Nicole Junkermann has been an instrumental part in numerous businesses throughout her career. Starting in 2002, she took an interest in a company known as Infront, in which she later increased her stake in 2008. This increase followed Nicole Junkermann’s successful negotiation that allowed the acquisition of Infront during the bankruptcy of the Kirch Group. Nicole Junkermann eventually served as Vice President, as well as Member of the Board and Member of the Compensation Committee.

An online article goes on to detail how Nicole Junkermann and her investment team entered into a deal to allow the acquisition of Infront by Bridgepoint, a European private equity firm. Also involved in the bidding was the Qatar Investment Authority, as well as a fund based in Abu Dhabi. When Nicole Junkermann assisted with the sale of Infront, the transaction generated a good return on investment for the original investors in her United in Sports fund. This fund was founded by Nicole Junkermann in 2005 and was the first investment fund dedicated solely to sports based in the European and Asian markets.