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Master's Degree in Physics
Sep 2010Jun 2012

National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Focused on quantum information filed, especially the quantum dot system.

Bachelor's Degree in Physics
Sep 2006Jun 2010

National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Book prize in freshman & sophomore year


United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), Tainan, Taiwan

Advanced Tech. Development -- Process Integration Engineer

  • A+  in 2017 annual performance  appraisal.
  • Develop advanced 22nm platform, coordinate 1st shuttle tape-out for process capability, device model,  IP functionality build-up.
    • Designed rule TSK to verify development weak points, including WELL isolation, OPC capability, LDE(MBE, LOD, shadowing effect), and certain process  weak spots.
    • Established  22nm mask boolean, designed FEoL dummy patterns for healthy process development.
    • Designed OPC recipe with OPC team for device boost and process robustness.
  • Coordinate 22nm 2nd shuttle tape-out for product yield verification.
Oct 20122017

  • A+  in 2014 & 2015 annual performance  appraisals.
  • Develop advanced 28nm HKMG platform(HPC/HPC+), focus on layout dependence effect(LDE), Ion uniformity(IDU) improvement and model issues.
    • Improved Broadcom HPL yield from 33% to 75% by optimizing mask OPC.
    • Improved nFET long channel WIW U% from 16% to 6%.
  • Coordinate quarterly 28nm HKMG shuttle tape-out for customer's early IP/product verification, customer including  Marvell, Faraday, MaxLinear and Renesas. Successfully drove MaxLinear's product for mass production in 2015 Q1.   
  • Handled Broadcom 28nm HKMG MPW HPL tape-out, including customer's test chips and model testkey. Successfully transferred to fab for risk production in 2015 Q4.
  • Established solid tape-out working flow to achieve zero excursion.


Mask Tooling
  • Skilled in tape-out procedure, mask boolean, and OPC(optical proximity correction)
  • Excelled in 28nm/22nm HKMG design support manual, especially for Topological Layout Rule(TLR) and device family/truth table. 
Mentor DRC
  • Identified product/IP weak pattern for WAT/Yield/Reliability trouble shooting by Calibre nmDRC and DFM under Linux OS.
  • Resolved WAT/Yield/Reliability problems by using Boolean to redesign mask patterns or optimizing OPC patterns.
28nm HKMG Process
  • Excelled in 28nm/22nm HKMG process flow.
  • Improved process healthy by analyzing circuit layout design and WAT/in-line data.


  • Languages:Fluent in Mandarin and English
  • Computer Skills:Python/ Linux OS / Shell Script / Klayout / Mentor DRC 
  • Activities:Volunteer in remote areas 
  • Interests:Mountain Climbing, Basketball, Reading, Personal Investment and Personal Fitness

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