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Best Work



Best Moment

I don't think it's possible to get it down to one "best moment". Every day is something new and fun, and I love it. Our staff is a great combination of people yet we are all so different. From the regular work days to the after school work sessions. And especially our "exam" period. Our group gets very good work done and we still have fun doing it. I don't think it's any secret that I don't like a lot of people. But this staff is amazing. We all simply work well together

Goals for 2nd Semester

For 2nd semester I plan to first off not be so absent so I can make deadlines, as well as improve the look of the paper with better spotlight page designs. During the last issue (issue 4) I was absent a lot and missed deadlines, which inconvenienced the rest of the staff. I hope to be much more productive and, to the best of my abilities, make the paper much more visually appealing while still maintaining the great status it has. I plan on learning more advanced skills with CS6 now that i’m more comfortable with the new software in Photoshop as well as InDesign I hope to try out many new things to make it more appealing at a glance.

Personal Initiative

During the first semester I learned a lot and was thrown into the hectic world that is journalism. I went into this just a graphic designer with no prior knowledge of anything regarding journalism. But most of my work didn’t come into play until the final weeks of an issue, so for the beginning I wasn’t doing much at first. But starting on the 3rd issue I began to write articles, granted I was very selective in what I wrote about because I was afraid of messing up with a topic I knew little about and honestly, probably wouldn’t have cared a whole lot about. But both of my articles have gotten a very positive response and students I don’t even know come up to me and tell me they like my articles so far. And i’ve never been a fan of letting others see my writing, let alone it being published. I don’t particularly like anything I do out there for everyone to see because i’m afraid of harsh criticism. I don’t think I’ve had much of an opportunity to prove myself with the spotlight page because of lack of great ideas, (my fault mainly.) and not much inspiration to go off of. It’s always just rectangular pictures and a small story. I hope to figure out ways to make this much better next semester and I’m always thinking of ways to improve.

Staff Improvements

As a staff we are not very organized and there is no real order at all, and hardly considered organized chaos even. Deadlines seem to be missed quite often with stories and pictures etc. and some don’t particularly care that it affects the entire staff. Same with editing, it never fails that we run out of time before an issue and our editing and revision process is rushed through and we often miss small mistakes that are still quite noticeable. We need better time management as an entire staff to produce a better quality paper. and also I think we need to reach out to the student body more in ways that they will actually respond. Getting the student body involved with the paper is a great way to get more people to read it. We focus so much on news around Delaware but so little other than basic sports stories about Hayes itself. There is many clubs, activities, and events that go on all the time along with very talented students that we should recognize in the paper. for example, students Ocean Casey and Riley Thompson have a Concert at the local city art center this Friday (21st) that has been planned for quite some time. And we didn't even mention anything about it. Its events like that that will get more students interested and reading our paper. Students like entertainment and things that they are more closely related to them such as video games, books, or movies. not healthy foods or Delawares safety. I think sometimes we lose sight of our target audience.

Other Interests

  • During the Spring season I run sprints for the track team

  • I help other students with writing outside of school as well as photography and graphic design assistance.

  • I work with various people from local music producers to small businesses to organize events such as concerts and game tournaments 


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