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Work experience



I have learn much from working in a food and beverage service line. I have learnt communication skills and even realise the importance of interaction and engagement. It has also made me realise that besides monetary issues, teamwork and cooperation is very essential. It certainly has allowed me to work on my basic foundation such as having responsibility.


Ocean pacific

I gained my first experience in a retail shop through this given opporutnity at ocean pacific. It is also where i learn how to interact with people outside of my social circle.



Ngee Ann Polytechnic

I have keen interest in this field as it provides me a deeper understanding and analysis of people and the way they think and behave. It also allows me to understand the many perceptions people might have on the same issue. More importantly, i am interested in dealing with people and being able to help others.


St Margaret's Seconday

i was previously from band and i played the clarinet. I believe that st margaret's secondary is also the period in which i have enriched myself much and built my foundation on my character.


Interested in sports, especially cycling and swimming. Appreciates music as i was formely involved in the band. During my free time, i would like to read as well.


I am currently 18 years old and i believe that life still has much to offer and that there are more opportunities to be seized. I would like to be known as someone who has lived life to its fullest and to fulfil my dreams and goals.


To appeal to other psychologists and to share my profile with them to allow me more and better opportunities in future. For the advancement of my career.