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Nicole Shaw

Creative Media level three College student at Solihull

Work experience

Jul 2015Present

Carer and Cleaner


My duties within the house are keeping the house clean and hygienically healthy. I have to bathe, dress and make Annette breakfast; after clean the kitchen down and load the dishwasher up which cutlary that has been used. I processed with the tasks that are given to me for the day while giving attention to my client to ensure she's save and happy throughout the day. By now, my client would have lunch, after another shower and processed to have a nap if she desires too. I'll finish my task sheet and be done with the day. I would start at 10AM and finish at 3PM.

Jul 2014Oct 2014

Shop Assistant/Volunteer

British Heart Foundation (clothing)

My duties while at British Heart Foundation were all sorts of store assistant jobs. For example I had worked the tills performing refunds and handling cash, sorting out stock, restocking shelves by the guideline of the shops, working with customers, computer work to help customers join the membership, gift aid and on the Sunday I had became a manger for the whole shift.

Sep 2013Sep 2013

Fox Hollies Special School

My duties while at Fox Hollies Special School were several different kinds. I spent two days of the week in the office with staff organization activities for the disabled students to keep their minds sharp and to entertain. The rest of my time there I would help to supervise the students in the class, work experience helped gain good experience and more of a understanding with the disable community. I had to guide a few of the students back and forth to the dining hall; I helped them communicate to the teacher clearly by giving them eye level communication and explaining the teachers sentence to help them understand, also helped them with their studies as they were only in their first year.


Sep 2014Present

Solihull College

Creative Media Level 2       DISTINCTION*

Creative Media Level 3       ON GOING

Sep 2009Jun 2014


Ninestiles School, An Academy

GCSE English                                       C

GCSE English Literature                     C

GCSE English Language                     C

GCSE Mathematics                             D

GCSE Science                                       E

GCSE History                                       B

GCSE Media Studies                          C

GCSE Health and Social Care           MERIT

GCSE Spanish                                       E

BTEC Science                                       MERIT



I am very confident when it comes to photography, last year during college; I found myself at the end of the year with an award for my photography of one of my units which helped boost my confidence. I try to capture a clear understanding with any piece I take and I manage to go out on the hunt to find the perfect image for the day, to me at least. I try to capture the image from different angles and its always interesting to view to final piece.

Instumental player

I was taught the basics firstly for guitar playing and later learnt everything I know so far by practicing particular songs I enjoy as I know doing so will help push me to achieve more. I have also self-taught myself how to play on ukulele and with basics I know from the guitar, I found it quite easy to learn a similar instrument.