Personal Summary 

I am an enthusiastic, creatively driven individual, with a broad range of skills, currently looking for graduate experience where I can work alongside professionals, develop new skills, and be part of a fulfilling experience that will lay the foundations for my career. I recently graduated from Oxford Brookes University with an Upper Second Class BA honours degree in Business and Marketing Management.



Brand Management 

Aspects such as brand image, branded content, co-creation etc. 



Able to excel in creative areas such as advertising and product management. 

Social Media 

Skilled in the use of various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest etc. 

Online Marketing 

Proficient in the use of the Internet in a marketing sense, skills include Google Tools and use of databases e.g. Mintel. 

Marketing Strategy 

Understand the implications of decisions in formulating long-term marketing strategy, after completing the ILS World Marketplace Live Business Simulation.

Microsoft Office Programs

Highly skilled in Microsoft applications such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Outlook.

Macintosh Applications 

Comfortable with Apple Macintosh programs such as Pages, Keynote, iMovie etc. 



BA Business and Marketing Management

Oxford Brookes University

I recently completed my Business and Marketing Management course with an overall 2.1 grade, including achieving a 2.1 grade in my dissertation; titled ‘What effect does unethical behaviour have on a company’s brand image? The case of Nike’.

Other notable module grades include; 73% in ‘Product and Brand Management’, 75% in ‘International Marketing’ and 78% in ‘Business and Finance’.

Sep 2007 - Jun 2012

A-level and GCSE

Stratton Upper School


  • Business Studies – B
  • IFS level 3 Diploma in Financial Studies – B 
  • History – C
  • General Studies – C

Achieved 10 GCSE’s at A*-C including Mathematics and English

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2011 - Sep 2012

Factory Worker

Maynard & Son

My job was to assist in the production of yoghurt in a factory environment and transfer products to wholesale customers; the experience greatly improved my organisation, communication, management and customer service skills.


  • Training new workers in all aspects of the factory work, this included the time scales of what happened at what time, good time management was imperative because the yoghurt has to be refrigerated at an exact time in the day. It also allowed me to pass on skills I had learnt to a new worker, which was rewarding on a social level.
  • Communicating with wholesale customers to confirm the correct number of orders, and assisting in the packing of the products in order to provide a high standard of customer service.
  • Working in teams to dispense and refrigerate yoghurt, and the cleaning process that followed. Effective communication and teamwork was essential in completing this task because of the timescales involved, as well as keeping to the high standards required by the company.
May 2009 - Present

Office Assistant

LawData LTD

I gained valuable administrative experience with this legal advice firm, and the business aspect of law interested me greatly, reading through certain cases gave me a better grasp of the legal industry and how it interacts with the business industry. Also it was my first taste of working in an office environment; the experience gave me a vital understanding of how office politics works, which I feel is very important for my future.


  • Analysing cases and drafting legal advice made up the bulk of my work, this involved an abundance of secondary research, and conducting this research was what I found most appealing from this role, leading to my initial interest in marketing, and my overall aim of pursuing a career in this sector.
  • Extensive use of IT programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, I have used Microsoft programs from an early age, I am comfortable with the modern updates, and very confident in using Word and PowerPoint. I’ve written numerous essays throughout my education using Word, as well as designing and presenting many PowerPoint presentations at a high level in University.

Hobbies and interests

  1. In my spare time I am a passionate footballer, playing competitively as captain throughout my youth, and currently playing Futsal at University. I am also a keen badminton player. 
  2. Travelling and new cultures is also a main interest of mine, having family in South East Asia. I am lucky enough to visit yearly, allowing me to divulge into completely new cultures different to my own. The experiences greatly improved my initiative, made me more spontaneous and determined to succeed, especially as I have ambitions of travelling and working abroad in the future.