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Work experience

Nov 2014Jun 2015

Personal Business

CD&R Componets

When I worked there we had to check parts for a air conditioning unit for vehicle's such as Mercedes. If the part we found was bad we told our boss. Also, had to put a reject tag on it and wrote in brief description what was wrong, the date, and our initials. Now if the part was good we made a green mark on it and put a ok sticker on it with our initials on it showing that it's ok to be put on the line. Sometimes things were a little bit more than just looking at a part we had to either clip or shave something off of it to fit in our gage right so it fit into the unit correctly. 

Aug 2013Oct 2014


Burger King

At first I was a cook, for around the first six months. We had to make customers food, then label what was on the sandwich and put it in it's correct wrapper. the rest of the time I worked there I was a cashier/expediter. When I did cashier I would take customers order, make there drinks as they ordered them. Next, I would cash them out, hand them there drinks. Lastly,  hand them there food all in a fast, nicely professional manner. While doing all this and it was rush hour I would have to do all of this while taking other customer's orders and doing the same thing over and over again. When I did expediting on occasions I bagged the customer's food for either front counter or my drive thru, i'd take it to them and ask did they need any napkins or sauces and leave them with " Have a nice time , come back and see u."


Aug 2010May 2014


Fairfield Senior High School

High School


  • Time management
  • Self-motivated
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Trustworthy
  • Respectful
  • Positive attitude
  • Computer skills


  • Honor Roll through high school and come before
  • Perfect Attendance one year
  • Graduated with Gold Honors
  • GPA 3.76
  • Award for trying my hardest and never giving up