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I’ve had the passion for technology since i was a kid. Started with a Pentium 2 Computer many years ago trying out Pascal programming to now using Mac’s to build Amazing things. 

I’m specialized in building Web Applications and Mobile Applications using both Native and Hybrid Methods. Also Loves creating API’s to centralize the communication between applications.

I have built 6 fully functional products when i was working for  Weblook International. Which I have fully designed the system architecture and built the Product by myself, and later given for the team to manage and maintain.

All the products at my time in Weblook, were developed from scratch by me, after fully studying other competitive systems and identifying the key drawbacks and issues of existing systems in the market to develop a better solution.

I've also conducted Client Meetings, Developer Meetings and other sort of communicative events in order to properly manage Clients, Projects and the Team.

Currently I'm working for Intrepid Travel - Colombo branch which handles most of the IT services for Intrepid Group based on Australia. I work with a team of Software Engineers from both Colombo and Melbourne to manage all the Web aspects for Intrepid Travel brands and there booking engine.

Work experience

Apr 2016Present

Technical Lead

Intrepid Colombo / Intrepid Travel

Managing a team of Software Engineers in Colombo office while working daily together with the Software Engineers and Architects in Melbourne office. We Manage all the Web Related aspects including Web sites for all brands, Booking Engines, etc for Intrepid Travel - World’s Largest Adventure Travel company.

Feb 2010Apr 2016

Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead

Weblook International Pvt Ltd

Managing a Team of developers while I gather requirements and design all the system architectures. I also code and get involved in the coding process with the team to help with the complex parts and to make sure the process is going accordingly.




Newly Found Startup in its early stage. it's a Team as a Service (TaaS) built around an idea to provide some of the unique services that most clients, developers or developer teams are missing from there software development cycle.




TuffyTee provides limited edition t-shirt collections for you favourite movies and tv shows, when they arrive in theaters.




CallerDO is not another conventional reminding service, or an automated voice reminder. It is a personalized service with a goal of helping people to not miss out there life adventures.


Music Producer

Sound Bunker

Owner and Producer @ Sound Bunker. Providing Digital Music Productions for Songs, Instrumentals and Other Music Requirements.


IT Industry

10+ Years of experience in the IT Industry

Researching, Planning and System Architecture

6+ Years of Experience in researching on the market and people to build products that can exceeds its expectations of the consumers

Agile / Scrum

Highly experienced in fully Agile software development

Tech Lead / Software Engineer

Developing and Handling Development Teams in Building and Managing Projects and Products.

Ajax and Realtime Technologies

Experience in Implementing real-time technologies to create feature rich applications with better user experience.

Web Application Development

Specialized in developing large scale Web Application Development in PHP / MySQL combined with Node JS and Angular JS

Mobile Application Development

Experience in Both iOS and Android Mobile Application development and also Hybrid Applications which can be compiled in to any of the mobile platforms.

Problem Solving, Issue Tracking and Bug Fixing

With a record of fixing every bug that came across for the past 6 years at Weblook International.

Managing Google Cloud / AWS Servers

Installing / Configuring / Maintaining Google Cloud and AWS Servers

Managing Linux Based Servers

Installing / Configuring / Maintaining Linux Based Servers

CMS Systems, E-Commerce

Experience with Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Open Cart etc

Laravel, NodeJS, AngularJS

Experience with Laravel, Node and Angular

Git / Svn

Experience with Source Controlling / Versioning

Extra Qualifications

Conducting Workshop at Wayamba University

Special guest workshop for 3rd year computer science students at the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka

Salesforce - Marketing Cloud

Salesforce University Training

Salesforce training at Intrepid Group HQ - Melbourne

Certified Scrum Master


Certified Link :

Complete Products I've Built

Weblook Framework - Used by in house development team

    Built from scratch using Pure PHP to speed up the development process of Website Backends and Web Applications while also maintaining a standard. Unlike other popular PHP Frameworks, Weblook Framework is built specifically to suit the development methodologies used in Weblook when developing systems.

It is developed in a Modular structure where developers can reuse modules with minimum to no modifications at all which decreases the development time in each project, thus increasing the profit margins for each project.

When multiple developers are working on the same project, they can easily work on their module and later connect them all together with less hassle. New Modules are easy to create and easy to modify the existing ones. each module folder contains all the necessary classes controllers and views for both the front end components and admin panel forms. which makes the modules portable.

It's only a matter of copying a module to the project’s module folder to use it, which the module will create its database tables automatically and will be auto loaded to the backend admin panel which then can be use right away.

This has dramatically reduced around 4 times the normal time taken to create a new module from scratch thus reducing the overall development time.



WeblookCRM -

    This is built based on an old standalone crm system  that had developed previously when i joined Weblook.

New WeblookCRM was written from scratch by me without reusing the old code, with having the same functionalities plus loads of other new features and functionalities to be able to compete with the up to date commercial CRM’s. Its fully cloud based, making it easy to maintain and update the system with bug fixes and new features. each company can connect their own domain or use weblook crm’s link to login and use the system.

It has all the functionalities to properly maintain and manage day today tasks regarding, Products, Clients, Quotations, Orders and Invoices and also Staff and there roles.

Other Than that it has features for follow ups and reminders, with real time notifications, email notifications and sms notifications. It also has a real time activity log called the “Live Feed” where the management ( people who have access to this area ) can watch all the activities happening on the CRM by the staff regarding sales and there followups.

It also contains more configuration options like customizing email templates, currencies and all sorts of configurations. which can be customised accordingly to each company it self even though its a centralized system running on the cloud.

This was fully developed by me and later handed over to the developers for maintaining.



WeblookCart -

    This is an online e-commerce platform fully developed from scratch by me using PHP and other latest technologies. It uses the Weblook Framework which i developed, as the core and modules are built on top of that. Its fully developed with performance and user friendliness in mind which is one of the major drawbacks i’ve seen in most of the Open Source systems.

Most of them uses more server resources making the site very heavy and even unstable depending on the available server resources. and on some systems the product combinations are stored as separate records which makes the database unnecessarily larger for less amount of products.

With those identified, I’ve developed the system in a way to overcome those issues, and to provide an easy to use and rich user interface.

The user interfaces provided on most common open source systems are also having some complications when it comes to the users who are managing the system. since these are targeted for both the sri lankan and international market, I’ve built a very easy to use and straightforward UI for the backend.

It contains all the features for a commercial shopping cart system plus more features. everything has developed by scratch, with keeping the code simple as much as possible while achieving advanced features and also while keeping the code easy to modify on a different client requirement.



Weblook Realtime Food Ordering System - ( demo site )

    This food ordering system was developed as an online platform for restaurants or food delivery services, to let their visitors order foods online. It has the ability to manage single restaurant or multiple restaurants at once making it the best choice for food ordering services.

It has all the features to manage everything from users, restaurant's details, categories and menus and also the details of drivers attending the delivery.

Its backend is very simple and user friendly making it easy for anyone to manage. its designed to be compatible with touch screen monitors to act as  POS with larger buttons and easy navigations.  

While the staff is logged in, they will get real time notification when an online order is placed and it’s also wirelessly ( using 3G / GPRS )  connected to one or multiple POS printers to print a receipt in the kitchen or in the respective restaurant ( if using to manage multiple restaurants ) instantly.. An additional receipt can be automatically printed at the delivery section to make the whole process automated.

The users who are ordering regularly can be ranked in the system to minimize the validation required before proceeding with the order. Reports can be generated on the orders and payments for accounting purposes.

This system was developed from scratch by me and later handed over to the development team to manage and maintain.


Weblook Reservation -

    This new reservation system is based on its old version developed at weblook few years back. Due to the usage of some old technologies and methodologies in the old system, new system was developed from scratch using the latest technologies and using the Weblook Framework for rapid development.

It was developed with my team, while guiding them and handing over separate modules for each of them to develop depending on their experience and skill level to get the maximum output.

This reservation system includes all the features of a online reservation system plus many more features including Multiple Rates ( Local and Foreign ), Multiple room types booking under one reservation and also multiple property support. which allows to manage more than one hotel or other properties through one installation / backend.

It also has easy to manage interfaces for room rates management and room allocation management which are the most important parts on the reservation. it also features a very advanced offer management system, where the hotel can create many types of offers based on various rules and actions.

It also supports theming and multiple payment gateways to make it one of the best choices for an online reservation system.


Gurulytics -

    This product was developed under a concept of the Weblook’s Director, to develop a platform for analyzing user behaviors on the websites visually. It's not about collecting their IP addresses browser type language and other meta data, it's about recording each user behavior and having the ability to play back and watch how they browsed the website. which can give a vast understanding of  user behavior than any other way.

The data is not recorded in video format, which can increase the need of server capacity and other resources to store data when the visitor count is high. and it will be hard to analyze data on video. Instead, i’ve developed a system to store user's interaction as data and the ability to play them back on the site in real time. which can allow the owner of the site to do certain modifications to target users.


Part time Music Producer

Around 7 Song Productions Using Ableton Live, Reason, Cubase. One of the songs being #1 on an Indian Chart Show. 

Video Director & Editor

Mostly Promotional Videos and Youtube Short Movies using Adobe Premier and Adobe After Effects

Photographer ( + 360 Photography )

Using both generic lenses and 360 lenses.

3D Graphic Designer

Using 3D Max, Maya, Cinema 4D

Electronic Hardware Builder

Using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NodeMCU

Non-Career Projects

Few of the non career related projects I've worked on.

Non Related Referees

Mevan Arosha ( Founding Director at Limely )
[email protected]
18/A, Sri Maha Bodhi Road, Dehiwala.

Piusha Kalyana ( TechLead at SoftcodeIT )
[email protected]
"kalyana", Anandhabodhiya mawatha, Kuruwita, Ratnapura