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Internship Experience

Jan 2015May 2015

Supervised Internship

Butte Baby Steps 

Fundraised, planned, and held an event for vulnerable mothers, organized donations, planned curriculum for home visitation services

Aug 2014Dec 2014

Supervised Practicum

California State University, Chico Child Development Lab

Prepared and evaluated curriculum for 2-5 year olds, participated in staff meetings and parent events, completed weekly observation notes and Desired Results Assessments, assessed behavior management techniques

Feb 2014May 2014

Supervised Fieldwork

Murphy Commons

Prepared, implemented, and reflected on curriculum for 17 children ages 3-16, helped with homework, interacted with families

Experience with Children

May 2014- Aug. 2014

River Way Ranch Camp

Camp Counselor

Instructed children 5-17 to wakeboard and ski, certified lifeguard and CPR/First Aid certified, implemented and created various teambuilding and extreme sport activities

Oct. 2009- Aug. 2010

Little Kickers

Soccer Coach

Coached children ages 2-10, created lesson plans, compiled evaluations for each child

Other Work Experience

Jan 2014May 2014

AS Productions

Event Staff

Promoted, facilitated, and organized various events for the Chico community

May 2013Aug 2013

Dick's Sporting Goods


Prepared store for Grand Opening, worked directly with customers, worked with money, restocked necessary merchandise

May 2010Aug 2010

R&S Doors


Answered phones, faxed customers, ran bank deposits, formulated invoices, scheduled appointments


Aug 2011May 2015

Bachelor of Arts in Child Development 

California State University, Chico

Graduated Magna Cum Laude in Child Development with minors in Psychology, Health Promotions, and Gender Studies

Course History


This course introduced the process of observation and the documentation of children. With many hours in the observation lab, I was able to apply my observational skills and assess children’s social, emotional, mental, and physical development. Within a professional environment, I am now able to objectively observe children and evaluate the domains of their development.



Within this course, I was able to view children in a completely different perspective. Children’s development all over the world was examined and compared. Critical issues that impact development were examined within this class. The concept of how cultural and social practices shape child development was scrutinized and examined. I now have the ability to understand differences in environment and culture and how these differences impact development.



This class introduced scientific methodology as well as shaped skills in measurement and statistical evaluation. Much of the time in this course was spent in a statistics laboratory working on analyzing data from studies. Research was reviewed, analyzed, and conducted throughout the semester. I designed and constructed a research paper on adolescent socio emotional development and team sports. I am now able to critically analyze data and research and developed the tools needed to conduct research.



Assessment practices and foundations were applied in this course. All areas of assessment were explored including child, family, environment, and more. An environmental assessment was conducted at the California State University, Chico campus. Assessments were conducted by examining case studies and the results were conveyed to the child’s family. The importance of proper assessment was stressed and the assessment tools are readily available for the future.



Integrating theory to practice was stressed in this course. An internship was completed at the California State University, Chico campus preschool. An inquiry project was implemented throughout the semester in which I examined boys in dramatic play after applying new materials once a week. This information was then analyzed and presented in a professional setting. I also completed a Desired Results Developmental Profile on a child in the classroom in which I gathered observational data, analyzed the data, and completed a narrative explaining the results.



This class allowed me to intern at Murphy Commons, a low-income housing facility. I had many experiences working with children who experienced immense hardships. Within this course, I applied developmentally appropriate curriculum to a real-life setting. I applied three sets of curriculum and then reflected on the progress and experience. I am now able to understand and apply curriculum appropriate to a child’s developmental level.



This course helped develop professionalism while also integrated the material learned throughout my college career into a career setting. Multiple trainings were provided within this course some of which include working with difficult people and strengthening children and families. Through reflecting in this course on past assignments completed within this major, I am able to apply concepts learned to my future goals and ambitions.

Personal Qualities

Compassionate, responsible, creative, hard-working, collaborative, friendly, organized, diligent, dependable

Reflective Narratives

In this section, I reflect on my experiences as an undergraduate student at California State University, Chico. I discuss the imperative characteristics that I have acquired through these experiences and course work at the University. 

Professional Responses

In this section, I reflect and respond on my time as an undergraduate college student in the Child Development program.


As a student in the Child Development program, I was challenged with a variety of difficult scenarios. Here, you will find my responses and reactions to some of these provoking issues.

Examples of My Work

Provided are examples of some of my course work completed at California State University, Chico.