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Work experience

Duhok University

Oct 2009Dec 2010

Teacher Assistant - Computer Science Dept.

  • Taught a computer science lab of almost 50 students, ranging from freshmen to seniors each week, Sunday through Thursday.
  • Lectured C++, networking, basic Windows, graphics, Artificial Intelligence, assembly language and computer hardware.
  • Created, distributed and graded exams and homework.
  • Responsible for maintaining computers and lab equipment, including but not limited to repair and format computers, network problems.

Pascal Company of Iraq

Jul 2008Dec 2010

Business Analyst, Web Developer

  • Scheduled and met with clients on weekly basis regarding web projects including but not limited to, website design, web applications, payroll and reporting systems.
  • Oversaw a team of web programmers and delegated responsibilities for web projects and programming.
  • Produced project summaries for web team including but not  limited to goals of the project, division of responsibilities, project layout, design, issues to address, prioritizing tasks and projected time of completion.
  • Consulted with clients and created proposals with recommendations regarding hardware and software. Then followed through with ordering hardware, setting up hardware and installing software. Some clients included small business owners and the Duhok General Directorate of Health.
  • Evaluated, redesigned and upgraded websites and hardware for offices.

Pilinge Ciyay Ltd

Jul 2006Dec 2010

Co-founder Business Developer

  • Scheduled and met with clients.
  • Provided consultancies, market researches, and outsourcing.
  • Developed internal software for the company.
  • An active rule in over twenty feasibility studies for projects as a requirements for the Board of Investment in Kurdistan.
  • Some of notable clients were UB Group, Rovia Water, Hozan Company, & SM Group.
  • Suggested investment opportunities on clients.

Human Resource Dept.

  • Wrote and made reports.
  • Managed IT department.
  • Made some Visual basic scripts to automate some reports.
  • Trained two employees.
  • Went on field trips to prevent unusual trade activities and checking expiration date of products.

Office Manager

  • Worked as a realtor (real estate agent).
  • Invested in real estate for the company and clients.
  • Provided consultancies.
  • Managed construction projects for the company and clients.
  • Managed clients properties.
  • Provided evaluation services for clients.


Kurdish (Mother  Tongue),    Arabic,    and   English.



Programming Languages

JAVA, C++, C#, HTML, CSS, Visual Basic, UML, Javascript, Python, and Objective C.

Open Source Project

Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, dJanko, iReport, & PhoneGap.

Enterprise Software

Canvas LMS, Moodle, Fedena SIS, Blackboard.

Database System

MySQL, SQL and SQLite.

Operating System

Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.


GIS, CAD, and 3D.


LG Electronic Learning Center

Sep 2007Oct 2007

UML Programming & Linux Programming Developing

Training course on UML Programming and Linux Programming Developing.

LG Electronic Learning Center, Seoul and Osan, South Korea.


Han Chung - CEO

CEO of Pascal company of Iraq.

Phone: +964 (750) 783-7899


Karwan Jaafar - IT Director

IT Director - Duhok University

Mobile: +964 (750) 450-7819

Email: [email protected]

Rasti Mohamed-Amin Application Developer

Application Dev. - Kent State University

Phone: +1 (330) 389-5170