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Work experience

Aug 1999Aug 2009

Sr. Project Leader, Research & Advisory/Office of the CIO


Sr. Project Leader, Research & Advisory/Office of the CIO      2005 - 2009

Managed Research & Advisory Services programs for the information technology (IT) group of HCSC, parent company of several Blue Cross and Blue Shield health benefit plans.  Supported crucial decisions in every segment of the enterprise by engaged research vendors. Kept senior management informed on relevant IT matters, and led the effort to extend Research & Advisory Services to other departments.  Built rapport through a strong background in consultative selling and creative relationship building.  A strong problem solver with the confirmed ability to identify current research and identify who would garner the greatest benefit(s). Other noteworthy activities included:

  • Proven success in translating technical research into terms communicating IT business value; that get across information critical for executive decision making needs.
  • Reduced contract spend ($400,000) and improved delivery of subscription research by centralizing Advisory Service processes/procedures to provide colleagues with balanced offerings.
  • Led the design and implementation of on-line submission process for Research and Advisory requests, coupled with follow-up survey to measure vendor's deliverables; improving yearly contract reviews/negations; resulting in $400,000 reduction in spend.
  • Built a strong awareness of internal client's needs to ensure they received the most current research; thereby becoming a trusted advisor to IT and the enterprise.
  • Influenced management and procurement to win support for contract renewals of key research vendors.

Change Control/Problem Management Analyst                            2001 - 2005

Managed Change Control process; requiring reporting, tracking and updating system changes. Facilitated the weekly meetings where hardware and software enhancements were reviewed for implementation and verified to assure compatibility. Also, facilitated the daily Problem Management process; for identifying, reporting, analyzing IT system's performance issues. My leadership in this area reduced failures to an acceptable risk, at an acceptable cost, which ensured IT service level agreements were achieved. 

First Level Help Desk Technician                                                    1999 - 2001

Assisted in the consolidation of multiple Help Desks. Documented call resolution procedures to enable the consolidation process.  Reviewed procedures to identify consolidation issues and presented potential solutions. 



International or Global Experiences

Worked with various executive search, orientation & relocation and consulting industries, on a "local hire" basis; providing assistance for expatriate and nationals in Asia Pacific. Internal and External Client Management and Operations Management Achievements:

  • Recruited 6 nationals and 4 expatriates in seven months for US multinationals clients.
  • Provided outplacement and career development assistance for expatriate and nationals in Asia Pacific for orientation and relocation organization.

Experienced first hand the effects of retrenchment and career development upon returning to the US and for overseas assignments.


Director of Sales and Marketing

Industrial Machinery Compaines

Several Positions in Machine Tool and Industrial Supply Industry (1974 - 1995)

--Worked as Product Manager, Sales Engineer and Technical Salesperson

Companies included C-Tech Systems, Division, Medalist Corp., South Bend Lathe, Inc., SpeedFam Corp., Division, Famtec International, Okamoto Corp., Division, Okamoto Ltd, American Pfauter, Division, Pfauter Ltd, Carborundum Co., Kennecott Copper and Buehler Ltd., Division Emerson Electric.  

Noteworthy accomplishments:

  • Majority of my work experiences was working for or working with others who spoke English as a second language; thereby developed:
  1. Clear articulation for groups and individual exchanges.
  2. Conveying written information clearly and effectively.
  • Recommended purchase of currency contract for $2.4 million, saving company 20 percent in total product cost and increasing profits by 12 percent.
  • Developed sales/distribution training programs resulting in 30 percent sales increase in 18 months.
  • Planned departmental restructuring. Wrote position descriptions, recruited and selected potential candidates to implement reorganization of sales department.
  • Established team selling, resulting in increased order from $40,000 to $1.2 million. Re-negotiated $2.5 million grant loan repayment.
  • Obtained $75,000 grant to re-establish lost market share of U.S. built products.
  • Restructured sales force, increasing business 31 percent in two years.




Monmouth College


Kendall College

Evanston Township High School


International business
Experienced in working for, or working with people who speak English as a second language.  Primarily in technology related industries for US and overseas companies.  Worked as Consultant in Hong Kong with various executive search, orientation & relocation and consulting industries, on a "local hire" basis; providing assistance for expatriate and nationals in Asia Pacific. Internal and External Client Management and Operations Management.
Cross selling
Experienced in guiding efforts (cross selling) to improve an organization's overall effectiveness.  
Consultative sales/client rapport
Developed a consultative client rapport in management, sales and negotiations through my career. 
Relationship Management
Strong relationship management background with credentials in IT in the healthcare industry.  Focused on ensuring information technology, business and industry related decisions make sound business sense.  


Sherry Haraf


I am the business man who connects the high tech guys with business leaders in order to implement effective solutions.  I have account management experience in diversified domestic and international business environments.  In IT in the healthcare industry, I am skilled at building strong, effective and productive working relationships with internal/external clients and staff.  I provide critical research and advisory assistance in support of IT and general business needs.  These services help to ensure IT management and the enterprise as a whole receives the latest information, needed to support sound decision-making and the implementation of optimum IT solutions.

How I Can Help

I will contribute to a company's success by:

  • "Translate" technical papers for management into business focused documents;
  • Help ensure you receive the greatest value with IT contracts;
  • Apply strong business acumen to provide the business impact on major projects;
  • Take my work experience in healthcare to assist you in delivering the highest quality product or service.