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  • Singapore PR                                       ( NRIC S8062663J)
  • +65 84823567 / 81605131

Actor / Director / Photographer

Creative Excellence

Athipathi International Theatre Ltd

 - Actor / Assistant Director

Short Film / Screen Playwriting 

Year: 2016  

Organizer: Arts Hub Singapore - Short filmmaking Competition.

         - Worked on Script, direction, and  Cinematographer.

         - Movie name "  The Need "  - Won the Second Prize.

Year: 2017

         -  Main role in Two Short Movies ( " Love is Pure  &  Dream Catcher " )

Year -2018

         -  Screenplay writing for short film "Photograph"

Stage Play

      Company : Athipathi International Theatre Ltd

     Play: Avvaiyar "the twitter poet"   ( April 2018)  //   Director: Ms.Darrshene 

      Role- Thoondaiman

     Play: Naragasuran   ( Nov 2017)  //   Director: Mr.Vignesh 

      Role- Naragasuran 

       Play:  Vikramathitan ( Feb 2017)  //   Director: Ms. Yogini

      Role- Muni ( Villan )and Vandan ( King)

      Play :  Thenali ( March 2017 ) // Director : Mr. Pugal

      Role - Krishna deva Rayan ( King)

      Play :  Aasai  // Director : Ms Yogini   ( Thisaivegam 2017)

      Role :  Older family man

     Play :  Snake in the Bharathi's Turban (Thisaivegam 2017)

     Role : Irulandi Devan 

Director : (Thisaivegam 2017)

     Play : Muttrupulli  ( 2017)

     Play : Birds ( only students) (2017)

 Photography :       

   -  Photographer for special events like Parties ( birthday / annual day /Co-operate, & Toastmaster  events) , Tamil Events (tamil mozhi vizha -TLCS / LISHA )and book release functions

-  Experience in local Star's Photo shoot.

Online Radio:

Name : Lodaloda radio (

 - Program Head ,

 - Producer  and 

 - Cinematographer ( for media channel Videos)


Toastmasters International : ( Public Speaking)

- Area Director T2 Division T, Toastmaster International 

- President in " Bharathiyar Toastmasters Club", under Div T / Dis 80

 - Promoting the Tamil Language to younger Generation and to General Public.

- worked in Organizing team for many Tamil Events in Singapore

Television / Media ( Vasantham TV- Singapore)

 - Speaker in " Ithayan pēcukiṟatu "  Talk Show in  2014/2015

- Speaker in " Nēṟṟu iṉṟu nāḷai " Talk Show in 2016 

Ongoing Projects :

- Emcee for Tamil events and RC/CC functions 

 - Organizing Events for coporates / Personal Parties

 - Photography -  Traditional Photoshoot ( Local / International)

Work History


Project Engineer  Installation ( LTA Projects )

Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited ( ST Electronics Ltd)

- Singapore C8377 / T 260 Projects  :

  • Civil & System Wide Contractors (SWC) coordination on Signalling / Communication equipment Installation & Co ordination among Site requirement .
  • On-site supervision of sub-contractor for Installation activities.
  • Maintained continual communications with all personnel assigned to the project.
  • Attend to all feedback on irregularities and inform the occupier of the construction site accordingly.
  • Provides or directs technical assistance in testing and surveillance services .
  • Attending Safety / Environmental Management programs and give feedback on site status ( Vector control , Noise control and Waste management)
  • Maintain site condition according to the company's safety and Environmental management system
  • Implement and monitor of environmental management systems at work sites
  • Check and approve daily environmental control check list , Safety & Health checklist and update to Project Head.
  • Involved in regular site inspection and follow up actions and risk assessments at work site .
  • Involved in preparing mandatory records , certificates and other documents as required by NEA and other regulatory bodies.
  • Provide Training and educating the workers on maintaining good environmental health standards
Jan 2011Jan 2016

Research Engineer - (Special Projects)

Keppel Offshore & Marine Technology Centre- Singapore
  • Potential part  of  Environmental Project team to develop and optimize   the process and equipment  for Environmental green technology.
  • Involved in conceptual  studies  on available technology and provide the detail technical  review with pros and cons of the process and technology
  • Providing technical consultancy services  to  potential clients on selection of  suitable technology  for new process implementation.
  • Provide expertise and guidance in environmental related technology and regulatory impact ( CLASS & NEA).
  • Technology transfer of the laboratory scale process to pilot and commercial scales.
  • Process development for pilot test runs, Including process / product characterization and qualification.
  • Preparation of engineering documents, procedures, SOPs for Environmental Projects.
  • Provide all technical support to the  projects to ensure the smooth run of demo plant/test bed related activities.
  • Assist in development of system boundaries and project start-up/turn over sequence
  • Provide viable solutions and corrective actions required to address issues encountered with the implementation of a new technology.
  • Solid contribution in development of process and system patents ( 2 patents)  and other technical review papers / Journals.

Engineer -Advance NDT

Setsco Services Pte Ltd- Singapore

Various Industrial Projects : ( Oil & Gas , Petrochemical , fine chemicals etc)

  • Responsible for Positive Material Identification ( PMI ) / Alloy Verification ( AV ) with X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and Arc Methods(OES)
  • Knowledge & Experience in ISO / IEC 17025 QMS and API RP 578.
  • SAC-SINGLAS Approved signatory for Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Chemical Analysis (By Optical Emission Spectrometry) Material identification in accordance with Mill Certificate and Grade Verification.
  • Experience in handling International standards ASME, ASTM, AISI and API.
  • PMI analysis Hands-on and passionate about R & D work and familiar with basic analytical instruments
  • Involved in preparation of Work plan for shutdown period our various industries.
  • Assist inspection team to solve any technical issues arises from site.

Research Engineer- Process 

East West B & D Pte Ltd - Singapore

Construction Projects :

  • Develop safe, reliable & cost effective solutions to meet manufacturing objectives
  • Manage & monitoring progress against approved schedules and take appropriate proactive corrective actions
  • Development of novel electrodes for industrial waste water treatment using nano material.
  • Coordinate with marketing group to understand market needs and develop marketing material for the new products launches.
  • Process development for Industrial effluent treatment at low cost projects using Nano particles.

Engineer- Research & Development 

Gharda Chemicals Ltd-India

Industrial Waste Recover Project :

  • Process Development and Commissioning plant for recovery of Aluminium, Titanium, and Iron for RED MUD, Bauxite, and illuminate.
  • Design, establish & manage manufacturing process development to built ,test, inspect & perform final integration of capital and non –capital products
  • Handling the day to day running of various unit operation within the chemical manufacturing plant / pilot plants

Project Fellow ( DRDO project)

Central Electro Chemical Research Institute(CECRI)- India

Research Project on Nano material Applications:

  • Process development for new project, (DRDO PROJECT)
  • Plan, design & develop new process to prepare Nano Materials.
  • Working in Clean room environments and  lab equipment.
  • Developing the process for Preparation of Nano wires by silver, platinum, and gold for the Special industrial application on energy storage and Miniature of device .
  • Molecular bonding, electro less plating on gold and platinum for further modification to molecular electronics.


Jan 2014Jan 2017

Executive MBA (Oil and Gas Management)

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies ( UPES) -India

Grade : 3.65 /4.00

Jul 1997Apr 2001

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)- Chemical Technology

Bharathidasan University -India

Percentage 74.4 %

Publications / Certifications


Apparatus and Method for  Treatment of Exhaust gas

US Patent (Ref No : 62/057 704 )

Under PCT (Sep 2014)


Systems and methods for Exhaust gas cleaning and/or Ballast water treatment (US Patent 9 216 376)


Granted 22 Dec 2015

Apr 2012Apr 2012

Exhaust Gas Control System Training Course

Marine Gas Emission gas control process, system, installation, equipment selection and commissioning.

International Papers

    • Solution Phase electron transfer versus bridge mediated electron transfer across carboxylic acid terminated thiols. Journal of Solid State electro chem (2005)-
    • Template synthesis of Silver nano-wires based on the layer by layer assembly of silver with Di-thiodipropionic acid molecules as Spacers journal of Colloid and interface science 303(2006) 604-610.
    • Electrochemical Investigation of 3-(3 THIENYL) ACRYLIC ACID protected Nano Clusters and planners Gold surface. Journal of Nano science and Nano technology (ASP) VOL. 7- 1-9-2007
    • Platinum –Dendrimer Nano composite Films on Gold Surfaces for Electro catalysis. Catalysis letter June 2007


Technology Review (TR) Papers

    • Technical Review paper on “Ballast water treatment system selectionin TR 2012 by Keppel
    • Technical Review paper on “Wet scrubbing process for marine emission control”in TR 2012 by Keppel
    • Technical Review paper on “Wet scrubber process” in SNAMES 34 th annual journal 2012/2013
    • Technical Review Paper on “Marine Selective catalytic Reduction( SCR) Technology to meet IMO NOx emission standard” in TR 2014 by Keppel
    • Paper presented in 1st Ballast Water Technology Asia Conference (20 Mar 2014)by IMarEST “Ballast water management plan and treatment solution
    • Technical Review paper on " Integration of Exhaust gas scrubber on Vessels and Effluent treatment "  in TR 2015 by Keppel

Other Roles and Achievements

    • Vice President  in Wellness committee in Keppel
    • Core value Ambassador in Keppel offshore and marine technology centre
    • Competent  Communication (CC) and Vice  President Education  in Toastmaster International club .
    • Web Master position in Division T  , District 80 ( Singapore )Toastmaster.
    • Regular blood donor ( > 15 times)
    • Volunteer for various people oriented activity inside and outside of company.
    • National day parade(NDP ) contingent 2014 ( representing Keppel)