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As a freelance writer and editor for consumer and professional health publications, I aim to provide clear, useful, and up-to-date information on diseases and treatments, promoting accessibility in print or online. In my past position as senior writer for Global Market Access Consulting at Evidera, I contributed to the development of highly detailed, product-specific white papers, compendial documents, literature reviews, and international dossier packages. 

Recent Clients

  • Wellness Partners, LLC

Continuing education monographs on wide-ranging disease states and treatments for allied health professionals, available on

Needs assessments and disease state monographs for medical professionals, released through Practitioner's Edge

  • Aegis Creative Communications

Copy editing on medical communications documents, including slide sets, information leaflets, and educational modules

Regulatory guidance review reporting

  • Elsevier Health

Medical dictionary entry contributor

  • EBSCO Publishing

Medical and current events encyclopedia monograph, appendix, and glossary contributor

  • National Community Pharmacists Association

Didactic- and case-based pharmacy continuing education program development, including resource sidebars and multiple choice quizzes, on relevant medication and disease state management topics

Peer reviewed and published in print, America's Pharmacist monthly trade magazine


With a strong background in disease state and drug information research through my PharmD training, I aim for variety in my types of publications and their topics.Past experiences that remain of interest include women's health---empowering women to control their health care from teenage and prenatal nutrition through age-related hormonal and metabolic changes; allergies and immunology---expanding awareness of the development and impact of allergic conditions and connecting shared pathways of overlapping immunologic conditions; and diabetes/metabolic syndrome---reducing the impact of obesity, poor nutrition, and associated cardiovascular changes on the US population, especially its youth.

I have a particular interest in broadly addressing health literacy issues in the United States and promoting better self care and communication between patients and practitioners by reducing language or educational barriers present in current interactions and educational materials. Writing simply---without jargon, and with useful explanations---improves any publication, whether it is intended for consumers or for knowledgeable professionals.


Mary Bellotti

As the editor of Psoriasis Advance, a consumer magazine published by the National Psoriasis Foundation, I had the good fortune to work with Nicole Van Hoey earlier this year. Nicole created a reader-friendly glossary of terms for a drug pipeline that we published in our summer issue. Her knowledge of the drugs’ chemistry and mechanism of action allowed her to produce brief, clear and concise explanations for our lay readership. Nicole also wrote articles for Psoriasis Advance that “translated” complex research projects into language that our readers could understand. Nicole is creative, expert, knows and adheres to deadlines and style policies and is wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her.

Past Clients

  • Journal of Clinical Oncology

Weekly turnaround copyediting, 100+ pages according to AMA and detailed in-house styles

Word template, macro, and table editing tools; Wiki-based style manual search tool

  • Allen Press Publishing

On-demand copy and technical editing according to AMA and various in-house styles supplemented by Math Into Type

Example journals: International Surgery, Health Promotion, Epilepsy Currents, Journal of Andrology, Veterinary Medicine

  • National Psoriasis Foundation

Technical/scientific editing with AMA/Chicago blended style and direct author interaction throughout peer review and editing processes on Psorasis Forum; commentary contributor for same; contributor of news and pipeline resources for consumers on patient print magazine, Psoriasis Advance, and affiliated online sites (

  • National Library of Medicine Cancer Information and Technology project

PDQ (supportive care) writer, summarizing oncologist meeting reports into XML-encoded electronic files for Cancer.Gov

Find Me Online

View additional samples and details on my LinkedIn portfolio site at


Learn more about health literacy, research, and accessible information on my Web site at



Instruction/presentation experience
As a member of the American Medical Writers Association, I lead discussions and presentations on topics related to medical communications, especially geared toward freelance professionals.     Roundtable discussions and present PowerPoint interactive lectures on appropriate style manual selection PowerPoint interactive lectures on business planning for new and moderately experienced freelance writers Additional experiences with AMWA include a volunteer position on the national Publications Committee and a regional coordinator position for the AMWA Mid-Atlantic chapter, Northern Virginia area.
Software editing efficiency
For maximal editing efficiency, I am well versed in the following Windows software program and tools:     Microsoft Office 2007 document formatting and editing tools, including track changes/comments, macro application and customized development, and document template development and application in Word; Cadmus-embedded table editing tools In Word; and PowerPoint slide set editing, formatting, commenting, and note editing with track changes and comment boxes Adobe PDF markup: comment boxes, editing tools, and version documentation Reference management via Mendeley and EndNote programs  
Remote accessibility
As a full-time freelance professional, I worked remotely with small or large organizations through the following interfaces:     Content management systems; Remote desktop VPNs; FTP sites; Cloud-based file-sharing programs with secure password protections; and  Video conferencing. In my current staff position, I interact with the Boston and UK teams and international clients exclusively via remote interfaces.
Writing style versatility
Complementing my expertise in AMA Manual of Style application is my comfort with the following primary and secondary manuals:     AP on news magazines APA on allied health education monographs Chicago 15/16 on medical trade journals NIH/NLM substyle on government treatment guidelines and reference works   As a member of the Evidera GMAC team, I co-designed a new in-house, cross-referenced style manual to align with AMA and client preferences. 
Search index capability
Thorough research in and beyond medical search engines for the most relevant print and electronic resources:     Medical index resources: PubMed with MeSH; CINAHL; EmBase; Cochrane CENTRAL; Online medical engine resources: MedMatrix; SCOPUS; SCIRUS Proprietary engine/index resources: LexisNexis; Google Scholar; OVID; EBSCO host; Elsevier Open access and full-text resources: MD Consult; Harrison's; PMIC/PLoS; AMEDEO books; Google books News research: JournalWatch; PRNewswire; Healthline; NY Times Health/Science Literature resources:; Supplementary online search engine options: Exalead; Quintura; Quertle Secondary and tertiary source review: Mayo Clinic Information for Health Professionals; Merck Manual for Health Professionals; Harvard Health Letter; Medscape/eMedicine; PDR Health Online Government and industry evidence-based medicine resources: CenterWatch; FDA; CDC; WHO; NIH/NLM and inclusive institutes; AHRQ/ Style and language resources: Bartleby; Purdue OWL; Dorland's full online access; Stedman's; Merriam Webster and Oxford UP print and electronic texts  


Work experience

Aug 2005Present

Medical Writer/Editor


See recent and past client sections, below, for additional detail.

Sep 2013Apr 2014

Senior Market Access Writer


As a member of the Global Market Access Consulting team, I contributed to high-level scientific documents for life science organizations with an orphan drug focus. Experiences with GMAC included literature searching and screening from major biomedical indexes,, and grey literature resources for systematic literature reviews; writing and editing global value dossiers and AMCP dossiers; and developing PowerPoint slide sets for internal training and for client value packages.

Aug 2004Jan 2008

Technical Writer/Editor II, National Library of Medicine Clinical Information Services

Aspen Systems/Lockheed Martin

Supervised drug information library and monograph database, 5th and 6th edition glossary releases (with customized content management system and style manual), and adult/adolescent HIV treatment guidelines updates for NIH Expert Panel.


BSPS, PharmD

University of Toledo

BSPS, magna cum laude, Rho Chi honors society president; honors research in Medicinal Chemistry related to mamba toxin synthesis

PharmD, with honors; doctoral thesis on the selection and risks of atypical antipsychotics; publishing externship with Harvey Whitney Books, Cincinnati, OH


Clinical Research Training Completion Certificate

National Institutes of Health

Online GCP Training Course Completion

Astra Nova Training

Core Certificate, Editing/Writing

American Medical Writers Association