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Professional Experience


uTechnology today is as basic as the 3 Rs of yesterday. As much as possible, I integrate technology in the form of web, the internet, computer use, and software knowledge and use, into my lessons and my students’ assignments.

uEducational Projects:

oFirst Year Class Project: This project was initiated during my first year teaching at Tokyo International University in order to motivate and encourage further participation in this oral communication class. I led the students through this project whereby the students decided on the topics for the website, then provided me with the content for each topic, then I collected the material and created this website.

oJumonji English Club: I used to create the Jumonji English Club social network for my Oral Communication Classes at Jumonji Women’s University. My principal goal in creating this website was to extend the students’ learning opportunities beyond the classroom. My secondary goal was to have students share and read their work with fellow classmates. Each student was able to read and comment on their classmates’ work. Regrettably no longer hosts these sites for free and this site cannot be accessed.

oWeb Project for MA.Ed: One assignment for completion of my MA.Ed degree was to design a department level website. My partner and I collaborated to create this website with her completing and providing me with her sections, and then I combined her materials with my individual site. I created the entire departmental level website using Dreamweaver.

uPersonal Projects:

oSquare Images: This is a personal photo blog where I showcase images taken in square format. I would like to someday create a writing course combining elements of photography into developing students’ writing skills. I feel that there are many similarities between composing images and the writing process.

oFlickr: is a photo sharing site where people with an interest in photography can post their pictures, view others’ pictures, comment on pictures, and simply share ideas and learn.


uConducted training sessions at Tokyo International University as part of the school’s teacher development program. (2005- -2010)

uPresented and trained teachers at the Kawagoe Board of Education English Seminar (2005)

uPrepared for and conducted teacher training sessions throughout the Asia region for elementary, junior high school, high school and university teachers at regional ELT conferences. (1996 – 2003)

uTrained teachers on how to best use textbooks they selected and adopted for use in their classes. (1996 – 2000)


uCompetent in the use of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Dreamweaver.

uDesign websites using both HTML and Dreamweaver.

uComfortable in not only using technology but also in teaching how to use technology to students and teachers alike.


uPlanned, organized, and executed annual Asia Sales Conference for Pearson Education Asia.

uPresentations and Seminars:

o“Extended Learning Opportunities with Facebook”, Teacher Development Training, Tokyo International University, December 2008

o“Using PowerPoint in the Classroom”, Teacher Development Training, Tokyo International University, December 2005

o“Reading for Success”, Kawagoe Board of Education English Seminar; August 2005

o“Writing to Communicate”, Kawagoe Board of Education English Seminar; August 2005

o“More Ways to Reach, More Ways to Teach”, IBC Conference, March 2002; JALTCALL, May 2002; KOTESOL, October 2002; TELL, November 2002

o“TOEIC, A Step to Competitiveness”, JALTCALL, May 2002

o“Developing Language Skills Through Real World Business Situations Online”, JALTCALL, May 2002

oOthers at TESOL ’98, ThaiTESOL ‘98, TEFLIN ’96, JALT, ETAROC


| Technology Integration | Teacher Trainer | Web Design | Student-centered Lessons | Conference Presentations | MS Office Proficient |

Nick is an individual who brings with him a unique combination of teaching and business experience. As an ESL teacher with 10 years teaching experience, Nick has strong interest:

Øin integrating technology

Øin extending learning opportunities beyond the classroom

Øin developing students’ critical thinking skills

Øin engaging his students by making content accessible

Øin challenging students’ abilities

Øin fostering student creativity, and

Øin encouraging his students to be active and actively responsible for their learning.

Nick is a motivated and personable teaching professional who works well independently, and is also able to integrate, participate, and contribute as a member of a collaborative team. His experience in business throughout Asia has provided him with the capacity to transcend cultural differences by being highly flexible, adaptable, and understanding.

Work experience


Adjunct Professor

Jumonji Women's University and Tokyo International University

¨Taught Oral Communication, Speech and Presentation, Advanced Speaking, Advanced Reading, Advanced Writing, Homestay English, Travel English and Basic English classes

¨Led teacher development workshops

¨Integrated the use of technology into classroom lessons and students’ assignments

¨Fostered creativity and critical thinking among students


Corporate Trainer | Language Consultant

JAL Academy

¨Taught middle and senior-level managers courses on negotiations, presentation skills, and pre-departure


ELT Promotions Manager

Oxford University Press (Japan)

¨Planned and executed annual marketing plans

¨Built strong relationships with authors, vendors, and customers

¨Revamped company websites and integrated online promotional activities into marketing plans

¨Supervised and managed staff of five to ensure departmental goals and processes are met


Marketing Manager

Pearson Education

¨Provided marketing leadership for Asia Pacific Region (APR) by:

oWorking on collaborative teams to determine key products/titles to promote and to create country specific marketing plans

oDeveloping, coordinating, and executing APR marketing campaigns including

§Regional author tours and presentations

§Timely production of regional product catalogs

¨Supported Asia Pacific sales teams by:

oEstimating and forecasting sales collateral needs

oDesigning, creating, and managing production and inventory of most sales collateral

oProviding product training to staff, local vendors, and end-users

oDelivering product presentations at local and international conferences

oOrganizing annual Sales Conference and participation in international conference

¨Managed various product lines by determining and approving net prices, maintaining regional inventory, and forecasting product demand for APR



Regional English Language Centre


York University


MacQuarie University


University of Phoenix