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Work experience

Feb 2015Feb 2015

CTO, Co Founder

Haggle Inc

CTO, Co Founder. Heading product architecture, strategy and testing of Haggle's iPhone app, backend development and data mining algorithms. Our product successfully leverages cloud computing on two different solutions, Google's AppEngine and Amazon's web services. Our algorithms for mining user behavior and preferences are patent pending ThoughtWorks

Feb 2015Feb 2015

Software Architect


Software Architect. Client principal for a account, where we moved their existing alumni management and communication solution to the cloud. Successful implementation of virtualization and distributed computed using Amazon's Elastic Load balancing and EC2 instances reduced costs by half and improved performance three fold.

Feb 2015Feb 2015

Senior Software Engineer

BMC Software

Senior Software Engineer. Enhanced the data collection framework and did proof of concepts for incorporating the newly released virtualization technology from Amazon ProactiveNet Software

Feb 2015Feb 2015

Senior Software Engineer

ProactiveNet Software

Senior Software Engineer. Part of the core team which built ProactiveNet's network performance and monitoring software. Key responsibilities included designing, developing and unit-testing ProactiveNet's core product. Our contributions enabled a successful sale of the company to BMC software.


Feb 2015Feb 2015

Carnegie Mellon University
Feb 2015Feb 2015


Visveswariah Technological University


Distributed Database
Distributed Computing
state machine