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A leading name in the Chicago business world, Niranjan Shah has led internationally recognized Globetrotters Engineering Corporation as Chief Executive Officer since 1974. With Globetrotters, Niranjan Shah has built a large and successful architectural, engineering, and construction management-consulting firm from the ground up. With more than 250 employees and hundreds of millions of dollars in projects, Globetrotters stands as an example of a true success story, exemplifying how the coupling of one's ability and opportunities can lead to achieving the American dream. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the Chicago business community, Niranjan Shah has received the 2001 Business Person of the Year from the Chicago chapter of the Asian American Alliance. Shah's company, Globetrotters, was recognized for its key contribution to the Tunnel and Reservoirs Plan project by receiving the 1991 Citizen Engineer of the Year Award from the Illinois chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the 1986 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers, among others. Furthermore, Mr. Shah has garnered multiple awards in his home country of India, including the 2005 Light of Gujarat Award, which is given by the Governor to persons who have positively impacted the State of Gujarat. Over the years, Niranjan Shah has made significant contributions to his local community, as well as state and national organizations, through extensive public and community service. He has served on numerous boards and committees for such organizations as the Illinois Board of Regents, Chicago’s Mount Sinai Hospital, and the University of Chicago. A 1971 graduate of The University of Mississippi with an MS in Civil Engineering, Niranjan Shah received supplemental technical educational training in business management through the Executive Education Program at Harvard Business School.

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