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I am a professional, seeking a job in the intelligence community. I have five years of military and SIGINT experience in various parts of the intelligence cycle. I would like to put my talents to work while learning new and exciting things.

Work experience

Jul 2013Present

End Product Reporter

United States Navy

  • Used systems and programs for the research, creation, and dissemination of end product reports
  • Aided in the writing and dissemination of high priority reports
  • Experience reporting both tactical and strategic intelligence
  • Analyzed foreign intelligence information for correspondence with customer requests and information needs
  • Provided customers and policy makers with sanitized reports, enabling more informed tactical decisions
  • Aided in the reformation of the time-sensitive reporting process and standards
Jul 2012Jul 2013

Mission Manager

United States Navy

  • Subject matter expert for high priority mission
  • Compiled and generated accurate technical mission data to ensure continuity of the mission
  • Conducted target development in order to prosecute the mission
  • Assigned tasking to shift operators in compliance with mission related events
  • Acted as a direct operational supervisor on shift and evaluated the performance of junior operators
  • Satisfied requests for information from various forward deployed U.S. and coalition entities, allowing tactical units and policy makers to make more informed decisions
  • Directed the tactical coverage of transits for U.S. Naval ships and battle groups
  • Supervised a team of service members, civilians, and contractors in a joint environment
  • Forwarded and facilitated time-sensitive SIGINT/COMINT reports and managed operators
  • Delivered daily briefings to high ranking military and civilian members
  • Enforced intelligence production control and performance standards, ensuring timely and accurate collection, processing and dissemination of intelligence information
Mar 2011Jul 2012

Technical Reporter

United States Navy

  •  Drafted basic Signals Intelligence reports
  • Wrote time-sensitive reports, aiding forward deployed U.S. and coalition forces in tactical missions
  • Scanned and prioritized translated material for additional processing, analysis and dissemination
  • Updated technical mission data and created a training manual to ensure continuity of the mission
Oct 2009Mar 2011

Persian Farsi Cryptologic Linguist - Voice/Graphic Language Analyst

United States Navy

  • Transcribed and translated target voice and graphic materials
  • Used target language and cultural knowledge to process voice and graphic materials
  • Performed quality control on voice and graphic materials for further production by analysts
  • Updated technical mission data to ensure continuity of the mission
  • Provided near-real time linguistic and analytical support to theater assets in concert with national tasking requirements
  • Reduced foreign language communications to written form to include scanning, gisting, transcribing and translating of foreign language voice and graphic materials used for intelligence gathering and reporting
  • Provided linguistic support for analysts; directly providing trend analysis for planners and I & W for forces forward deployed to the region
  • Scanned, prioritized and transcribed voice and graphic materials; directly providing trend analysis for planners and I & W for forces forward deployed to the region
Jan 2008Oct 2009

Defense Language Institute Student

United States Navy

  • Attended eight hours per day of strenuous language training
  • Attended the Modern Standard Arabic Course over a twenty-six week period
  • Attended the Persian Farsi Language Course over a forty-eight week period, passing with a DLPT V score of Listening 1+ / Reading 2


Persian Farsi Language
DLPT Scores: Listening 2 / Reading 1+


Jan 2012Present

Bachelor's of Science

American Military University

Top Secret/SCI

Department of the Navy