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Working with talented professionals from my and other fields of work, working on exciting, interesting, meaningful and challenging projects, employing technology to help entrepreneurs provide top-notch services to their clients, and achieve and maintain a competitive advantage over the competition.

Work experience

Jul 2010Present

Web Programmer

Canada's Web Shop
  • Interacted with designer, other programmers, and project manager while building top-notch websites for companies across Canada.
  • Immediately started contributing to the team, and within 2 weeks was contributing as much as the other developers.
  • Learned Search Engine Optimization [SEO], and basic Web design techniques and principles.
May 2009Jul 2010

IT Manager

SR&J Customer Care Call Centres Inc.
  • Re-built the IT team by hiring and mentoring professional development of the new team members.
  • Facilitated IT knowledge retention and quicker training of new IT members by documenting most systems, and organizing the information in a Wiki.
  • Increased the quality and speed of development by modernizing the application development support tools.
  • Enabled entry into a new market by developing a client-facing web site that provided live reporting and made call recordings available over a secure connection.
  • Communicated business needs, and system designs to the new application developer.
Jun 2007May 2009

Application Developer

SR&J Customer Care Call Centres Inc.
  • Provided business process continuity through the life-cycle of an agent's employment; facilitated the development of a hiring and training system that tied into existing time-card and scheduling system. The users are people working in the Human Resources Department.
  • Analyzed the need for an agent performance coaching system, then implemented the system. The users are the Team Leaders, as well as the Operations manager.
  • Enabled the company to take on more business by reducing time required to set up new calling campaigns from three days to one day. Done by standardizing the database design and automating it to the point of a single click setup, most of the switch & dialer setup work, and developing a single code base for the campaign support web interface. This also greatly reduced the duplication of code between calling campaigns, making it easier to improve, add and maintain the features.


Sep 2001Apr 2007

4yr Bachelor of Science

University of Winnipeg
  • Achieved 3.7 GPA in Computer Science courses, and 3.2 overall; course highlights include: Three courses in system analysis and object-oriented system design, a project management course, a professional practice in computer science course, three courses in relational database design, a data warehousing course, and an elective course in organizational behavior.
  • Played a lead role in a team of 3 students, as part of the senior system development course, in determining the needs and developing a Ruby on Rails-based e-commerce system for a Winnipeg business.
  • Tutored 1-on-1 and in group settings, and worked as teacher assistant.