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Work experience

Chief Executive

Niha Merchant Marine Services

Niha Merchant Marine Services established in 20th September 2007 after the resignation from "Hellenic Shipping Services L.L.C., to utilize my experience and contacts for myself with some well known and experienced marine professionals and specialist in Pakistan.

Our Basic aims and goals are to provide the better and qualitative services to the ship-owners so with this thought, we formed our own company as Niha Merchant Marine Services. I am the Chief Executive of the company and look after the Administration and Management matters.

Feb 2007Sep 2007

Flag Registration Consultant and Communicator

Hellenic Shipping Services L.L.C

The company deals in Ship Registration, Classification,Consultancy and Preparation of Manuals, Plans, Drawings, Technical Surveys and Naval Architecture. My responsibilities are as follows:-

  • To deal with Flag Administration Authorities of different Countries, their ministries of Transports and communications for obtaining the authorization for the company to serve as Recognized Organization / Representative / Maritime or Deputy Registrar for their flag activities in U.A.E. and Middle East.
  • To deal with ship-owners, sub-agents, sub-representatives for the Matter of registrations of their vessels and to negotiate between them and flag administration like a bridge.
  • To solve the matters and issues between ship-owners and flag administration as according to rules of respective flag authority and International Maritime Organization.
  • To handle / responsible for all business communication those related with flag administration and ship-owners regarding the ship registration matters.
  • Secured Deputy Registrar position for Cambodia for Mr. Michael Leondakis after long efforts.
  • Secured Maritime Registrar position for Barbados for Mr. Michael Leondakis after very tough communication.
  • Secured Regional Representative Position for Mongolia, Tuvalu and DPR Korea for Hellenic shipping services for Mr. Denis Martinengos.
  • Prepared and submitted Class Authorization File to Ministry of Transports and works in Nigeria for HRS and PH.R.S. class approval.
  • Prepared and submitted Class Authorization File to Ministry of Transports and works in Togo for HRS, PH.R.S class approval.
Sep 2006Feb 2007

Manager International Business Communication

Trade Club Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd-Pakistan

The company deals in International Import/Export, Conducting Trade Fairs, Seminars, Exhibition Services. My assigned task was as follows:-

  • To get Authorization / Contract / Agreement with International Trade Fair Organizers for the club for marketing for them to represent Pakistani business community.
  • To prepare the planning for the club for marketing and trade fairs.
  • To handle the Embassies, Consulates and other trade bodies related with International affairs.
  • To find out new Importers for companies’ own products.
  • Secured many contracts for them which they also mentioned on their complimentary letter when I left the job due to joining of above job because it was related with my field of interest.
Dec 2005Sep 2006

Manager International Business Communication

Guardian Bureau of Shipping

The company deals in ship registration, classification and technical surveys.  My assigned task were as follows :-

  • To get authorization from flag administration authorities for issuance of ship Registration under the capacity of deputy registrar/authorized representative.
  • To get authorization / affiliation with other classification societies to Make good co-operation and exchange of business as according to Ship-owners needs and demands.
  • To broaden surveyor’s network and communicate / appoint new surveyors for their classification society as "GBS CLASS NES SURVEYORS".
  • To upgrade the web site of the company as I did and the present web site is my idea.
  • To solve the matters related with flag administration and ship-owners.
Feb 1996Nov 2005

Manager Administration-PA to Consul General

Beloyds Surveys Bureau Inc. / Hon. Consulate of Belize-Pakistan

The company deals in ship registration services, my assigned duties were as follows:-

  • To make Planning for getting the Authorization from Flag Administration Authorities and secured Deputy Registrar post for Company’s Chief Executive from Bolivia Ship Registry, Mongolia Ship Registry, Dominica International Ship Registry, Cambodia Ship Registry, DPR Korea Maritime Administration.
  • To get necessary Authorization from Classification Society for Obtaining the statutory works and classification certificates. Secured contracts with Isthmus Bureau of Shipping, Gerli & Co, Hellenic Shipping Services, Guardian Bureau of Shipping, Maritime Bureau of Shipping, ISR Classification Society (Turkey), IMCS Classification Society, Phoenix Group of Companies and many more.
  • To handle all business communication and reply independently.
  • To deal with ship-owners, sub agents and sub representatives for all matters from registration to negotiation and statutory to flag administration.
  • To handle the company accounting matters, filling matters, administrative matters and to appoint necessary staff.
Aug 1990May 1994

Commerce Teacher-cum- Asstant Accountant

Education Trust Nasra Schools Pakistan

This is famous school's chain in Pakistan which is pre-defined as Educational Trust. I started my practical life from here. My duties were as follows :-

  • To teach the commerce class IX/ X for economics & Geography.
  • To maintain Accounts statements, fees records and books of accounts.
  • To teach “Karate” to Montessori class.
  • To manage annual magazine of school.
  • To look after and select the books for school library.
Jul 1990

Accounts Clerk

She Magazine - Pakistan

This is my first job in the life when I completed my S.S.C., so I go to this news megazine and work part time as accounts clerk but I learn a lot here with my coleagues specially the owner Mrs. Zuhra Karim.


Jan 1993Jan 1995

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Karachi University (K.U)

Major are Business Communication, Business Law, Management, Industries in Pakistan, Advanced Accounting, Auditing, Computer Science(Theory) etc.

Jun 1990Jul 1992

Bechlors-in-Commerce (B.Com)

Karachi University (K.U)

Ethical Behavior, Pakistan Studies, English, Introduction to Business, Principles of Accounting, Statistics and Business Mathematics, Economics Analysis and Policy etc.

Feb 1989Jan 1990

Diploma-in-Commerce (D.COM)

Government Commercial Institute of Technical Education (G.C.I.T.E)

English, Urdu, Islamic Studies, Social Studies, Economics with special reference to Pakistan, Elementary Statistics with Data Processing, Banking, Commercial Geography, Insurance, Small Industries, Management, Applied Accounting, Secretarial Studies, Computer Science.

Jan 1988Jan 1989

Certificate in Commerce (C.COM)

Government Commercial Institute of Technical Education (G.C.I.T.E)

English, Urdu, Islamic Studies, Social Studies, Typewriting, Principles of Commerce, Accounting, Business Asthmatics, Short Hand, Office Method.

Jan 1987Dec 1988

Intermediate of Commerce (I.COM)

Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (B.O.I.E.K)

Principles of Commerce, Banking, Economics, Commercial Geography, Accounting, English, Urdu, Islamic studies, Social Studies etc.

Jan 1975Dec 1986

Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C)

Board of Secondary Education Karachi (B.O.S.E.K)

Mathematics, Science, General Knowledge, Social Studies, Computer Science, English as Second Language, Local Languages, Ethics, Civics, Economics, Commercial Geography, Islamic Studies, History etc.


Administration, Management, Communication etc.
Ship Registration, Statutory Certification, ISM and ISPS Code Certification, Class Certification, Offshore Companies Formation, Admiralty Laws and all services related to Merchant Marine Profession. [Consider I can do anything on positive way]


Mr. Adel Hamdy Bayoumi

Mr. Adel is very nice man , we met in Tartous-Syria during a meeting and I impressed his knowledge in Maritime.

Shaikh Liaquat Ali

He knows me very well when I was a young student, I learn with him also a lot.

Mr. Naveed Ahmed

Mr. Naveed is my friend and looking like relative. We know each other more than 25 years. He's also very talented and expert business man and we also learn mny things with each others and cooperate like family. The good business Guy.

Denis Martinengos

Mr. Denis was also my ex-boss in UAE when I served them in 2007.He is very nice and cooperative personality, he also teaches me a lot and I respect him and Michael too much as my superiors.

Syed Abu Jafar Jafri

He’s an experienced professional and diplomatic personality. He possesses very good ability for the judgment, Decision and business expertise. He was my ex-Boss and same as like a big brother.

We respect each other too much and learnt with each other. I gained too much with him and that is my longer period of all previous positions.

Mr. Abul Moti Haikal

Mr. Haikal is like father for me because he sheltered me with my family when others kicked me out. Everytime, when I go back to him, He welcomed to me like to first day. I am like a naughty child who goes out to learn himself.

If I beleive idealism, than he was my ideal personality. Nice and kind Personality.

Mr. Kaiser Asghar

Mr. Kaiser Asghar is just like me as IMO, he teach me or told me too much or I asked him like the same. He's the most seior Surveyor, Auditor, Nautical and Flag State surveyor and advisers.

I love him too much like my teacher and respect him alot. He deserve too much but what to say the system.

Capt. Iftikhar Rafique

Well known and reputable Non-Exclusive Surveyor, Auditor and Flag State Inspector.

[Regional Coordinator on Niha Merchant Marine Services-UAE]



Writer of the First book in International Travel & Tourism in Urdu Language.

Paktour and Travel Group
Jun 1976Jun 1986

Master of Black Belt 2nd Dan in Bando Martial Art.

Karachi Gymkhana Association (K.G.A.)

My Working Environment



Basic Elements same as East. Easy to Adopt and accept the traditions. Casual but straight Forward at all.


Marine Consultant, Marine Adviser, Business Management, Business Communication, Diplomatic Communication, International Business and Governmental Communication, International Relations, Negotiation, Flag of Convenience Project, Preparation, Planning, Establishing, Management, Control of Maritime Network, Flag Administration, Technical, Class Management, Software Applications, SEO, Networking, Marketing Research, and ability to mold and learn any kind of work, Task, Target, Achievements. Admiralty Law, Insurance, P&I, Underwriter, Risk Management, Diplomatic-Foreign Affairs Relations, Communication, Management etc.

My Network

My Aims & Objects

  • My First preference is to work in International Maritime Organization to learn more
  • My Second Preferences is to work with a big and well known Flag Aministration Department (FOC-MINTRANS OF ANY COUNTRY) to learn more
  • My Third preferences is to work with any IACS to learn more
  • My Last but not least preference is to serve Humans with 100% sincereity alongwith a reputable organization.
  • Key: To know about my nature, that I don't run towards money, honor, respect and I don't dare with death, something happened and I always try to speak truth.

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My Blogging, Micro blogging, Audio, Video, Sharing Network


Niha Merchant Marine Serviceswhich is now well known merchant marine services provider in the region because of our high standard of quality commitment with reasonable quotations. Our salient features are to provide all marine related services to the ship-owners under one roof which we called "ONE WINDOW SYSTEM"and our motto is also the same. We are the bridge between ship-owners, management companies, classification societies and flag administrations to provide them required services as according to their quality policies and criteria under the rules and regulations ofInternational Maritime Organization (IMO). Some of our salient features are as follows:

  • Provide all flag of convenience registration upon owner's choice and request is available.
  • Provide all Statutory, ISM, ISPS and other conventional certifications with IACS and Non-IACS classification societies are available upon request.
  • Provide all types of Classification services due to type of ship and voyages with Insurance,P&I coverage scheme with approved Underwriters.
  • Provide ship sales and purchase, pre-purchase inspections and all types of surveys throughworld's famous and expert surveyors as arranged.
  • Provide complete legal assistance on maritime matters.
  • Provide and arrange dry-docking, scrapping, bunkering, chartering and other commercialservices upon demand.
  • Provide the registration of Offshore Business Companies formation under all Jurisdictionsoffered.
  • Provide platform for updated marine news, circulars, ship sales & purchase inquiries,enhanced level of advanced services via detailed web presentation.