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Work experience

May 2012Present

Program Manager, BCBA

Northwest Behavioral Associates

I design and implement ABA therapy with clients ages 2 to 18 in center and in-home for clients who have a diagnosis of: Autism, PDD-NOS, Asperger's Syndrome, Developmental Delay, and ADHD.  I conduct assessments for each client and lead monthly team meetings to assess and collaborate on clients' needs, introduce new programs and skills, as well as track skill acquisition targets and rates of clients.  I also train tutors and parents on implementing interventions based on ABA and behavior reduction programs.

Dec 2009May 2012

In-Home ABA Therapy Tutor

Northwest Behavioral Associates

My duty as an ABA Therapy Assistant for students on the autism spectrum, was to run the therapy programs for each individual with whom I work. I worked with as many 8 low functioning to high functioning children from the ages of 4 to 13. I used ABA methods while running their programs; some of which are behavior reduction programs. I co-taught 2 social groups at NBA working on social and life skills in a small group setting during the summer. I get to work with one of my students at his private junior high school working on executive functioning and time management skills. I got the privilege of practicing a vast array of different types of therapies all using Applied Behavioral Analysis (i.e. mostly behavioral therapy and academic support but also occupational therapy and vision therapy for some students).

Sep 2009Mar 2011

Lead Teacher

Seattle Learning Center

Seattle Learning Center has an athletic focus based on the belief that well-exercised children learn better and have less behavioral issues. I taught 2-5 year-olds basic learning, social, and personal skills needed to succeed prior to entering kindergarten.  My duties included collaborating with the other teacher in creating the curriculum for all of the students.  I specialized in science and science curriculum as well as art.

I added over 30 science lessons to SLC's curriculum for the 2010-2011 school year.

Oct 2009Dec 2009

After School Science Teacher

Environmental Science Center

I taught an after school science program with high-risk youth.  There were about 20-25 first and second graders.  I did dissections with the children and taught them parts of seeds, flowers, insects, etc.  We went on field trips to local lakes and estuaries.

Mar 2009Aug 2009

Garden Curriculum Coordinator

Mercer Middle School

I wrote garden curriculum for the Mercer Garden Project at a downtown Seattle junior high in the Seattle Public Schools system.  This is a part-time position which allowed me to write interdisciplinary, garden-based curriculum.  I was also the liaison to the teachers at this middle school, addressing their curricular needs as a means to make the most possible connections back to the classroom. This curriculum is currently being used in after-school and summer garden programs on-site.  My position with this project is to ensure that the curriculum is used and accessible to teachers and school staff. 

Aug 2007Jun 2008

Teaching Naturalist


My duties were to teach naturalist topics such as sustainability, natural history, and stewardship to local youth from all backgrounds and socio-economic statuses.  I was in charge of anywhere from 8-12 children at a time, was trained in wilderness first aid, CPR, and facilitating a low-ropes course for team challanges.  Motivating students to be comfortable and enjoy being in the wilderness was another skill that I acquired while working at IslandWood.  I acted as the liaison between IslandWood and two schools.


Oct 2010Jan 2012

Certificate/Professional Development

Florida Institute of Technology

I took professional development coursework to become a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst.  I conducted my practicum at Northwest Behavioral Associates.

Sep 2008Jun 2009

Masters of Education, Science Education

University of Washington

Courses Taken at UW;                                      

Principle & Practice of Curriculum Development

Seminar in Inquiry-Based Science Education

Special Topics in Teaching

Seminar in Curriculum & Instruction

Independent Study/Research Project

WIldlife Seminar

Forestry & Economic Development

Aug 2007Jun 2008

Certificate in Community, Education, & Environment


IslandWood Courses (graduate residency program - most of which were extension courses through UW);Natural History and EcologyClassroom ManagementEnvironmental Education: History, Issues and MethodsChild Growth and DevelopmentScience Methods: An Inquiry ApproachSocial and Philosophical Foundations of EducationCurriculum and Instruction MethodsIntegrating Technology Across the CurriculumIntegrating Arts Across the CurriculumTeaching PracticumExploring Community as a Context for Learning: Social Studies MethodsNon-Profit AdministrationIndependent Study Project

Sep 2002Jun 2006

Bachelor of Arts: Environmental Studies with an Education Minor

University of California at Santa Cruz

Courses Taken at UCSC;

Ecology & Evolution

Cell & Molecular Bio

Development & Physiology

General Chemistry with Labs 1, 2, & 3

College Algebra/Calculus



Evolution of Education

Classroom Connection

Intro Theories in Ed.

Intro to Teaching

Diversity & Education

Aesthetic Education Theory

Gender & Education

Political Economy & Environment

Ecology & Society w/ Writing Lab

Nature Literature

Conservation Biology

Restoration Ecology

Tropical Ecology

National Environmental Policy

Capstone Environmental Studies

Environmental Management Systems

Envs. Internship with LifeLab on SC Farm

Env Pollution Remediation

Intro into Developmental Psych

Intro to Sociology

Intro to Feminisms

Composition & Rhetoric

Basic Painting

Intro to Drawing


IslandWood Scholarship Recipient

Valedictorian of Newbury Park High School

NIAF Scholarship Recipient


I believe in the importance of life-long learning. I am a passionate, experimental gardener - always open to learning more about the practice as a means to teach children. I like to paint and draw with friends and children.  I also am an avid exerciser believing in its ability to keep one's head level as well feeding my enthusiasm to continually push myself.

For my masters culminating project with University of WA, I conducted research on what students know about the origin of food.  Part of my unit used a garden-based curriculum to aid in teaching a unit on medieval times with a local school teacher.  The aspects of the unit I covered were plant life-cycle, gardening methods and techniques, and the use of technology as a means to help humans make progress.  I used rubrics with pre and post tests to measure the gain of knowledge from my lessons.


CPR Certified
I jwas last certified in September 2009, which recently expired September 2011 for adult, child, and infant CPR and first aid.  I was first certified in junior high school and have been continually re-training.   I plan on getting re-certified in the near future.
Right Response Certified

The Certification curriculum leverages the latest advances of adult learning methods and conforms to the most typical standards in restraint and seclusion policies.

Blood Born Pathogen Certified
Spanish Speaking
I took 3 years of Spanish in high school and was able to use it many times since.  I am comfortable teaching students vocabulary and basic conversational skills.
Wilderness First Aid Certified
I was trained through the WFA program but never needed to put any of those skills to use so far.
Food Handler Permit


Caron Cosser, BCBA

Caron is the liason for the tutors at NBA. 

Stacey Shook Ph.D., BCBA-D