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Thirty+ years of programming experience across a wide range of industries and platforms, including mobile/web games and apps, eBooks, educational software, multimedia CDROM infotainment, presentation applications, industrial/commercial CAD/CAM software, financial data analysis and information processing systems.



Corona, CreateJS, Flash/Animate, Unity, Flambe, Cocos2D, Box2D
iOS, Android, Web, MacOS, Windows.
Currently Learning: React, AR, AI, Flutter, IoT.

Programming Languages:

C/C++, Lua, Javascript, AS3.0/2.0, Java, Haxe, C#, Obj-C, HTML5, BASIC, Pascal, Fortran, Cobol, Assembler.
Currently learning: Swift, Kotlin, Web Assembly, Dart, Go.

   Work History        

Apr 2012Present

Partner / Chief Engineer,

Tip-Tok, LLC

Game and app development for mobile and web

Jan 2001Present



Game, app and site development for mobile and web

Jan 2011Dec 2011

Chief Software Engineer

Big Bad Tomato

Game, app and site development for mobile and web
Technical & functional specifications for project proposals

Jun 2006Jun 2008

Director of Interactive

Creative Asylum

Flash game and website development
Technical & functional specifications for project proposals
Mentoring junior devs and managing outside contractors
Close collaboration with Creative Director and Project Managers

Jun 1998Jan 2001

Sr. Director of New Media Solutions


Development of Flash/Director games & educational activities
PoP Presentations, marketing and presentation CDROMs

Apr 1998Jun 1998

Sr. Programmer

Digital Planet

Director Lingo programming

Sep 1995Apr 1998

Sr. Programmer

Interactive Arts

C++ programming of multimedia CDROMs

Jun 1992Aug 1995

Sr. Programmer

Electronic Sounds & Pictures / EXP

Development of multimedia CDROM infotainment titles
Programming of proprietary audio-visual analysis software

Jul 1990Jun 1992

Sr. Programmer

CNC Systems

Design and development of proprietary graphical simulator/controller for
CNC sheet metal punch press systems.

Jun 1985Jul 1990


CASE-ICC Ltd, Spaceward Microsystems, Concept II Research

Programming of custom software systems

Portfolio - Overview

Daytime Emmy awarded for the website supporting the PBS Kids TV show “Sci-Girls”.

Games  and  Activities: 
PBS Kids, PBS Kids Sprout, Disney, Dreamworks, Paramount, McGraw Hill, Virgin Sound & Vision, Virgin Games, Lions Gate, Fox Home Entertainment, Fox Atomic, Fox Searchlight, Warner Home Video, Dr. Seuss, Nickelodeon, Fox TV, Fox  Kids, Mattel, MGA, Kids Edge, William Shatner, Penguin Publishing, MLB, Scholastic, Harley Davidson, Metallica, KROQ, Frito Lay, Capʼn Crunch, Project Wet.

iOS/Android App Projects:
Novozymes Ethanol Challenge, Elfenworks The Breathing Butterfly & Pastor Fish, Disney/Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur Storybook Deluxe, Busy Bee's Tracks 'n' Trains, Amoeboid, Ziggy the Beer Yeast, Chicks in Tanks, Darien Gold Pilates, The Night Before Christmas, Marcel the Shell, Chuggington: Be Safe, The Home Gene-Splicing Kit.

Projects for TV Shows:
Astroblast, Sci-Girls, American Idol, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Ben10 Alien Force, Power Rangers RPM, Futurama, My Name is Earl, North Shore, The Casino, Method & Red,  How I Met Your  Mother,  Cops,  Gilmore  Girls,  Perfect  Strangers,  Smurfs,  The  OC,  One  Tree  Hill,  Los Lunchadores, Action Man.

Projects for Movies/DVDs:
Star Trek, The Secret Life of Pets, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Monsters vs Aliens, The Warrior’s Way, Alvin & The Chipmunks, Capitalism: A Love Story, Disaster Movie, Jingle all the Way, John Tucker Must Die, Like Mike 2, Mr Brooks, Pathfinder, Porky's, Reno 911:Miami, Revenge of the Nerds, The Full Monty, The Hills Have Eyes 2, The Illusionist, The Marine, The Omen, The Princess Bride, Trust The Man, Behind Enemy Lines 2, Bee Season, Death Sentence, Feast of Love, Flyboys, Imagine  Me  &  You,  Little  Manhattan,  Material  Girls,  Mercenary  For  Justice,  My  Super  Ex- Girlfriend, Sunshine, The Devil Wears Prada, American Teen, Bonnie & Clyde, I Am Legend, We Are Marshall, American Girl, Death at a Funeral, Jumper.

  Portfolio - iOS/Android Games/Apps        

Portfolio - Flash Games & Activities

Astroblast Space Station Arcade
PBS Kids Sprout - Chica’s Sled Game
Race to Destiny for Star Trek movie (2009)
Money to Burn for Michael Mooreʼs Capitalism: A Love Story
Amy Winehouse: Escape from Rehab for Disaster Movie
Death Ride to Hell for Metallicaʼs "Death Magnetic" album promo
Horseshoes & Hand Grenades for The Comebacks
Phineas & Ferb in Down Perryscope for Disney
Calling All Units Mayhem for Reno 911 Miami
Fallout for The Hills Have Eyes 2
Karma Beer Toss for My Name is Earl
Ad Banner Mini-Games for The Simpsons
Chester Cheetaʼs Training Grounds for Frito Lay Cheetos
Capʼn Crunchʼs Ocean Odyssey for Cap'n Crunch cereal
Spplat Attack for William Shatner:
Los Angeles Dept of Emergency Preparedness
Mini Games for Free Realms
Method & Red's "Mix it Up"
North Shore "Pipeline"
How I Met Your Mother - "Wingman" and "Barneyisms"
The Casino Casino Builder for Fox TV
Turboman Game for Jingle all the Way DVD release
Berserker Assault game for Pathfinder movie
Cheerleader Bowling for Porky's DVD release
Egg Toss for Disney Channel Games
Band Manager for Alvin & The Chipmunks
Cowabunga Community for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Monster Makeover for Monsters vs Aliens

Portfolio - Websites/Web Games

PBS Kids Sci-Girls
PBS Kids Writers Contest
TMNT Sewer Lair Builder
Spongebob Squarepants Big Bubble Wipeout
The Secret Life of Pets Maze Escape
Hatchimals Promo
Project Wet (Home Page) Discover Water
Project Wet (Game) The Blue Traveler
PBS Kids Democracy Project Sticker Race
Ben 10 Alien Force promo
Power Rangers RPM promo
Susan Deming Portfolio
Janeʼs Sew & So

  Portfolio - Notable Achievements & Early Projects        

Awarded a Daytime Emmy for work developing the original Flash website to accompany the PBS Kids "Sci-Girls" TV show.

Received W3 Silver Award for Features-Design-Aesthetic for work on "The Breathing Butterfly" app for Elfenworks.


1995-1996: Development of a 3-CDROM set game "Pony Express Rider" for McGraw Hill Home Interactive, which included chroma key live action video sequences embedded into immersive graphic environments, and a 3D first-person interactive horse riding sequence.

1994-1995: Design and development of "Flux", a proprietary engine for real-time analysis of PCM audio waveform data streaming from a CD with visual output - the forerunner to the iTunes Visualizer.

1992-1994: Development of the multimedia Atlas/Encyclopedia CDROMs "One World" and "One Tribe" for Virgin, which utilized the then new technology of "Fractal Compression" for photographic images to enable storage of far more imagery than would normally be possible with JPEG compression. "One Tribe" also utilized embedded video to produce a more immersive full-screen user experience.

1989-1992: Design and development of the first ever graphical UI system for the layout planning and control of sheet metal punch press machines. Prior to this software, all machines had to be coded by hand using text commands. The software found the best-fit for patterns of punches, while allowing manual override, and then sent the "G-Code" data directly to the machine.

1987-1989: Development of software systems for retrieving and analyzing statistical payment data from British Telecom public phone boxes. The original system was written in FORTRAN, which was then replaced by more efficient and faster software written in C++.

1987-1989: Development of systems for retrieving and analyzing data from automated payment toll booths. This software was attached to automated coin counting machines and read data from the serial port, subsequently generating reports of takings from each system..

1985: Development of custom CAD/CAM software to automatically find best-fit of shapes on a sheet of fabric for clothing manufacturers.

1985: Design and development of custom software to create vector fonts and generate data file for use in CAD/CAM systems.

  Personal Interests        

Reading (classic/vintage science fiction, technological histories, biographies), electronics/robotics/IoT, walking/cycling, scale model construction, 3D printing, video games, programming, cooking, photography, comedy writing, music (guitar/keyboards), Scrabble, bowling.