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Work experience

Jun 2003Aug 2003

sales associate at a Second Hand Store

Fairkauf (Mannheim, Germany)

clearing homes of diseased, transporting goods to store, cleaning goods, arranging the show room, serving customers

May 2002May 2003

waitress and bar tender

Zum Baerbele and  

waiting tables, operating cash register, cleaning bar, food preperation

Nov 2001May 2002

sales associate in a bakery

Wiener Feinbaeckerei (Mannheim, Germany)

serving customers, operating the cash register, baking goods, cleaning store

Jul 2001Sep 2001


1 week long internship in a photostudio (Photostudio Peter in Mannheim, Germany)

1 week long internship in a pharmacy (Pestalozziapotheke in Mannheim, Germany)

1 week long internship in a Pre school (Mannheim, Germany)

Jan 2001Jun 2001

Sales associate 

Foot Locker (Mannheim, Germany)

consulting and serving customers, arranging and designing displays and goods, arranging the storage room


Aug 2000Aug 2002

2 year vocational school for health care


Skills and Experience

Fluent in German in word and writing

volunteer as a military FRG key caller and helping out with special events