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Art enthusiast Robin D. Hubbard maintains an active interest in several artistic mediums and genres. Robin D. Hubbard appreciates the efforts of the expert curators at museums in major metropolitan areas. Robin D. Hubbard also possesses a strong background in cinema and adores works from a wide range of periods. In addition to film, Robin D. Hubbard’s interest in dramatic art drives her passion for theater. In particular, Robin D. Hubbard appreciates the plays associated with Samuel Beckett’s theater of the absurd and Harold Pinter’s comedy of menace. Robin D. Hubbard’s interest in theater extends beyond 20th century avant-garde works. She also holds Elizabethan and Jacobean drama in high esteem, specifically the incomparable contributions of William Shakespeare. With a preference for philosophical themes, Robin D. Hubbard favors the tragedy Hamlet. Balancing out this solemnity, Robin D. Hubbard also considers the comedy Much Ado About Nothing as one of her favorites. Beyond her interest in the works by these playwrights, Robin D. Hubbard is a supporter of a variety of other dramatic arts. An admirer of both traditional and contemporary forms of dance, Robin D. Hubbard adores the graceful movement of bodies in ballet. Robin D. Hubbard’s dual passions for music and drama complement her interest in opera. An experienced artist herself, Robin D. Hubbard’s intellectual influences can be seen in her own creative works as a sculptor. Through her world travels, Robin D. Hubbard has also discovered her own artistic inspirations. With a foundation in both the artistic tradition and direct experience, Robin D. Hubbard has developed her skills as a painter as a means of articulating her own distinctive perspective.


University of London

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Readnet Foundation


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