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To help active professionals and entrepreneurs build their personal brand using top social media profile sites, search engine optimization, and online marketing techniques.


A social psychologist with a passion for technology, Nick Gable is a social media and SEO specialist currently working at  Nick attended Santa Clara University from 2006-2010 where he studied social and organizational psychology and physiology and ultimately planned on a long, happy career in HR management.  However, after graduating and discovering the ins and outs of the 'real world,' Nick realized there was no way he was going to be happy managing someone else's life.  So he did some soul searching.

Around the same time, Nick Gable began furthering his interest in computers and technology and started teaching himself search engine optimization and web design.  Nick had always enjoyed working with new technologies, and he saw an opportunity to combine that interest with his passion for social psychology in the budding field of social media.  6 months later, in the spring of 2011 Nick got hired as a web designer at and hasn't looked back since.  He is now a member of the SEO special projects team where he solves problems for a wide variety of clients on a daily basis.

In addition to working in social media, Nick Gable has always had a passion for physiology, specifically exercise physiology.  Growing up Nick was active in Tae Kwon Do, soccer, baseball, cross country running, and mountain hiking.  Currently he is a self-proclaimed gym rat and white belt in Brazilian Jiu jitsu, with hopes to compete in the coming months.  Mr. Gable also received formal education in physiology while at Santa Clara and uses this knowledge to improve his own health and fitness while also consulting for friends and family on any health and nutrition related issues.

To contact Nick you can find him on any major social network including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, or at his own website  

Work experience

Mar 2011Present

Search & Social Media Strategist

As a member of the special projects team Nick Gable consults on a variety of SEO and social media projects for clients.  Daily responsibilities include web design, social media site creation, link analysis, video and image SEO, and testing new SEO strategies and web2.0 profiles.

Oct 2011Present


Free Rep Guide

Free Rep Guide is a complete, do-it-yourself course in online branding, designed to teach users how to build their web presence, attract customers and followers, and clean up their Google results page. Free Rep Guide assumes no prior social networking or coding knowledge, and walks users through every step of building an online empire, from setting up a facebook page to building a link network and even setting up a personal website. Visit the guide to learn more!

Sep 2008Jun 2010

Night & Phone Manager

Media Services

Oversaw 5-10 employees and coordinated schedules, led phone support, and oversaw inventory and maintenance of technological equipment.  Worked with PCs, Macs, projector systems, and other audiovisual technology setups.


Sep 2006Jun 2010

B.S. in Psychobiology

Santa Clara University

Started as a physiology major and later added social psychology to major in psychobiology with an emphasis in social/organizational psychology.  Areas of expertise and interest: small group and team behavior, evolutionary psychology, exercise physiology, and the psychology of happiness and perception.


Online Reputation Management
Skilled in leveraging top social media and SEO skills to build and manage a individual or company's  online reputation. Knowledgeable in suppressing negative Google results, promoting a brand website, and using top social media profile site to find and engage your target audience.