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Nikolai Zhukov

Telecommunications and Automation Professional

Work experience

Apr 2010Present

Automation engineer (Design/Sales)

FF-Automation Oy
Automation project solution development, documentation and agreement preparations. Automation equipment sales, customer service and support. Technical advices and consultancies, invoices and after-sales maintenance. Automation application development (PLC, HMI and SCADA), presentation, testing and reporting. Preparing of manuals and instructions for end-users. Development of automation systems and devices' parts. 2D and 3D drawings and schemes with proper documentation. Preparing manuals and instructions for end-users. Development of automation systems and devices' parts. 2D and 3D drawings and schemes with proper documentation. Customer services and support. Technical advises, invoices, sale orders, agreement preparation and maintenance. Marketing tasks: Russian and other countries market investigation, new customer searching, direct marketing and request processing. Exhibition preparations, conducting and information propagation. Automation systems and devices testing, troubleshooting and reports creating. Presentations, datasheets, instructions, drawings preparation, development and spreading.
Aug 2008Feb 2010

Transmission coordinator

Lemcon Networks Oy
Participating in the roll-out project of TETRA Norwegian emergency network. Network designed for police, fire and ambulance connection purposes. Managing of subcontractors' teams choosing the fastest and the best from them to install equipment. Development of schedules and guidelines for subcontractors to fulfill plans according to customer needs. Collaboration with other project divisions and experts. Installation, integration and troubleshooting works on microwave (Siemens SRAL XD) and TETRA BTS (Motorola MTS2,MTS4) equipment. Supervising for subcontractors, testing ready systems and checking rules and documentation following. Fixing errors and clean-up job. Technical support, repair and re-configuration of microwave and BTS equipment. Planning of base stations, data transmission systems and other site facilities, making changes of the parameters. Preparing drawings in AutoCAD and preparing project documentation according to customer requirements and standards.
Jan 2006Feb 2007


Installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of BTS equipment. Various types. UltraSite indoor and Outdoor, GSM and WCDMA. Working with BTS equipment as a customer support engineer, solving problems. Testing BTS site parameters, repairing and troubleshooting. Participating in a roll-out project of GSM network. Customer support, solving problems, consultancies, after-sales support. Testing and inspecting of EmPower and PowerOne power and battery systems. Site-seeing of new BTS equipment places, site survey Preparing presentations and trainings for subcontractors. (equipment features). Supervising ready sites, preparing fault reports. Installation, integration and troubleshooting Microwave Radio Relay equipment (Nokia FlexiHopper, MetroHopper, Siemens SRAL DX, Ericsson Mini-Link). Installation of FlexiHopper equipment, integration and customer support. Commissioning and upgrade BSC equipment. Collaboration in groups of hardware and software upgrade of BSC. New features and program fixes installation and testing.
May 2003Dec 2005

BTS Engineer

Ukraine mobile communications
BTS Engineer, 1st category Technical support BTS, BSC, GPRS, Radio Relay equipment. Everyday monitoring of network equipment faults. Managing of spare units and exchange of faulty units. Documentation filling. Changing of configuration, adding and reducing units. Installation and changing equipment software. Providing measurements of equipment and network parameters, working with measurement complex "Tektronix YBA250" Installation, commissioning and integration BTS and BSC equipment. Participating in roll-out project of GSM network. Various types of GSM equipment installation and integration. Supervising construction works and telecom implementation processes. OSS regional network support. Various network equipment integration and configuration. Everyday monitoring and configuring data transmission network (Nokia FlexiHopper, MetroHopper, Siemens SRAL DX, Ericsson Mini-Link, optical equipment). While monitoring, managing resources of repairing groups and spare network links. Integration of new and reconfiguration of existing equipment. GSM channel planning and network parameters changing. Investigation of network parameters using "TEMS" measurement complex. Analyzing and parameters changing of GSM network. Adjusting of azimuth and tilts of antennas, changing channel frequencies.


Sep 2011Sep 2015

Bachelor's degree

Haaga-Helia AMK, Helsinki Finland
IT-technology studies. System and network administartion, program development, internal business processes.
Jan 1993Jan 1998

Radio-technology engineer

Sevastopol National Technical University
Radio and telecommunication technology studies, electronics design and development, computer sciences.




Pal Haraszti

Motorola Solutions, Norway