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Aug 2014Present

Paid Student Staff

Associated Student Child Development Lab, CSU, Chico
  • Apply overall knowledge of children’s development to facilitate effective learning activities
  • Support classroom programs and engage with children
  • Model appropriate behavior guidance techniques for interns
  • Supervise interns and children when head teachers are out of the classroom
Feb 2015Present

Supervised Internship

Emma Wilson Elementary School 
  • Plan, implement and reflect on curriculum lesson
  • Manage classroom environment
Jan 2014May 2014

Supervised Practicum

Associated Students Child Development Lab, CSU, Chico
  • Facilitated preschoolers' physical, cognitive, social and emotional development
  • Participated in staff meetings and parent events
  • Utilized behavior guidance techniques Implemented an inquiry investigation on children's safety

Summer Childcare Associate and Summer Camp Counselor

Western Athletics Club, Bay Club
  • Prepared and evaluated camp activities and games for children 2.5-6 years old
  • Set up and initiated developmentally appropriate crafts and games
  • Interacted with children and observed their behavior
  • Communicated with parents about children's conflicts and/or achievements
Sep 2013Dec 2013

Supervised Fieldwork

Butte Community of Education Oak Street Children’s Center
  • Designed and implemented developmentally appropriate curriculum for preschool children
  • Demonstrated knowledge of children’s development
Sep 2012Dec 2012


Chico Youth Soccer League (CYSL)
  • Coached children ages 6-7 years old and developed weekly training schedules
  • Fostered effective communication skills with parents and players
  • Encouraged children to have fun playing as a team, playing outdoors, and exploring gross motor skills
May 2012Apr 2014

Sales Associate

American Eagle Outfitters
  • Managed money, processed shipment, cleaned store
  • Maintained a friendly and approachable demeanor with customers and coworkers.


Aug 2011May 2015

B.A in Child Development

California State University, Chico

Learning in the Young Child (Fall 2014)

                I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the biological basis of cognitive development, Piaget’s Cognitive Stages of Development, Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory, Behavioral Learning Theory and the Information Processing Model. During an extended period of time, I observed children in a downtown plaza. I took quantitative data on each gender’s activity choice. After deep thinking and reflection, I critically analyzed my observations. In my final paper I questioned why some observations did not align with theory and suggested possible explanations based on my previous knowledge. For observations that did coincide with theory, I supported them with significant evidence.  

Children in a Changing World (Fall 2013)

                By addressing and discussing lives of children around the world, my mindset was completed changed. Everywhere children are struggling due to policies, social customs and/or cultural rules. I watched a documentary and read a biography about the intense hardships of women and young girls. I learned about street children and millions of people with limited or zero access to resources. Three peers and I researched children’s access to medical care and its availability in certain parts of the United States. We were able to learn how one can advocate for those in need of medical care and present our findings to our class. Similar to most of the context in the class, I was surprised by the sad reality of the results.

Observational Techniques (Spring 2013)

                By completing an individual case study on a child in a preschool classroom, I was able to practice my observational techniques. Many tools to complete the study were introduced throughout the semester. I am able to create and utilize checklists, rating scales, sociograms, event samples, quantitative tables, and anecdotal records to capture a descriptive and objective analysis of a child.

Issues in Assessment for Children and Families (Fall 2014)

                By completing the Classroom Assessment Scoring System, I was able to learn and demonstrate knowledge about rating children’s environment. I practiced staying objective and professional while utilizing the measure. In my assessment paper, I reported the results and translated them for the general public.

Child and Adolescent Psychology (Fall 2013)

                Through a lectured based course, I was able to link new knowledge to previous courses and information. I bolstered my learning by applying knowledge of child and adolescent psychology with personal experiences. Not only was I questioned to think of my own childhood, but peers and I discussed experiences working with children and teenagers as well.

Methods of Inquiry in Child Development (Fall 2013)

                I conducted the beginning steps to a research project. First, I create a question relating to child development. I researched literature and gathered information related to my topic. Second, I described the methods for my hypothetical study and included the necessary information if the study were to be completed in real life. I entered data and interpreted results through SPSS. Finally, I explained future possibilities related to what I had found.  

Child Development (Fall 2012)

This course introduced me to the wonderful world of children’s development. I learned about nature and nurture, and their influence on children as they grow. Many videos were presented that showed children’s interaction with the environment. From their interactions, I was able to learn Piaget’s Cognitive Stages of Development.  


May 2014Present

Child Development Associate Permit

Child Development Training Consortium
May 2014May 2016


American Red Cross

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