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  • Simulation of a Wall Tracking Robot (Academic Project, Theoretical Robotics, MATLAB 2010b) 2011.Wrote kinematic and dynamic equations for the robot, calibrated and tweaked the equations for optimal results and applied feedback control for optimal performance. Simulated the robot using MATLAB GUI feature.
  • Advanced Adaptive Security System employing Electric Field Sensing (C, VB and Electronics) 2010Interfaced and calibrated electric field sensors with other sensors and a camera. Developed GUI to control the system. Applied as a fullfledged entity which could be controlled and monitored by any user under any environment. 
  • GUI to implement Digital Watermarking (VB and MATLAB) 2009Developed GUI using VB to implement the algorithms written in MATLAB to implement Digital Watermarking. This proved to be a successful application which was forwarded for a competition organized by Microsoft.
  • Subsonic Transport Airplane Design and Small Supersonic Airliner Design 2008-2009Wrote papers for competition at university level organized by NASA. Studied aerodynamic variables of airplanes and designed an airplane meeting the required specification.
  • Several other projects using C and Electronics like “Wireless Surveillance Robot”, “Wireless Submarine”, “Laptop Controlled Crane”, “Dual-line Follower Robot” and “Autonomous Robots”.

Published/Presented Papers

  • “Electric Field and Ultrasonic Sensor Based Security System” (Paper Id #1569266881)Accepted in 1st International Conference on Intelligent Systems, Modeling and Simulation, ISMS2010, Liverpool, Jan 2011.

  • “Secure Communication using Digital Watermarking”Presented in TECHNOVISION under the aegis of DCE-IEEE (Troika ‘09), New Delhi, INDIA, 2009.

  • “Digital Watermarking – A way for Multimedia Security”Presented in Gitam University, Hyderabad, INDIA, 2009.


A highly dedicated and motivated student intending to obtain an internship opportunity in the field of electronics, systems automation or operations management. Being a student of Systems engineering and having work-experience, I have a strong skill set including technical and management sides. I hope to contribute a lot to the company and gain in return.



Sep 2010Present

Master of Science

Polytechnic Institute of New York University

I am a graduate student of M.S. Systems Engineering program. And, I specialize in System Control & Automation and Operation Research Management.

During this course, I have also been awarded Merit Scholarship.

Aug 2006Jun 2010

Bachelor of Technology

Jaypee Univesity of Information Technology

I have completed my studies for B.Tech- Electronics and Communication Engineering from the above mentioned university. During this course, I have been responsible for many projects and assignments (reflected in Projects Segment).

I have also served as a core member for the Robotics Club and held various workshops and competitions.

Work experience

Oct 2011Present

Graduate Assistant

Control/Robotics Research Laboratory

Working as Graduate Assistant.

Main task is to design and implement digital/analog circuits. Design up to 8-layer PCB designs.

Jun 2011Sep 2011

Summer Intern

Pentair Water India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Wireless Level Transmitter Project.Single handedly designed, implemented and coded. Achieved a current consumption of 1μA and a battery life of 4 years with a single coin cell. The device is to transmit water level information to a remote location via Radio Frequency Transmitters.
  • Smart ContRO Training GUIResponsible for developing training software in VB6.0 and assisting in design and implementation phase of the RO Controller.
  • PCB design and population.Assisted in design and population of VLSI circuits.
  • Testing and Development.Responsible for intensive black-box testing and documentation of a pump controller produced by Jung Pumpen, Germany.
Sep 2010Jun 2011

Hardware Research Intern

  • Development of OLED based Touch Screens. (January 2011 – June 2011)Designing touch screens using OLED. Developing GUI and theorizing the process.
  • Development of Multi-Touch Sensing System using Light Emitting Diode Display. (Oct. 2010 – Dec 2010)Designed and implemented a system to control and use LED for sensing and emitting simultaneously, to track and display the movement on LED matrices and generate a 3D bar graph to display in computer. [Presented in NYU Tech. Expo]
Jun 2009Aug 2009

Summer Intern

Bharat Electronics Limited
  • IFF Mk-XI Radar Systems and Industrial Manufacturing Processes.Learned the function of IFF Mk-XI Radar systems and required protocols. Also, underwent industrial manufacturing process and their conversion from raw materials to finished products in the electronics industry.


Soldering and re-work
Altium Designer
PADS Layout Editor
Express PCB Layout Editor
MATLAB 2010b
Flexi Soft Designer
Oracle 9i
Microsoft Access
Arduino Development Board
IAR Embedded Workbench
MS Office
C, C++
Visual Basic