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---Project Samples

---Project Samples

---Project Samples

---Project Samples


Project Management
Public Involvement
NEPA / Environmental Analysis - Non Planning Based
Floodplain Impacts, Water Quality, Air Quality, Wetland Impacts, Vegetation and Wildlife Impacts, Floodplain Impacts, and Permitting
NEPA / Environmental Analysis - Planning Based
Land Use Analysis,Socioeconomic Impacts,Cultural Impacts (Historic and Archaeological), Visual and Aesthetics, Environmental Justice / Title VI, Section 4(f) and 6(f) Lands, Hazardous Waste, Noise Impacts, and Secondary and Cumulative Impacts
NEPA / Environmental Report Writing

Using My Skills in Other Fields

NEPA and Other Related Environmental Projects

These projects demonstrate my experience preparing NEPA documents (and similar types of environmental projects regulated at the state, regional, and local levels).  I also included related exhibits that I created in GIS or AutoCAD.  Many of these transferable skills are needed in the private sector.   Please click on the thumbnails below. 

Project #2

I-94 Class Action Determination (ECAD)

Client: Illinois State Tollway Authority (ISTHA)

ISTHA proposed an additional travel lane (northbound and southbound) within the existing right-of-way in Lake County, a project approximately 18 miles in length. This right-of-way crossed through the corporate limits of seven municipalities, one township, the Lake County Forest Preserve District, several special districts, and unincorporated sections of Lake County.  Because there were so many overlapping jurisdictions, great care was taken to ensure all impacts including stakeholder input were properly addressed and documented. 

The Existing Conditions Exhibits identify the existing and proposed land uses, corporate limits, existing and proposed bike trails, historic markers, existing vegetation, wetlands and other features.  Each of the technical memos discusses the methodology, results, and recommendations.  All communication (emails, phone calls, signed letters, etc.) are included in the respective appendices of each technical memo. 

Project #1

US-69 Environmental Assessment (EA)

Client: Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT)

This EA measured impacts from a 20-mile long road realignment in Crawford and Cherokee Counties in eastern Kansas. Due to limited staff, I personally wrote about 90% of the EA. I also created the GIS exhibits from scratch.  The entire report and exhibits are included in downloadable PDF format below. 

Very little data was provided by the client; however they still wanted the final draft by the agreed-upon deadline.  I created the GIS base data from Microstation files used by engineers on other projects in the area.  When I started this project, I had several years of experience conducting analysis typically done by planners (land use, cultural resources, socioeconomic, public involvement, etc.).  However, with no environmental science background and no other support staff, I took the initiative and taught myself the fundamental of these other types of analysis to finish the EA on time and within budget. The new skills I taught myself for this project are listed below.

This was a great opportunity for me to learn new types of analysis that are not typically done by planners, which brings added value to your company!

In no particular order

Established Skills                             New Skills !!

  • Land Use Analysis                               - Floodplain Impacts
  • Socioeconomic Impacts                        - Water Quality *
  • Cultural Impacts (Historic and              - Air Quality                                  Archaeological)                                    - Wetland Impacts
  • Transportation Impacts                        - Vegetation and Wildlife Impacts
  • Visual and Aesthetics                          - Floodplain Impacts
  • Environmental Justice / Title VI            - Permitting**
  • Section 4(f) and 6(f) Lands
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Noise Analysis
  • Secondary and Cumulative Impacts
  • Public Involvement Process

    * Includes an introduction to surface water impacts, groundwater impacts, 

      hydrology, geology, and soils.

  ** Includes an introduction to permitting processes for Sections 401, 402, and 404 of 

      the Clean Water Act (CWA), Section 309 of the Clean Air Act, 

      stormwater, floodplain, historic/archaeological, and processes for select permits at

      the state, regional and local levels.

Project #4

Rakow Road Environmental Survey Request (ESR)

Client: McHenry County Department of Transportation

This project involved realigning 2 miles of an existing county road.  I wrote an environmental survey request (ESR) for the study area.  The original file is lost but is very similar to one use in the Baseline Road Realignment above.  I prepared the ESR Public Facilities Graphic in AutoCAD.

Environmental Training

"Clear Writing for NEPA Specialists."  The Shipley Group.  San Antonio,TX. March, 2010.

Project #3

Baseline Road Realignment Environmental Survey Request (ESR)

Clients: Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), Kane County Department of Transportation, Kendall County of Transportation

This project involved realigning 1/2 mile of an existing county road.  I wrote an environmental survey request (ESR) for the much smaller impacted area.  I prepared the ESR Graphic in AutoCAD.