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Nina Davis

"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela


Dedicated, innovative Educator, possessing over fifteen years of experience at multiple levels. Firm belief in empowering students to become life-long learners and productive citizens by providing a quality education and instructional environment. Adept at curriculum and program development, effectively adapting various teaching methodologies to diverse learners, and facilitating both curricular and extracurricular student activities. Skilled at leveraging strategic leadership expertise to bring together teachers, parents, students, and the community to facilitate a broad and effective educational partnership among all participants. Experienced at promoting positive relations in multi-cultural environments.

Work experience



L'Anse Creuse Middle School-East  ~ Chesterfield, Michigan
  • Vision, Mission and Culture

Worked with staff to develop common beliefs about education .  Clear, steady focus on outstanding instruction.  Clear focus on all students meeting their potential.  Involved students in support of academic mission of the school.  Effectively communicated with parents through Parent Advisory Board, newsletters, informal conversations and parent groups.  Developed faith community support for school and students.  Effectively communicated in writing and speaking to our greater community

  • Leadership Style

Committed to relationships of trust and respect.  Committed to ethical leadership.  Committed to being a voice for children who have none.  Committed to clear communication.  Constant focus on what is best for kids

  • Instructional Leadership

Recruited excellent teachers from throughout the U.S. for the district, focusing on minority candidates and candidates who are rich experience in diverse settings.  Planned and implemented staff development program to support School Improvement Plan.  Developed teacher-led professional development model to infuse Classroom Instruction That Works (CITW) into classrooms.  Developed small learning groups of staff members focused around continuous improvement with an emphasis on higher order thinking skills and literacy.  Facilitated faculty book study groups around current educational topics

  • Organizational Management

Developed dynamic, Building Leadership  decision-making team to focus on improving instruction at every level.  Re-aligned financial resources to provide support for teachers to improve instruction. Developed resources for new students and parents from a variety of economic, social, ethnic, and racial backgrounds to acquaint them with the school and the various systems within.

  • Advocate for Public Policy

Collaborated with local state and federal legislators for better understanding of the unique needs of students and how these needs can be better met through effective legislation.  

  • Community Leader

Worked with local TV and print media to promote schools and community understanding of educational issues.  Developed productive business partnerships.  Developed faith partnership group with ecumenical clergy in school boundary area  

  • Change Agent

Actively supported continuous improvement for school, programs, and individuals.  Committed to using proven practices and data to drive decisions and productive change.  Committed to looking at the big picture when changes are needed and implementing the necessary supports strategically and systemically.  Provided regular opportunities for teachers to keep current on educational issues through books and journal articles.


Associate Principal

L'Anse Creuse High School  ~ Harrison Township, Michigan

Created building master schedule.  Aligned school curriculum to new Common Core Standards.  Evaluated teachers.  Served as part of School Improvement Committee.  Implemented building diversity initiative.  Designed and incorporated parent and student round-tables within the building.  Served as a mentor/faculty liaison for Parent Network group


Assistant Principal

Ypsilanti High School ~ Ypsilanti, Michigan

Worked in conjunction with EdWorks to implement a redesign plan.  Worked to implement Professional Learning Communities in the building.  Aligned school curriculum vertically by departments and subjects.  Created a master schedule.  Organized and implemented professional development for staff.  Served as chair to School Improvement, PLC and Formative Assessment Committees



Alief Independent School  ~  Houston, Texas

Worked cooperatively within department to develop and align pre-AP 10th grade curriculum.  Collaborated with school administration on various committees/projects 


Teacher/Department Chair/Summer School Principal

Ypsilanti Public Schools  ~  Ypsilanti, Michigan

Head department of 13 teachers.  Worked collaboratively with Superintendent and Curriculum Director of district.  Aligned district curriculum to adhere to new Michigan Merit curriculum.  Mentored new department faculty.  Hired new faculty for department. Developed a 10 th grade curriculum.  Worked cooperatively within department to develop a 9 th grade curriculum.  Collaborated with school administration on various committees/projects.  Served as part of building hiring committee.  Worked with Senior Advisor on commencement and prom organization.  Designed and incorporated first Advanced Placement Literature course in district.  Trained for national Advance Placement course.   Hired faculty for summer school program.  Lead faculty through summer curriculum.  Supervised faculty time cards for summer school program.  Facilitated disciplinary procedures for students in program



Emerson Middle School  ~  Livonia, Michigan

Worked cooperatively within department to develop a 7 th grade curriculum.  Collaborated with school administration on various committees/projects.  Organized 7 th grade end of the year picnic.  Helped design character/morale education program



Master of Arts in Educational Leadership

Eastern Michigan University


Eastern Michigan University

Major: English

Minor: Health