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Nikolay Panov

Software Engineer, Python Developer


I'm an experienced software engineer. I had worked for Apple, Nortel and other large enterprises, as well as for small startups. I have more than eight years of Python programming experience and eleven years of overall professional programming experience. I have been a solo full-stack developer (building websites/web services from scratch) and been a part of a big multinational distributed team (as a team member and as a team leader). 

My code is well-written, well-tested and maintainable for years, also I am product-minded (care about the product, not just about the code).

Work History

Jan 2017Currently

Python/Django Developer (V)

SIS, Inc (vendor/contractor in Apple, Inc)

Work as a full stack developer on an internal project.

Responsibility: architect, develop and maintain backend and frontend parts of a distributed web application. Maintain tests coverage, some DevOps.

Tools: python, django, django-rest-framework, celery, pytest, git, linux, postgresql, redis, ansible, jquery, backbonejs, angular.

Oct 2011Jan 2017

Python/Django Developer, Engineer III

Upwork (formerly oDesk,

I was involved in a number of internal Upwork’s projects and in projects for Upwork’s customers, performing the following services:

  • [team member] Review tool for linguistic quality evaluations
    • Development and maintenance of backend service;
  • [team lead] Tool for linguistic knowledge exchange and issues reporting
    • Development and maintenance of backend service;
  • [solo developer] Automatic screenshot capturing tool
    • Development of Chrome extension;
  • [team lead] Configuration, assignment and role management tool
    • Support and maintenance for one of the core services of client’s infrastructure;
    • Design and implementation of bootstrapping for development environment;
    • Design, implementation and maintenance of two generations of APIs;
    • Design, implementation and maintenance of two generations of authentication/authorization subsystems;
    • Integration with internal and external network services;
    • Implementation and improvement of automated tests.

Responsibility: taking care of internal heavy used web-services, leading two small teams of developers, participation in cross functional projects, developing backend modules, web-UI, REST API, growing TTD.

Tools: python, django, git, linux, selenium, mysql, memcache, jenkins, vagrant, ansible, sphynx, tastypie, jquery, backbonejs, bootstrap, GAE

Apr 2011Oct 2011

Python/Django Backend Engineer

Word News (

I was in charge of developing and support of 56 travel-related sites, like My main work area is backend tasks (python/django), plus some rare frontend (javascript) tasks when ours frontend designers were experiencing troubles.

I have re-written almost all backend code and has increased overall site performance for about 600%. I have also integrated some external APIs, e.g. Expedia API, Viagogo API, Cartrawler API, Viator API, etc.

Tools: linux, python, django, git, jQuery, lighttpd, nginx, jenkins, memcache, redis, postgresql

Jul 2005Apr 2011

Information Technology Engineer


MERA is an outsourcing company with gave me an experience of working with such big companies as Nortel ( and TCS (

  • Nortel HLR Project (UK)

    Responsibility: design and documentation of Nortel GSM HLR ( components, support.

    While being on "Feature Prime" position, I lead a team of engineers and have successfully delivered "Location-based services" year-long feature on schedule.

    While being "Support Prime", I have managed a team of engineers and had provided prompt fixes to issues found by our customers.

    While being "Knowledge Transfer Prime", I have documented most of our expertise in the HLR development/support and successfully presented it to remote team of IBM India as a series of screencasts.

    Tools: PLS, CVS, Protel, NortelSOS, UNIX, Linux.

  • Nortel LinuxBase Project (CA)

    The Nortel Linux Base is an integral part of Nortel Communication Server platform which is a server-based, full-featured IP PBX and supports unified messaging, customer contact center, IVR, wireless VoIP and IP phones.

    I've been responsible for Linux Base server's components development and support.

    Tools: Perl, Linux, ClearCase.

  • Networks In Motion (USA)

    NIM was a Californian startup company specializing in wireless navigation solutions for global positioning system-enabled mobile phones. In 2009 NIM was acquired by TeleCommunication Systems.

    I have been responsible for support and development of NIM server's components: VZNav (, NBI ( and others.

    I have successfully delivered Bing Geo API Integration feature.

    Tools: Python, Linux, Perforce, SOAP, REST.




6+ years of professional experience, 10+ years of casual experience


6+ years of professional experience, 10+ years of casual experience


15+ years of Linux usage, I have desktop usage experience, server setup and maintenance experience, some DevOps experience


5+ years of professional experience


10+ years of using PgSQL and Mysql, some SQL experience, some ORM usage experience


I have just started use Docker in all of my pet projects


I have just started use MongoDB in some of my pet projects


I have just started use GoLang in some of my pet projects

US Work Authorization

As a legal permanent resident (green card holder), I am eligible to work for any employer in the US.