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Work experience


I haven't acquired any Formal work experience with regards to my Career because of my previous occupation of schooling full-time! 



Office Administration
Data Entry, Word processing, Mail Merging, formulating, duplicating and Management of  Business documents, Teleconferencing, Travel itinerary, safety in the Workplace etc.
Understanding Consumer Behaviour, Product portfolio, Marketing Planning, Targeting, logistics and Market Distribution Channels, International Marketing etc. 
Analysis of Economic Variance, A Competent Understanding of Micro & Macro Economics, National Income Accounting, Economies of Scale, The Study of Market and Price Mechanism ( Supply & Demand) etc.   
Preparation of Financial Statements, Cost & Management Accounting, Accounting Internal Control Systems, break-even and Cost Analysis, Financial Analysis (Company Performance Ratios), Financial Recording and Reporting etc. 


I am Currently Pursuing My BA. in Business Management and in my spare-time, I love to write, it gives me the opportunity to broaden my intellectual capacity as I pursue my studies and life in General. I am Competent and focus driven and will work to my best ability once given the opportunity to do so. I also have a get wealth of knowledge in the respective Fields of Economics, Accounting and & Marketing, with Associated disciples as Office Administration and Human Resource Practices .


To acquire work that is both motivationally satisfying and and with reasonable financial compensation (A reasonable Salary) 


Well about me, In my spare-time I love to listen Instrumental Music, I currently play and practice the saxophone, love to do research on thing I don't know about and socialize with friends. Play video games, but allow love a critical business thinker (Monoploy!). Cricket and Tennis from physical sports and just getting into fitness. Oh yes and I do love to follow-up on popular T.V series and Adult stories!


Aug 2008Present

Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC)

Caribbean Examination Council (CXC)
Aug 2010Present

Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE)

Caribbean Examination Council (CXC)
Sep 2010Present

Higher Diploma in Business Management

The Association of Business Executive (ABE)