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Hard working with a positive attitude and a keen interest for the the business  field, I would then say I am a experienced individual who put my best forward towards proforming. Having a good mind set along with my excellent organisational skills and multi-tasking capabilities,and a strong desire for that field, my competence make me suitable for such a position that you may have to offer in that department having the driven set skills alone with proper training capabilities makes me suitable for the job available.

 Having a  high level of interpersonal relations, I know I can handle such challenges and any given  situations in that area of development. I do know I would be great asset to your organization , since I settle for the best in in satisfying you with quality skills and services, I am easily motivated in going the extra mile in assisting in any given task. I then and therefore would be most grateful to have this job opportunity.

Administrative Assistant/Data Clerk



Dear Sir/ Madam,


I write in reference to apply for the position as a administrative assistant at your organization to indicate my keen interest, please find my resume, of qualifications attached to this letter of interest and introduction.


I characterize myself as humble and hard working. My coworkers and references will describe me as a professional, goal oriented, team player experienced individual who believes in giving 100%. I always believe in doing my best and think that I would do well since I have skills in multitasking, have a high level of interpersonal skills, good in oral, written skills and one how can handle challenging situations.


Thank you for taking the time to read this application and I do look forward to your responding contact. I am available for interviews at your convenience, my contact numbers are 268-723-9775 or 268-722-9681,  please feel free to contact me for any questions that you may have.



Yours Truly

Ms. Nickieshia Aska


Is to use my skills and talent in any field , which will be suitable for the job as well as developing a rounded attitude, while assisting in a high level of interpersonal skills, both oral and written communication skills.



I enjoy playing a game of netball, & dancing                                                               


Work experience

Jan 2014Jun 2015

Data Processing Clerk.

Social Security Board

Responsible for the entry on employers and employees working contribution information, by making sure that all relevant information in entered correctly, ensuring that each individual is also receiving the correct benefits dued.

Apr 2013Jun 2013

Care Giver

Faith View Elderly Care
Dec 2006Sep 2008

Customer Service Rep.

CTV Entertainment
Feb 2002Aug 2006

Cocktail Waitress

St. James's Club
Apr 2006Aug 2006

Reservation Clerk / Receptionist

LIAT Airlines 1974 Ltd.


September 2015February 2016

Business Aministrative Dipolma

Ashworth College

For online degrees and career training

Jun 2015

Diploma in Business Management Entrepreneurship

Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online

This course will teach you how large-scale organisations are managed, the stuctures and objectives involved, and how to evaluate a company's performance by using KPIs. You will be more aware of management styles and the envirnmental factors management should consider. You will know the function of human resource managers, operations managers, project managers and accountants. You will gain a good knowledge of the systems development life cycle. This course will help you recognise the personal qualities of an entrepreneur and the most important factors that an entrepreneur should consider to be successful.

Jun 2014Mar 2015

Diploma in Operations Management

Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online

This his course, one will know the three basic components of operations management and the strategies used in business development and gain a good knowledge of the relationship between operations, productivity and competitiveness. One will be able to identify the difference between manufacturing and a service organisations and also know the different types of development that occurs when managing operation in an organisation. This course will help anyone to understand the important responsibilities and decision making that an operations manager must deal with on a day-to-day basis, as well  understand the concept of a transformation model for analyzing operations. You will understand the functions of inventory and quality management.

Feb 2014Nov 2014

Diploma in Customer Service

Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online

This course enables able you to: - Apply the fundamental aspects of customer service in a business; - Advance a customer service program from a fundamental to advanced level; - Communicate and collaborate with customers utilising efficient communication processes; - Obtain customer feedback to continuously refine a customer service program; - Implement a customer service program in the hospitality industry, the retail industry and the public sector.

Mar 2015

Certificate Of Accomplishment in Fundamentals of English Grammar Course

Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online

this course helps you to have a good understanding of the rules of English grammar and be able to communicate more clearly. It will improves your spelling and knowledge of punctuation, including full stops, commas, semicolons, colons, apostrophes and more, and understanding the meaning of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and pronouns.

Mar 2015

Master Certificate in Analytical Management

Masterclass Management
Mar 2015

Certificate Of Accomplishment Introduction to Service Quality for Service Industries

Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online

This course you will be able to: - Define what Service Quality is; - List examples of service industries; - Explain the "moment of truth" in service; - Describe customer acceptance criteria; - Define the dimensions of service quality (reliability and responsiveness); - Describe what is meant by customer satisfaction; - Explain what the service quality gap means;

Nov 2014Feb 2015

Certificate Of Accomplishment in Business Intelligence & Knowledge Mangement

Advanced Learning Interactive Systems Online

This course is basically to help the learner willing to be able: - Describe the process known as “decision-making”; - List the three steps in decision-making; - Describe the functions of neural networks; - Explain what is meant by “groupware systems”;

Oct 2014Feb 2015

Certificate Of Accomplishment in Workstation Ergonomics

Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online

this course allows you to be able to identify the key factors that can affect workstation ergonomics and the most important physical factors that you should be aware of when at your workstation. This course will help you to identify and understand Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)

May 2014Nov 2014

Master Certificate in Leadership Management

Masterclass Management
Jan 2014Aug 2014

Certificate in Business Enterprise

The GARD Institute
Sep 2013Dec 2013


ABIA Antigua & Barbuda Investment Authority

 Human Resorce Management Course


May 2013Jul 2013

Certficate of Accomplishments

Quickbooks Resource Centre
Sep 2004Jun 2006

Honours Certificate (Business Adm.)


Graduated with a Honors Certifated in (Business Administration)

1) Principle Of Business                        5) English

2) Social Studies

3) Microsoft Word,Office, Excel

4) Office Procedures

Sep 2003Feb 2004

Antigua State Collage
Sep 1996Jan 2002

Ottos Comprehensive Sec. School




Ms. Jessica Hood

Business Ent. Tutor Tel no: (268) 773-2697

known for 2yrs

Dayton Samuel

Food & Beverages Manager

The Veranda Resort

Tel no: 562--6609

Nurse Jeffery

Registered Nurse

Tel no: (268) 723-0241

known for 3-5 yrs

Ms. Nicole Roberts

Floor Manager

Bargain Center Lumberyard

Tel no: (268) 728-2549 Home:(268) 480-8816

known of 8yrs

Ms Yashmin Anthony

HR Ass. Manager

Tel no: (268) 732-8822