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Work History

Aug 2012Present

Owner - Contractor (Part-time)

North Fraser Industries
Jun 2014May 2015

Contract Operations Manager

ABC Recycling

Responsible for overseeing the production, maintenance, logistics, safety, labor, quality, continuous improvement initiatives, security and P&L operations of the Prince George yard. Also work in conjunction with the business development group to secure fiber to meet our customer orders with respect to ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.

  • Current nine months, lost time accident free.
  • Executed Non-ferrous expansion to process material from Grande Prairie and Fort St John division.
  • Worked to improve finished good logistics to allow movement of 1500-200o tons per month.
  • Improved EBITDA to a breakeven level in during poor market conditions.
  • Executed 1000 ton Merchandiser demolition at Conifex Ft. St. James Division, project accident free.
Aug 2012May 2013

Contract Plant Manager (Operations, Maintenance)

Armtec - Prince George Division

Responsible for the operation of the site with respect to safety, quality, production, maintenance, and employee management. Managed twenty-five production workers and four administrative staff over a three shift, 24/5 operation.  Four months prior, the plant had undergone an expansion project which doubled the plastic pipe capacity; however, the project was behind schedule due to numerous raw material supply, equipment malfunctions, staffing shortages, and labor issues.  I accepted this position knowing that the plant had numerous challenges that needed resolution.  The list below outlines several key areas of opportunity that were improved.

·    Ran nine months, lost time accident free.  Encouraged near miss reporting to identify potential accidents.

·    Payback analysis and purchase of 53’ hydro pneumatic trailer to cut resin delivery costs in half.

·    Executed the startup on a second plastic line which doubled the plant’s production capacity.

·    Diagnosed equipment downtime on all lines to maximize equipment uptime.

·    Negotiated new letters of understanding for new labor positions due to project implementation

·    Executed a winter maintenance shutdown to resolve previous season downtime hitters.

·    Worked with both sales and customers to decrease late order file from 7 month to a 1-month backlog.

Maintenance Department

·    Worked maintenance crew (job postings, training requirements, safe work procedures, work inspections).

·    Re-instituted hot work permits, forklift and crane pre-trip inspections.

·    Arranger contracting crews and schedules for projects work and daily activities.

·    Arranged offsite equipment repairs (bid, PO#’s, approvals).

·    Ordered supplies and consumables (bid, PO#, approval).

·    Scheduled daily and weekend maintenance people and activities for the plant.

·    Responsible for conducting payback analysis and project scheduling on site.

·    Responsible for coordinating monthly safety tours and action items (in-house and vendor mfg)

·    Executed a winter maintenance shutdown to resolve previous season downtime hitters.

·    Responsible for safety training (forklift, fall arrest, confined space, air ticket).

Apr 2011Jul 2012

Shipping and Production Coordinator

International Forest Products

Responsible for the shipping department and production forecasting for sawmill, kilns and planer production. This was accomplished through closely working with the woodlands group, marketing team, senior management team, production crews, and transportation companies. Clear, concise, effective communication with all levels of management and labor was required to ensure smooth forecast execution. 

·    Decreased on-ground inventory levels from 8 MMfbm* to 2.5 MMfbm. Have reached below 1 MMfbm.

·    Developed a trans-load to move rail product for Castlegar and Adams Lake via the BNSF railway.

·    Provided business case analysis to introduce additional value-added lumber grades.

·    Chair - Safety Awareness Group.  Activities helped to achieve 1 year LTA free.


Material Supply & Distribution Supervisor

Scaw Metals

Directly managed ten unionized groups (Scrap yard – 4 crews, Shipping yard – 4 crews, Burning yard – 1 crew, Scale tower – 1 crew), which encompassed fifty people in this 24/7 operation.  Also responsible for overseeing contractor activities along with authorizing and executing maintenance activities throughout these four departments.  Through active listening and coaching, encouraged crews to participate in problem solving and developing methods to be more efficient at their daily activities. 

·    Actively involved in Near Miss/Accident Investigations, daily tool box meetings, monthly safety meetings.

·    Worked closely with the Bar mill to minimize slow cooling box time to increase mill production by 10%.

·    Coached shipping crews to break record of 2000 tons/day for finished steel shipments.

·    Worked with rail crews and logistics department to reduce rail demerge costs by 30.


Owner - Contractor

North Fraser Industries

Started-up a small sawmill operation for a client which included areas in production planning, process modifications, training, health and safety, production reporting, maintenance scheduling, construction projects, and transportation.  Coached for active participation in problem solving and encouraged teams to find and implement more efficient techniques. Worked “hands-on” with weekend project work and shipping activities.

·Sourced accounts for lumber products such as structural beams, and railway ties.

·Reactivated a rail siding with CN that resulted in transportation costs reduction of 60%.

·Coached crews in safety, quality, cost and delivery with production gains from 1200-4000 logs per shift.

·     Improved the residual waste system to improve the chip volume recovery by 20%.


Quality Assurance Supervisor 

Canadian Forest Products

Coached a team of 18 lumber graders, 3 machine operators and 1 inspector in the planer mill quality control department; along with 4 forklift operators and 1 millwright in the kiln department.  Charged with improving the quality, consistency, accuracy and value of the finished lumber products. This was achieved through the design and implementation of policies and procedures with production crews, and in conjunction with modifications to optimization process control through testing and continuous improvement.  Developing and continuously improving kiln drying, grading, msr and quality teams helped drive success.

·Re-design optimization & grading parameters to adapt to MPB fiber and customer requirements.

·Worked with vendors to improved optimization equipment uptime from 90 to 98% uptime.

·Worked with maintenance and vendor to solve kiln mechanical issues. 30% DT to 5% DT.

·     Improved on ground kiln dried stock from 0.5 MMfbm to 9 MMfbm which also improved drying quality.


Sales & Production Coordinator

Canadian Forest Products

Managed a group of 1 supervisor and 8 forklift operators, while working closely with division upper management, marketing and corporate personnel. This included developing and executing monthly lumber sales forecasts, designing optimization price structures, developing new products, maximizing rail and truck tallies to improve value, tracking and monitoring sawmill/kiln/planer/shipping performance, overseeing the training of operators, driving for safety and improving loading crew efficiencies.

·Worked with loading crews to increase loading efficiency.

                 - 5.5 MMfbm (80 hr planer week) to 9.0 MMfbm (114.5 hr planer week)

·Worked with offshore marketing to execute low-grade lumber program into China.

·Managed a rail line extension project, which increased the rail capacity by 30%.

·Worked with mill and marketing groups to improve forecasting and on-time shipments to 95% accuracy


Quality Control Supervisor

Canadian Forest Products

Managed a team of 9 lumber graders, 3 machine operators and 1 inspector for the planer quality control department. Took on the challenge of bench marking, developing and improving lumber grading crews, optimization centers, and new product development. 

·Cut-in-2 system start-up that increased prime grades from 20 to 40% of total production.

·Conducted planer wane optimizer payback studies for 8 other Canfor mills resulting in 9 installations.

·Doubled lumber grading crews from 9 to 21 lumber graders for planer mill expansion.

·     Daily planer QC activities, spent remainder of time helping sawmill QC.


Cooperative Education Program (20 months)

Department of Wood Science, Faculty of Forestry

          Optimization Process Control Co-op  Canwood Furniture Penticton, BC 1998

          Optimization Process Control Co-op Tembec Inc. Cochrane, ON 1999

          Optimization Process Control Co-op Canfor  Prince George, BC 2000

Low Cost/High Return Capital Projects

(Canfor – PG Saw) · Planer cut-in-2 payback analysis and installation

(Canfor – Corporate) · Multiple geometric planer wane optimizer payback analysis

(Canfor – PG Saw) · Secondary metric and imperial PET saw bank installation

(Canfor – PG Saw) · Sawmill moisture meter payback and installation

(Canfor – PG Saw) · MSR length boundary split program start-up

(Canfor – PG Saw) · Northwood Pulp/PG Saw rail line connection & switching

(Canfor – Corporate) · Sawmill geometric pricing tool (excel)

(Canfor – PG Saw) · Finished lumber production forecasting tool (excel)

(Canfor – PG Saw) · Planer Mountain Pine Beetle grade hierarchy set-up

(Canfor – PG Saw) · Production revamp for kiln drying schedules

(Canfor PG Saw)  · Lumber grader performance management program

(North Fraser) · Stacker installation

(North Fraser) · Canter line re-commission for metric sizes

(North Fraser) · Stacker Installation for Canter line

(North Fraser) · CN Rail siding rejuvenation

(North Fraser) · Waste system upgrades (screen, conveyors, cement work)

(Interfor – GF) · Introduction of SPF msr 2100fb-1.8E and FL msr 2400fb-2.0E grades

(Interfor – GF) · Finished lumber production forecasting tool (excel)

(Interfor – GF) · Lumberyard layout, trans-loading for Adams Lake & Castlegar div, logistics        

(Armtec – PG) · Capacitance bank for power factor correction

(Armtec – PG) · Hydro pole transformer upgrade

(Armtec – PG) · Transformer PCB sampling, equipment servicing

(Armtec – PG) · DC drive motor conversion to AC

(Armtec – PG) · 53' Hydropneumatic resin trailer purchase to decrease resin transport cost

(ABC – PG) · Conifex Ft St James Merchandiser demolition project

(ABC – PG) · Non-ferrous program expansion

(ABC – PG) · Execution of positive EBITDA financial plan

Various Projects


Sep 1997Apr 2001

BSc. (Wood Products Processing)

University of British Columbia



ALSP "A" Lumber Grading Ticket

Canadian Mill Service Association

BC Interior Log Scaling Certificate

BC Ministry of Forests

ALSP Machine Stress Grading Ticket

Canadian Mill Service Association