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Nikuv Products Designed to Solve Wide-range of Complex & Diverse Problems

Nikuv has been supplying the public and private sector with advanced technological solutions, aimed at resolving a wide range of complex requirements since its inception in 1994.

Nikuv was established by a group of IT professionals, with extensive knowledge, an ability to manage large and complex projects and skills set in multiple fields, especially in the field of population registration.

With exceptional levels of expertise, flexibility, reliability and professionalism, Nikuv has a proven record during the last 20 years of delivering complete turnkey solutions, from the initial stage analysis, through the development phase and onto implementation, integration and finally the provision of long term support to its customers.

Because Nikuv deals mainly with the international market, it prides itself on fully understanding and connecting with the local culture of each country, enabling it to deliver a tailor made solution that satisfies the exact needs and requirements of that customer.

Among its extensive range of population registration products currently being used globally are the following:

• An online Population Registration System which provides registration and document issuance services.

• A birth and death registration system, providing relevant documentation and statistical analysis relating to births and death.

• A passport system which handles the process of applications and issuing of passports, including the production of e-passports.

• A marriage and divorce registration system, for registering and issuing relevant documentation on marriages and divorces.

• An immigration and citizenship system for processing and issuing citizenship requests.

• An automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) for the law enforcement agencies, designed to assist in the fight against crime and terrorism.

One of Nikuv’s flagship systems is its decentralized online ID Card System, including security features which fully meet international standards and which ensure that ID cards produced by the system cannot be forged.

The entire process, from a member of the public completing an ID application form, the data being updated to the system and the identity card being issued, is something that can be completed in minutes.

Offices are staffed by fully trained employees who are able to assist at each phase of the registration process. Each office has standard PCs for entering the details of a member of the public.

A photograph and fingerprints are taken using a digital camera and an approved fingerprint scanner.

Once all of the information has been entered the ID card will be printed out using a dedicated printer.

In order to fully comply with international standards the ID card is printed out on a special tamper-proof card, with the option of including a full range of security features.

Among the possible security options that can be included are a signature, a digitized photograph, fingerprint security, holograms, a watermark, a UV security panel, dynamically shifting ink, MRZ code and the addition of a 2D barcode.

Understanding that it is not always possible for citizens to reach an office to complete the registration process, Nikuv has designed mobile stations that contain all of the necessary hardware to enable the registrations process to be expedited even in remote locations, so that a member of the public can enter a registration station and leave a short time later with an officially approved and secure ID card.