi,Gujarati,English,Sindhi,French (I wish to elongate this list ) 
I am always interested in making something new.  INNOVATIVE PRODUCT MARKETING was a platform which gave me the impetus to break the ninety degree angle and think out of the box. Our team of 5 members came up with the product called FLIPSOLES (slippers with changeable cleaning soles) that made us win the title of 1st RUNNERS UP in the competition. 
I have played Badminton for 5-6 years and  also represented school in the state level.  Also I received 2nd RUNNERS UP  trophy for Badminton Single under 16 girls  .I am an active member of my house when it comes to play for INTER HOUSE COMPETITION that takes place every year.
Academics is something I have always been good at.I work with one thing in mind that is - I am my own competition and no one else. I have always secured good grades. In my 10th boards I secured 90% and also was awarded THE AMARTYA SEN AWARD for ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE in the year 2010-11. 


I unbendingly believe in the proverb "All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy" . And so its's Always Academics plus something for me. Apart from Academics I have interest in learning new languages and I supported this interest by learning French at different levels.Learning guitar has also reverted my attention off lately. I love playing Badminton and I have represented school at regional and state level , respectively.  I am a hard core cricket fan and I love watching cricket. I also try making some creative things from the things that are considered for no further usage.I love solving Rubic's cube and I can solve it in less then 80 seconds.It's my dream to study the entire Rubic's cube in detail.

Work experience

I have worked in GALAXY BAZAAR EUPHORIA  which is a social entrepreneurship business carried out by the students of grade 11-12 of S N Kansagra School.The net profit of which was Rs 6,80,000 which was donated to educate the underprivileged students of the community . Also I am going to be a part of GALAXY BAZAAR FIESTA.I took an active part in INNOVATIVE PRODUCT MARKET COMPETITION 2012-13 .It is a competition which forces you to break the ninety degree angle and think out of the box and come up with the product that has no existence in the market.My team and I were declared as the FIRST RUNNERS UP in INNOVATIVE PRODUCT MARKET COMPETITION 2013-14.









12th pass

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