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Sep 1993Dec 1998

Cand.scient (M.Sc)

Dissertation entitled "The initial value problem of General Relativity" .

Work experience

Jun 2007Present



June 18th to july 31st 2007: Worked a Telia. Wokred on Telias self-developed cms system. The system uses xml and xslt. Perl code glues it all together. Parts of the system is based on Perl catalyst.

August 31st 2007 to January 31st 2008: Developed Sirpa for "Dansk Biblioteks Center" Sirpa is a kiosk app that displays informations on big screens at libraries about books, local events, film, history or anything else of interest to library goers. When I started the project noone has a clear idea of what the app should do, so I had a very free hand in deciding what features to implement and how to make the system work. I developed the backend in CakePHP as I couldn't talk them into using Ruby on Rails. The system is now in use in libraries all over Denmark.

February 1st to September 30th 2008: I have worked on and recently launched my own application. I have some buniess partners who have back me up financially. The application can be seen at The site is a place for businesses to meet consultants. As opposed to other similar boards, my app takes a social networking approach to the task, and consultants can display who they know and have worked for on their profiles. I use similarity algorithms to compute which candidates/contracts match ("If you like this consultant you might also like..."). The app was developed on Ruby on Rails. This project was terminated due to lack of funding.

March 2009 - August 2010: Have been working on an ERP system for a company contracting for the government and dealing with the unemployed ("anden aktør" in Danish). The system is developed entirely on Ruby on Rails.

August 2010 - now: I am currently senior developer on a Facebook application for marketing films on social media. I am developing the backend, which is done in Ruby on Rails. This project is a startup under Startup Bootcamp:

Oct 2008Dec 2008

Senior Software Developer

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

During this period I have been visiting the production software group at the Welcome Trust Sanger Insitute near Cambridge UK to help develop software for monitoring and analyzing the gene sequencing pipeline, and mining the databases for interessting information. The software is based on Ruby/Ruby on Rails and this is an opportunity for me to combine my interesst in Ruby on Rails with my background in science.

Apr 2006May 2007


ConCor A/S

During this period I was stationed at Metropol Online A/S, which develops website for one of the major Danish media conglomorates ("Det Berlingske Officin"). Their systems are developed on a Linux/Apache/mod_perl/Oracle platform. Most of the online newspapers are now migrated to Saxotech Online Systems platform, a process that I was also involved in.


  • Access to full archive (new subscription type) for Weekendavisen
  • Rewrite of the CMS system Phonix' caching system to be able to handle server side includes
  • Development of payments systems for Berlingske Tidende so online subscribers kan pay by PBS (a Danish system for payments)
  • Development of  I was a member of the project team from the development of the specs to lanuch.
  • Development of Implementation of payment systems, implementation of an auktion system, implementation of importing xml feeds, development of adminitration module.
Sep 2004Aug 2005


Research: Worked on the HAD code, a code for combining fluid dynamics and numerical relativity.

Sep 2002Aug 2004


Postdoc at Penn State University, Center for Gravitational Physics and Geometry (CGPG) and Center for Gravitational Wave Physics (CGWP)

Research: code development, visualization, implementation and testing evolution systems and meshrefinement techniques for Numerical Relativity.

Outreach: Participated in MathFest, 2002, an event wheregirls in 8-10th grade interested in science could come to Penn Stateand learn about many scientific disciplines. Participated in Space Day2003, a day of exhibitions and activities for children of all ages.

Jan 1999Mar 2002


Theoratecal Astrophysics Center

Research: Studying the

initial value problem of general relativity and the implementation ofadaptive mesh refinement techniques in numerical relativity.

Teaching: Teaching assistant in ComputerPhysics, Astronomical Observatory, University of Copenhagen, fall 1999,2000 and 2001. Responsible for Astronomy Exercise 4, Astronomical Observatory,University of Copenhagen, a two week exercise in Relativistic Astrophysics.

Outreach: Responsible for the astronomy workshop for"HCØ-dage", a three day program for high school students interestedin studying science, fall 1999 and 2000. I have given lectures aboutblack holes at "Folkeuniversitetet" and for classes of high schoolstudents. Participated in a TV program about black holes, wormholesand time-machines.

Courses and schools: During my master's and ph.d. education I havetaken courses on the following subjects: Cosmology, Relativistic Astrophysics,Stellar Structure and Evolution, Galaxy Formation and Evolution, LargeScale Structure of the Universe, General Relativity, Physics of Black Holesand Numerical Methods (using MHD-related problems as examples). In thesummer of 1999 I participated in the "Computing Our Universe" Summer Schoolat the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Visits, conference participation

July 1999: visited the University of Texas at Austin for twoweeks to collaborate with Peter Diener.

December 2000: Participated in 20th Texas symposium on RelativisticAstrophysics in Austin, Texas.

February - May 2001: Visited the Albert Einstein Institute, MaxPlanck institut f{\"u}r gravitationsphysik in Potsdam, to collaboratewith the members of the institute

July 2001: Participated in the GR16 conference in Durban, South Africaand in the Numerical Relativity 2001 workshop in Krugersdorp, South Africa.

February-May 2001, September 2001, May-July 2002: Visited the Albert Einstein Institute, MaxPlanck institut f{\"u}r gravitationsphysik in Potsdam forcollaboration with the Cactus group.

September 2002, Participated in the Lazarus/Kudu Meeting at Penn State

April 2003, participated in the April Meeting 2003 of the American Physical Society, Philadelphia.

June, 2003, participated in the conference: "Gravitation: A Decennial Perspective" at Penn State.

December 2003: participated in "Second Apples-with-Apples workshop", UNAM, Mexico City

September 2007: attended Railsconf Europe 2007, Berlin, Germany

May 2008: attended Railsconf 2008, Portland, Oregon


"Adaptive mesh refinement approach to construction of initial datafor black hole collisions". P. Diener, N. Jansen, A. Khokhlov, I. Novikov,Class. Quantum Grav. 17 No 2 (21 January 2000) 435-451"Local and global properties of conformally flat initial data forblack hole collisions" Nina Jansen, Peter Diener, Jakob Hansen, AlexeiKhokhlov, Igor Novikov, Class.Quant.Grav. 20 (2003) 51-74.

"Numerical simulation of orbiting black holes" Bernd Bruegmann, Wolfgang Tichy, Nina Jansen. Phys.Rev.Lett. 92 (2004) 211101"Numerical stability of the AA evolution systemcompared to the ADM and BSSN systems", Nina Jansen, Bernd Bruegmann,Wolfgang Tichy. Phys.Rev. D74 (2006) 084022

Posters and Talks

  • "How much junk radiation does conformally flat black hole initial data

contain?" poster given at the 20th Texas Symposium on RelativisticAstrophysics, Austin, Texas, December 2000

  • "Physical properties of conformally flat initial data" talk given at the

Numerical Relativity 2001 meeting, July 2001, Krugersdorp, SouthAfrica.

  • "Using the Petrov invariants to analyze black hole initial

  data", Numerical Relativity lunch, September 2002 at Penn State.

  • "Adaptive Mesh Refinement in Numerical Relativity", CGWP lunch,

September 2002.

  • "Numerical Implementation of the AA System", Sixth East Coast

  Gravity Meeting, March, 2003

  • "Evolution in Numerical Relativity", CGWP lunch, April 2003.


Radio and TV presentations
Teaching materials (web-based and otherwise)
Teaching (class/lab)
Computational Algebra
3D modelling and data visualization
Solving coupled, partial, non-linear differential equations
Oracle DB
SubVersion (SVN)
IRIS Explorer
Unix shell scripting (bash/csh)
IDL (Interactive Data Language)
Adaptive Mesh Refinement
Ruby on Rails