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Nick Van Breda

Co-organizer of Campus Party NL - Training 1 million students to become purpose driven Entrepreneurs & Changemakers


With impact events and a community of Impact makers in every sector I help you become a purpose driven entrepreneur.

Work experience

Jan 2016Present

Regional Board Eindhoven

TEC Europe

Training and facilitating 1 million students to become an entrepreneur with a 1000+ network of purpose driven serial entrepreneurs both young and old. Transition is ticking the clock and soon we will be shifting from 2-5 million entrepreneurs in the Netherlands alone. It is either adapt or die, become a self-sustaining digital nomad and live the entrepreneurial life, time and place independent. Join the ride now via and subscribe before 14 January. 22 January we kick-off @B.Amsterdam and after that you can get me as a personal mentor in the south region of the Netherlands with an office in Eindhoven Strijp-S! TEC EUROPE | CAMPUS PARTY | YOUNG CREATORS | CAN-DO PRODUCTIONS | UNDER30CHANGEMAKERS | Nick van Breda Consultancy

Dec 2015June 2016

Research Internship

Campus Party the Netherlands (Foundation)
How to turn the first Campus Party in the Netherlands into a fundament for Jaarbeurs Utrecht to change from a "Beursgebouw" towards an startup innovation hub tackling global challenges with the on-going support and co-creation from it's partners?
Oct 2015Present

Company Owner

Nick van Breda Consultancy
Offering consultancy in events & project management for businesses, schools and institutes. Mentoring & Coaching students, management and directors to become entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with custom made events and community engagement activities that can help the world become a better place. You can approach me for the following services I offer: –Startup & Business Consultancy (from ideation to implementation for startups / Corporate Innovation ) –Event planning & Hackathons (Creating transitions in old-fashioned markets & business models) –Mentoring/Coaching of Students/Young Professionals (Supporting individuals on pursuing personal goals) –Keynote speaking / trend presentations (Giving you and your organization a heads-up in your field of operations, completely zoomed into your sector with links to market, technological, cultural changes & macro trends). –Publishing / Blogging / Online Marketing for events & Startups (PR/Engagement/Content marketing) –Other requests f.e. solar cooking workshops, social entrepreneurship, community management & startup travels
Jun 2015Present


Startup Grind & Influencive

Helping young ambitious teenagers and entrepreneurs to built the startup of their dreams. Publishing articles for over 1 million entrepreneurs around the globe to inspire, teach and inform them about the latest trends in building the most solid businesses.

Jan 2015Present

Hackathon Organizer

24h Education Hackathon
Organizing the biggest international Education Hackathon in the Netherlands on 27-28 June 2015 & 13-15 November. Together with several other nations we join forces to collaborate in solving world problems regarding education. In 2015 we hacked: - The biological human Clock for personalised learnroutes & schedule - Diagnostics for ADD & ADHD for free with a single app + an EEG scanner - EduExplorer - (Winner) The Spotify for learning & education materials to disrupt the Education sector. Unlock your full potential with extra curriculum knowledge and resources online. Curated by teachers, made for those who are highly intelligent. - A (e-)booksharing platform with P2P reviewing & customized offer (PayPerChapter/Form) - A p2p rating platform for students and teachers on promising and fair & transparant buying experience (design, content etc.) #eduhack2 outcomes - Brijn. a platform for exploring & learning new subjects - Grow (Winner) a platform in finding passions and matching with others that share the same in an easy app that functions similar as Tinder does. - Da Vinci a platform that connects learning material fron NGO's with primary schoolkids for gathering creative inputs and solutions for problems in return of actual subject in lessons, both creating awareness (f.e. bee problem - starving out). - Dieet offers examination through Virtual Reality from anywhere around the world. create a secure environment for examiners. Outcomes #eduhack3 (Jan. 2016 with Accenture) - (Winner) An integrated AI facial recognition to track intrinsic motivation of students that adapts itself - Games that gets you into nature and makerlabs to start learning by doing - Customization for students in which ELO to succeed in curriculum. - Learnmap that lets children see the full picture and ask them to solve questions on a fun way. - Teacher Dashboard to have all material and tools needed in one incl. T2S community Check out all the pitches on
Dec 2013Present

Editor in Chief


Co-founded the Dutch blog Articulum to inspire and advise young entrepreneurs on a flat level with entrepreneurial minded people like us. With a small team of entrepreneurs mostly under 20 we communicate about future trends, lifestyle, young entrepreneurship, global changes in the startup industry and more. Our aim is to inspire, inform and amuse the young ones @Articulum.

Oct 2013Present

Boardmember & organizer

Stichting RUUW & Misfits

Empowering the local community with a great community of different disciplines by offering a platform and facilitation events. Focusing on the young core of the cities Uden & Veghel between 18-35 in age. After two years more than 500 entrepreneurial youngsters are connected.

Nov 2012Present

Community Organizer

Gathering of world's youngest social entrepreneurs to empower, mentor and emotionally support those who have been through some of the hardest times of their lives already. I help in moderating, marketing, eventplanning and organizing global impact. Representing Europe with some extra ordinary individuals in food, health, education, well-being, welfare, human rights and social justice. Next stop: EarthCon (25-29 May 2016) - A worldwide gathering of changemakers fighting waste & climate change and social entrepreneurship to tackle today's biggest problems by the co-creation of different nations and continents. Join our event in April and get updated on speakers via Campus Party, Facebook and Twitter. / /
Sep 2012Juli 2016

Graduate Student Advanced Business Creation

Avans Hogeschool

Avans Hogeschool Den Bosch Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), Advanced Business Creations 2012 – 2016 Advanced Business Creation is the first bachelor course in the Netherlands that focusses on innovative entrepreneurship, You inspire eachother. New knowledge is implemented equally, you participate within various project of real companies and cases. Innovation and entrepreneurship are key. Focus skills: - Research / Problem finding - Concept development - Scenarioplanning - Innovation management - Branding / Brand management - (Interactive) Marketing / Marketing communication - Business strategy

Dec 2015Present

Team member


Nederland Kantelt helps corporates speeding up transition in every industry. With a multidisciplinary team of field-experts in sectors: Finance, Healthcare, Education, ConTech, Culture & Arts, CleanTech & Sustainability we organize Kantel events and tools for shifts in mindset and cultures to become changemakers for a sustainable future.


Sep 2012Jul 2016

Bachelor of Arts

Avans University for Applied Sciences

Advanced Business Creation - Academy for Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Innovation.