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Nicolas M. Chaillan (born August 3, 1984) is a cyber strategist, technology entrepreneur, software developer, and inventor. He is recognized as one of France's youngest entrepreneurs after founding company, WORLDAKT at the age of 15.

With over 17 years of international experience and after founding over 12 companies, Chaillan is now making a difference serving as the Program Manager and Lead Architect of at U.S. the Department of Homeland Security, whose goal is to design a holistic and implementable cyber security architecture for the Departments and Agencies of the .Gov domain.

Nicolas Chaillan is a leader in innovation, R&D, software and incubation.
He is an expert in multiple technological fields such as cyber security, multi-touch, mobile solutions, IoT, AR, VR, Big Data, cloud computing, and cearables.

During the last 8 years, Chaillan has led and managed international teams in the creation and sale of over 200 software products.

Considered a top expert in cyber security, Chaillan has participated in multiple industry conferences and worked in close collaboration with many Fortune 500 and the U.S. Government.

Work History

Oct 2016Present Program Manager and Lead Architect

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Nicolas Chaillan is the Program Manager and Lead Architect for Led by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate, Cyber Security Division, is defining a robust, innovative and holistic cyber security architecture that mitigates modern threats (Inventory / Asset Management, Configuration Management, Phishing, DDoS, Ransomware, Mobile, Cloud issues and more) by leveraging best practices and implementable solutions with minimal impact to workforce efficiency for the .Gov domain.

Dec 2008Present

Founder and Chief Information Officer


In 2008, Chaillan founded AFTER-MOUSE.COM, a company specialized in the development of innovative solutions such as multi touch, wearables and motion recognition business applications. In 2010, AFTER-MOUSE.COM opened 13 offices in 10 countries and was quickly recognized by Microsoft as an industry pioneer and named Startup of the Day. As of 2015, AFTER-MOUSE.COM is focused on the development of touch screen and motion recognition applications on Windows 10, Microsoft Surface and Kinect for Windows and Wearables technologies such as Microsoft Hololens, Google Glass, Smartwatches etc. AFTER-MOUSE.COM provides applications covering a wide range of business sectors including retail, hospitality, tourism, banking, insurance, real estate and property development. AFTER-MOUSE.COM closed more than 175 transactions. AFTER-MOUSE.COM is a strategic partner of Microsoft, Intel, 3M and Samsung.

Jul 2015Present

Founder and Chief Information Security Officer

Cyber Revolution, Inc

Founded in 2015, Cyber Revolution, Inc. provides personalized cyber security services and solutions. Specifically, our “Serenity plan” provides 24/7 emergency support, employee training, monthly consultations and even a free annual Cyber Threat Brief, to help keep you protected from possible cyber security threats. We leverage over 15 years of specialized industry expertise assisting governments and private companies with our cyber security systems and strategies. By leveraging our extensive track record and bench tested methodologies, we mitigate your risks and close the gaps in your security infrastructure. Cyber Revolution’s founder and Chief Information Security Officer, Nicolas Chaillan is an internationally renowned expert in the field, having helped governments and banks with their cyber security and defense strategies.

Jan 2014Present

Chairman of the Board

Holding AKT
In 2014, Chaillan became the founder and the Chairman of Holding AKT, a software incubator whose goal is to provide innovation and nascent tech solutions in the IT sector. Targeting a yearly output of 10 new ventures per year, 2014 focuses strategically and is designed around wearable solutions (Holograms, Watches and wearable IoT gadgets), multi-touch platforms, MedTech and Mobile solutions.
Jun 2013Present

Founder and Chief Information Officer
In 2013, Chaillan founded, a multifaceted mobile and online guest ordering application. is a branded ordering web-app that can be used by diners anywhere and at any time – whether it be dining in, ordering takeout, delivery, room service or even patronizing concessions. It can also be used exclusively as a payment option for guests dining in. can also be synced with a POS system or operate independently with whatever hardware an establishment currently has or desires. It is completely cross platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry 10, and any computer – it also incorporates SMS communication integration. was awarded in 2013 the Best New Product in Technology award at IHMRS. partnered with Epson to develop the first fully Cloud based mobile ordering solution.
Mar 2015Oct 2016

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Nesting Partners
Nesting Partners is a 360° incubator that takes a disciplined approach to transforming innovative ideas, based on patents, into successful businesses. We are different from traditional incubators because our model functionally covers the full life cycle of a business - from prototyping to strategic product development, to market place and to seeing the business to exit. We operate and manage our portfolio companies by providing “at cost” development, design, marketing and even sales teams. This allows us to increase development speed, effectiveness and efficiency. Specifically, in 18 months or less, Nesting Partners can take an idea, from patent to product to market to exit through a streamlined process. Consequently, our model allows investors to capitalize on traditional venture upside, while significantly mitigating risk. With a global sales force comprised of carefully selected and enduring partnerships, we are able to push products to market on a global scale, thus ensuring higher IRRs, ROIs and ultimately exit valuations for our portfolio companies. Thus when coupled with our team's proven track record, we offer a singular value proposition for risk managed, early stage investing.
Jan 2015Oct 2016

Founder and Chief Information Officer

Wait List Ordering LLC
Wait List Ordering is a white labeled mobile software solution designed to manage a restaurants wait list and reservations. The Platform also allows the patrons to pre-order food and drinks while they wait for their table. The application also provides a full scale loyalty platform. The company also owns two granted US patents to secure its unique market advantage.
Feb 2015Present

Advisory Board Member

FitFones, LLC
Mar 2015Nov 2015

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Information Officer

LuxurInvest LLC

LuxurInvest is the first secure online platform fully dedicated to pre-construction projects in the luxury real estate market. We essentially offer our investors access to a global database of of  investment opportunities in the premium, pre-construction market. Our patent pending scoring algorithms evaluates investment projects (on the basis of risks, reward potential and custom investor preferences). We then proceed to match individual investors with highly targeted investment projects and assign a dedicated local agent that will be tasked with providing all the required information and conveniently manage the transaction(s).

Dec 2013Oct 2014

Founder and Chief Executive Officer's assets were successfully sold in September 2014 to a confidential Strategic buyer with a 20X return on investment for AKT IP Ventures, founding company.

In 2014, Chaillan founded, a menu publishing and SEO company for local dining establishments and eventually extended its service to local SMBs. provides businesses tools and to become more visible and attractive across the web. allows businesses to take control of their online visibility and presence by helping to get their information, services, and prices published in all the right digital platforms. Using proprietary social media and reputation management tools, makes it easy for businesses to strengthen their online presence and connect more easily with customers. disrupted traditional online marketing business models by enabling businesses to manage their entire online and mobile presence cost effectively with just one click.

Jan 2005Nov 2011

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Chaillan founded SOFTAKT in 2005.

SOFTAKT was a website solutions company dedicated to small businesses and online e-commerce companies.

SOFTAKT created more than 1000 institutional and e-commerce websites and serviced notable French market players at the time including:,,,, among others.

2005Oct 2014

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Chaillan founded AKT in 2005 in Lyon, France

AKT COMMUNICATION was focused on helping small businesses with their marketing communication, SEO and websites strategy.

Feb 2000Dec 2011

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Information Security Officer


AKT was sold in 2011 to a Strategic Buyer under NDA.

Chaillan founded AKT when he was only 16. Chaillan was the founder and Chief Information Security Officer of AKT for 11 years.

AKT was a leader in development of cyber security software for governments and banks, based in France.
AKT grew rapidly and developed more than 2000 solutions and complex security algorithms.

AKT specialized in computer security, government systems, websites including databases, encryptions and global communication.


Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Chaillan founded GamesAKT in 2000, the first game server hosting company in the world, based in France, for multi-player gaming.


Founder and Chief Executive Officer


When he was 15, Nicolas Chaillan became one of France's youngest entrepreneurs by creating the first hosting company for shared servers,

The company merged with AKT, founded by Nicolas Chaillan, in 2000.