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Sep 2008Present

Bachelor of Science

University of California, San Diego

Grade point average: 3.45

Work experience

Oct 2008Jun 2009

Community Service Volunteer

UCSD Tzu-Ching

I taught math and English to 5 local community children and increased their abilities in 6 meetings.

I recycled 250 littered bottles and cans in 3 hours on UCSD campus to ensure a clean environment.

Jul 2006Jun 2008

Patient Service Volunteer

Saint Luis Regional Hospital (SLRH)

·Provided excellent patient services, delivered food, and escorted 10 patients

·Greeted on the front desk providing 25 people coming to the hospital daily

with information

·Assisted with the hospital’s administrative office with different projects such

as making packets for the board directors

Jun 2004Jun 2008

Front Clerk Service

South Pacific Orchids Inc.

·Provided 5 hours of excellent customers service, communicated with managers

and customers (20 to 80 years old)

·Finance reconciliation, approximately $1800

·Anticipated customers needs and preferences, fulfilling orders in an accurate and

timely manners

·Maintained a high level of quality work area by sweeping and mopping every 8


Jun 2007Sep 2007

Education Learning Center Volunteer

Kumon Learning Center

·Tutored kids (mainly age 3-12) with their homework

·Assistedthe administration by doing paper work and talking to 6 parents

·Prepared kids’ daily math and reading practices and worked with homework

problems they had


I am seeking a recruitment into Alpha Kappa Psi in which I can strengthen my communication skills, discover professionalism, create lifelong relationships with a group of motivated individuals, and contribute my interpersonal and organizational skills.