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MA in Political Science

University of Louisville

Fulbright Scholar.
Research methods, LGBTQ World Politics, Gay Rights, Political Usage of Homosexuality, Gender, Sexuality, and Politics, Queer Studies.

Quantitative methods of research


Specialist in Political Science

Ulyanovsk State University

Specialist, diploma with honors. 
Political institutions and processes, Political culture, Research methods, Political history, Russian politics.


Specialist in Economics and Accounting

Ulyanovsk Construction College

Specialist in Accounting

Work experience

September 2018Present

Research Associate

Arts Collaboration Enterprise (University of Alberta)
  • data analysis 
September 2018Present

Survey, Outreach, and Project Management

The Department of Political Science (University of Alberta) 

Alberta Provincial Elections Project (UofA, 2018-2019)

September 2017Present

Teaching/Research Assistant  

The Department of Political Science (University of Alberta)
  • Reinforce lessons presented by teachers by reviewing material with students one-on-one or in small groups;
  • Enforce school and class rules to help teach students proper education;
  • Help teachers with recordkeeping, grading and lecturing;
  • Help teachers prepare for lessons by getting materials ready;
  • Help supervise students;
December, 2014August, 2015

Political Analyst

Ulyanovsk City Council
  • Monitoring and analysis of media trends;
  • SWOT analysis of media policies; 
  • Textual/discourse analysis of media messages;
  • Maintaining databases and entering data;
  • Speechwriting;
  • Policy analysis
February, 2014August, 2015

Senior Research Assistant

Ulyanovsk Regional Centre for Social and Political Studies
  • Survey research;
  • Analysis of regional and federal politics;
  • Data analysis
October, 2013September, 2014

MP Adviser

Ulyanovsk Regional Legislature
  • Connecting MP with constituency and conduct a pre-meetings;
  • Preparing analytical, informational, reference and other materials necessary for MP to carry out the MP responsibilities;
  • Meeting with state officials and/or organizations to resolve issues related to the MP responsibilities;
  • Participating in conferences, meeting and other activities related to MP responsibilities;
  • Conducting business correspondence on behalf of MP;
  • Preparation of analytical information relevant to the activities of a deputy.
June, 2012November, 2014

Political Analyst

Political party "United Russia"
  • Organization of public reception by MPs and officials;
  • Participation in the development and implementation of social support programs for the community;
  • Social programs planning;
  • Administration of other socially important services and programs;
  • Monitoring and analysis of media trends;
  • Media policy consulting;
  • Party building and organization of local branches;
  • Participation in the development and implementation of other programs;
  • Assistance in organizing public events;
  • Preparation of press releases and other information materials.
June, 2007October, 2009


Novoulyanovsk House of Children Arts

Course: Journalism for the youth 


Office Software:
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Mendeley Desktop
  • EndNotes
Statistical Analysis Software
  • Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS);
  • STATA;
  • R Studio;
  • Tableau;
  • Survey Monkey;
  • Qualtrics.
Other skills

Organizational skills (party conventions, NGOs general meeting, etc.)


Conference Coordinator - Political Science Annual Hurtig Lecture (Edmonton, AB, Canada, 2018)

The Human Right Campaign Intern (Louisville, KY, USA, 2017)

Legislative Research Commission Intern in Kentucky State Senate, (USA, 2016)

Department of politics, Government of the Ulyanovsk region (Ulyanovsk, 2009)

Political Party “United Russia” Intern (Ulyanovsk, 2008)

Analytical Department, Government of the Ulyanovsk region (Ulyanovsk, 2010, 2011, 2012)

Honors and Scholarships

Dr. Okon Udakong Memorial Graduate Scholarship (University of Alberta, 2018)

The Lynn Anne Baldwin Memorial Award (University of Alberta, 2017)

The Graduate Dean's Citation Award (University of Louisville, 2017)

Fulbright Foreign Graduate Student Scholarship (2015-2017)

The Moscow School of Political Studies Diploma (Moscow, 2014

Oxford Russia Fund, (Ulyanovsk State University, 2009-2011)

Award of the Ministry of Education and Science for Talented youth (Ulyanovsk State University, 2011)

Diploma of the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region for active political position (Ulyanovsk, 2008)

Diploma of the Director of the Ulyanovsk Construction College (Ulyanovsk, 2008)

Research Projects

Alberta Provincial Elections Project (UofA, 2018-2019)

Enriching Learning, Professional Development and Mentoring for Staff, Faculty and Post-Doctoral Fellows Project (UofA, Human Resource Services, 2018)

The UofA Political Science departmental self-study (2018)

Transitioning in Russia: the juridical and political case for passing (2018)

Gay candidate?  Analysis of Ksenia Sobchak’s  presidential campaign on Twitter (2018)

Media Framing: Homosexuality in Russia through a Western Frame, 2016-2017 (2017)

Features of the electoral process in Russia: institutional, political and cultural aspects (2012)

Russian Youth in Politics: Problem of (non)participation (2009)


“Transitioning in Russia: Juridical and Political Case for Passing (University of Alberta, April 12, 2017).

“Gay candidate? Analysis of Ksenia Sobchak’s  presidential campaign on Twitter (University of Alberta, April 28, 2017).

“Homophobia and statecraft: the role of media in the framing of perception of homosexuality in Russia” (U.S. - Russia Relations in Global Context, Kennesaw State University and Georgia Institute of Technology, March 16-17, 2017)

“Media Framing: Homosexuality in Russia through a Western Frame” (56th Annual Meeting of the Kentucky Political Science Association, March 3-4, 2017)

“Juridical Aspects of Transsexuality in Russia” (University of Louisville, February 27, 2017)

“State Homophobia in Russia: a national identity strategy” (University of Louisville, 2016)

“Paternalism as a feature of Russian Political Culture”, International Political Science Association’s RC21-29 International Expert Conference "Social and Political Movements, Leaders, Education and Communication. Challenges and Expectations in the Age of Globalization" (Lublin, Poland, September 11-13, 2014)

"Election observers and Russian politics: Efficacy and Efficiency of the Institution as the Election Fraud Protection Tool", The April Annual Student Conference (Ulyanovsk, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009)

"Russian Election and Institutional Arrangements for its Protection", All-Russian political science convention (Rostov-on-Don, 2011)

"Noe-liberal Approach toward Understanding of International Relations", “Good and evil” in modern society: the spiritual and moral aspects of social development (Samara, 2011)

All-Russian scientific-practical conference "The Centre and the chain of command: the Russian political tradition" (Ulyanovsk, 2009)

“Politics of Propaganda: Analyzing Regional Media”, National Scientific Student Conference “Modern social technologies of mass communications” (Ulyanovsk, 2009)

“Political Institutionalism as a Methodological Tool in Understanding Regional Politics in Russia”, National Assembly of Young Political Scientists (Perm, 2009)

Professional Competition

National Student Competition in Political Science (Moscow, 2011)

Student Competition in Sociology and Political Science (Ulyanovsk, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008)

The contest "Become a Fellow of the 'Business Review'"(Ulyanovsk, 2010)

Political Science Ural Week (Yekaterinburg, 2010, 2008)


Liberal Studies’ Freedom Week (University of Alberta, 2018)

IHS/Liberty Fund “Liberty, Legitimacy, and Property in Robert Nozick’s Anarchy, State, and Utopia”(Alexandria, VA, 2016)

Cato Institute Fall Seminar Liberty and Justice: Foundations for a Free Society (Washington DC, 2014)

The Institute of Human Studies Summer Seminar “Foundation of Liberty: The Rule of Law” (Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania, USA, 12-15 June 2014)

Alumni Seminar of Moscow School of Civic Education (Moscow, 2014)

CDN Summer Camp «Regenerate Europe! Youth Activism, Political Participation and Direct Democracy»(Zagreb, 2013)


Sleptcov, Nikita. From Visibility to Belonging. Book Review: Emil Edenborg (2017) Politics of Visibility and Belonging. From Russia’s “Homosexual Propaganda” Laws to the Ukraine War, Routledge. Социология Власти (Sociology of Power), 30(1), 2018, 237–244. 

Sleptcov, Nikita. Political Homophobia as a State Strategy in Russia, Journal of Global Initiatives: Policy, Pedagogy, Perspective, 12(1), 2018

Sleptcov Nikita. The origin, essence, mechanism of the exercise of power in the doctrine of Friedrich Nietzsche, Ecumene, 2009, 12
Sleptcov Nikita. Some aspects of the manipulation of consciousness through the media // SCHOLA-2009: Collection of scientific articles of Political Science Faculty of the Moscow State University of Lomonosov, Moscow. “Social and Political Thought” Publishing House, 2009,330-332
Sleptcov Nikita. Youth in politics: the problem of non-participation// Student scientific journal, Volume 1. №1, 2010
Sleptcov Nikita. The institutionalization of “continuity” as a political problem of modern development // the V International Youth Scientific Conference “Tinchurin readings” / Vol.4. – Kazan. Kazan. state. energy. University Press, 2010,184
Sleptcov Nikita. Media in the region. Development stages (Ulyanovsk region, 1989-2009) // Collection of materials of II All-Russian Assembly of Young Political Scientists (27-28 April 2009, Perm); Perm State University. Berezniki.  “Publishing House” Printing merchant Tarasov”, 2010, 180
Sleptcov Nikita. Establishing the agenda // Corporate Culture: From Theory to Practice: collection of scientific works. Part 2: The student section. Ulyanovsk. Ulyanovsk State Technical University, 2010,123
Sleptcov Nikita. Cooperation and Security inEast Asia: the institutional aspect // SCHOLA-2010: Collection of scientific papers of the Faculty of Political Science, Moscow State University of Lomonosov / Moscow. “"Political Thought” Publishing House, 2010,247-250 
Sleptcov Nikita.  Good and evil in today's society: the spiritual and moral aspects of social development: the IV International scientific conference of young scientists. Samara, “Oxford”, 2011, 58-60


Courses Taught:

Teaching Assistant:
September 2017-December 2018 Introduction into Politics (101)
January 2017 - April 2018 Introduction to International Relations (261)

Professional Memberships

International Political Science Association

Youth Branch of the Russian Political Science Association

Association of young journalists “InFormat”


Human Rights Education Trainer (Council of Europe), 2013