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My name is Nicklas Molinder I'm an newly graduated 3D artist from University West. I Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in science with major in informatics but I have also studied alot of art related courses from different universities.

I see myself as a good co-worker and a team player that is aware of the importance of a deadline. I always have the ambition to do my best in every project I participate in and are now keen to find an internship, freelance, permanent or fixed employment in the film and game industry.

Please visit my website to check out more of my work.

Work experience

2007Aug 2009

Head of the screen printing area

TAG Reklam


Jun 2010Jun 2013

Bachelor's degree in science with major in informatics.

University West

Digital Grahics 7.5HE

The history of the animated picture7.5HE

3D graphics7.5HE

Sound and moving picture production7.5HE

3D-modeling & visualization7.5HE

Visual communication7.5HE

3D project I, artistic perpective7.5HE

3D project I, project methodolog7.5HE 

Digital narration techniques 7.5HE

3D animation and simulation7.5HE

Entreprenuership in mediaproduction 7.5HE

Visual Creation 7.5HE

Post Production 7.5HE

Cognition and interaction 7.5HE

3D project II, artistic perpective 7.5HE

3D project II, project methodolog7.5HE 

Design Theory 7.5HE

Research methods: media production 7.5HE

Thesis work in media informatics 15HE


University West

Stand-alone courses

Digital video production7.5HE                                    

Vectorgraphics and animation 7.5HE                            

Markup language and HTML 7.5HE          

Fine art and design for media production 7.5HE      

Art, film and graphic design in media project 7.5HE  

Character animation 7.5HE


Gotland University

Concept art I 5HE

Concept art II 15HE

Zbrush and 3D modeling 15HE   


Autodesk Maya (software)
Pixologic Zbrush (Software)